“Dalits” and “Brahmins” – The Myth and Reality

published on October 9, 2007

By Veda Prakash


Dalits have been the creation of politicized mind transforming literary usage to political exploitation. The Christian media has exploited maximum followed by the Muslims. The Indian politicians followed the suit for political gambling and profits. While the exploitation of SC’s is not justified, the exploitation of them under “Dalit” banner is regretted.


Now, the “Brahmins” are also “Dalits” only. They are harassed, beaten, abused, raped and so on. But, they do not publicize or get their sufferings publicized fearing their superficial or imposed dignity. Of course, even now, for standards only, they are expected from Brahmins. Thus, they are getting beatings from all ends. It is easy for everybody to blame, abuse, censure, caricature,  even blaspheme “Brahmins”, “Brahminism”, “Brahmanical religion” and so on from worthless politician to Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge University Professors, and so on. Thus, the Brahmins and SC’s are at the extremities of the social advancement or degradation or sufferings. While many is condemned for such a proposition, the Modern Manus slowly coming to the same condition.


Who cares for poor wretched Brahmins? Has anybody noticed how a poor Brahmin women, ladies or girls suffer because of their poverty? But, generally, they never beg, but do some household work – say cooking, helping in growing children (baby-sitters / child-sitters), Appalam (dried flour-cakes) making, at the worst case utensil-cleaning, dress-washing etc. They are doubly-or trebly discriminated or raised-to-fall-down –


1.     They are not employed, because they are Brahmins.


2.     Non-Brahmins either ignore them or tried to exploit (because of the contempt in their minds created genuinely or for other reasons).


3.     The employers fear that they may not be able to extract work from them like others.


4.     Of course, Brahmin employers too exploit them!


In any case, they have to suffer. Sociologists, anthropologists and psychologists found out the schizophrenic attitude and tendencies have been more among the Brahmin community, because they are faced with so much mental stress and strain. The particular type long time mental disorder involving a breakdown in relation between thought, emotion and behaviour leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings.

Particularly, the poor Brahmin children are suffered from their childhood days themselves. That too, particularly, the females are the worst sufferers, as they have to face so many torturing words, sights and even physical sufferings. But Brahmin women, ladies and girls rarely complain or come out with facts only fearing “Social prestige”. The members of the society immediately say or shout, “Oh, see the Parppathi / Brahmin lady, silently does all”, “She looks like a dumb, but does everything” and so on. That is why in the worst cases, such schizoid (emotional aloofness and solitary habits) tendencies may lead to suicidal tendencies. The parents, brothers, sisters and other relatives not only mingle with such affected ones, but also ostracize from the social events and society practically. Just like a rich, elite, sophisticated SC officers do not introduce their mothers, wives, brothers, sisters etc., because they are not so “social” or “modern”. But, here the imposed torture has been inexplicable.


Even at work places, Brahmins are disturbed, harassed, troubled, by their colleagues directly and indirectly. Whenever, Brahmins are criticized, they have to keep quite or even support or approve such remarks or comments made. But, such comments and remarks cannot be made when others – specifically, non-Brahmins are involved. Not only this, when professional-jealousy comes in to play, important papers and files disappear. There would be unnecessary delays in sending the typing the papers, sending the papers, etc., or they may have to do themselves to avoid “undesirable consequences”! There would be carrying tales, tell-tales etc., with bosses. Even small mistake would blown into big proportions targeting the honour. If really, he makes a mistake, he is finished!


At the time of family functions, attending such functions and as well as of others, festivals and social events, their suffering would be worst, but they do not or cannot tell. Many times, because they do not have good or respectable dress is not there, they avoid such functions. They keep their children inside the house diverting them to read or write or giving some “divine work” to do. Unfortunately or fortunately, the God-believing nature affect them heavily. They believe God so much in distress, that He – SHE would come and help or clear off all problems. But, nothing happens, so they go to worse than bad and the normal “abnormal” to “tension” to “schizophrenic” to “suicidal” tendencies and conditions have been the consequent mental status affecting physique. “Dalits” may be “the children of God” which the ideologists and politicians oppose, but, the wretched poor Brahmins may be children of poor only! In any case, both get the beatings on either side from other members.


Note: This only a short response. We have conducted specific studies with examples. This is only tip of an iceberg.

The idea is not to support or oppose anybody, as Brahmins have been the “subjects of Comparison.

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