Deceptive directives of the fundamentalist Mullahs and Bishops

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on April 16, 2009

the eve of the general election, Islamic fundamentalist Mullahs and
Christian Bishops of various denominations have issued a directive for
their followers to vote for candidates defending and promoting
secularism. What is their directives mean? Do totalitarian Muslims and fundamentalist Christians
believe in secularism? Calling Islamo fascists and Christian
fundamentalists to vote for secularists should be instantly recognized
as an oxymoron, analogous to claiming that fundamentalism is
secularism. Islamic fundamentalists and hardcore Christians are against
Hinduism, secularism, pluralism, spiritual practices and Hindu deity worship.

The statement issued by Mullahs and Bishops are deceptive and it is meant for manipulation of phony Indian secularists. In India, secularism is used against tolerant, passive, and unorganized Hindus.
Indian secularism is based on hatred against Hindus and it is for
promoting dualistic, rigid, and totalitarian Islam and Christianity. Secularism in India
is used for Islamic and Christian appeasement and to subjugate and
discriminate Hindus. It is not based on religious neutrality or to
promote universalism, pluralism or spiritual values. Indian secularism
favors and promotes Muslims and Christians. It inhibits Hindu cultural
and spiritual practices, ethical values
and morality in all manners. For phony Indian secularists,
fundamentalist Mullahs and sectarian Bishops are privileged. Indian
secularism opposes the majority Hindus that is why Mullahs and Bishops
direct their followers to vote against BJP. Christians and Muslims are
always put at an advantage by phony secular politicians. Bogus secular political leaders
disperses money, power and special privileges to Muslims and Christians
who are deadly against secularism to prevent Hindus from acquiring
political and social power. Mullahs and Bishops want to retain special
privileges and special power in the present context as widely as

deceptive propaganda campaign and special directives to be read at all
Mosques and Churches about the election are not uncommon things.
Islamic fundamentalists and Christian Bishops are intolerant people who
do not respect Hindu spiritual values, secular principles or Indian
ethos. By spreading distorted news, they hope to gain the sympathy of
unsuspecting Hindus in order to build up anti Hindu, anti BJP
sentiments among the gullible people. The devious goal is to further
their aggressive agenda for conversion.

and deception are not uncommon characteristics of the vicious Mullahs
and Bishops in India who are actively engaged in conversion of Hindus.
With a hostile and arrogant attitude, and financial backing from their
supporters abroad, these Bishops and Mullahs are obsessed with
increasing their political power. They are in the business of
harvesting souls by which they want to save Hindu heathen.

have been extremely tolerant, accommodating, passive and naïve. It is
the tolerance, hospitality and apathy that has been sadly abused and
insulted by Muslims and Christians.  It is time
for Hindus to take up the trident of truth and fight against these
fundamentalists who are deadly against secularism. Hindus should be
assertive and forceful to correct that which is false and purge the
pseudo secularists from our midst.

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