Curse of being a ‘Bharathiya Hindu’ and Gift of being a ‘Indian Muslim’

via HARAN.B.R published on July 19, 2007

The terror suspect Haneef, who is cooling his heels in Australian detention center, is a close relative (cousin) of the Ahmed brothers, who were involved in the failed bombing attempts in London & Glasgow. Haneef has stayed with the Ahmed brothers in UK, lent his sim card to one of them before leaving for Australia and had been in touch with them even after coming to Australia. He was alleged to have contacts with them until the day of the failed attempts and it seems he had arranged to fly to India in the last minute. But, he, his family and his supporters claim that he is innocent and the senseless pseudo secular media of our country also toes the same line.


 The pseudo-secular media, both print & electronic, has been addressing these terrorists as “Indians” or “Indian Doctors”, much to the embarrassment & insult of the Indians belonging to other communities. Whereas in the past, we have seen our media addressing the members of Hindu organizations as “Hindu fundamentalists” or “Hindu fanatics” or “Saffron Brigade”, etc. Our country has been an unfortunate victim of Islamic terrorism for ages and our media has never ever used the word “Islamic terrorists”, while reporting all those incidents.


 Our government, which lost its sleep on the plight of the family of the Jihadis (Ahmed brothers), went out of the way to express its deep concern to the Australian government on the treatment of the terror suspect Haneef, after again seeing the plight of his family, thereby interfering in the affairs of that country. The UPA government also summoned the Australian High Commissioner in India to convey its feelings. The one and only reason for all these things to happen is that, the terror suspects belong to the minority community and voicing for their welfare is deemed as a vote-catching exercise.


But, on the contrary, when the Executive Director of FCI, Mr. P.C.Ram was kidnapped & held hostage by the ULFA for months and ultimately when he got killed in the cross fire between the militants & police force, both the government & the media were unconcerned, indifferent and showed scant regards. Again, when ten people including Mines Manager Kailsh Jha and Security officer Madankumar Bora of CCI were kidnapped by Kabri Longri North Cachar Liberation front (KLNLF) militants and later, when Kailsh Jha died of heart attak in their custody and when Madankumar was killed, the government & media were not much worried! The point to note here is Ram, Kailash Jha & Madankumar were all Hindus and they were “Public Servants” and not “terrorists” or “terror suspects” belonging to minority community. But still, either the government or the media did not show much concern to the sad plight of those public servants’ families and no one lost their sleep, but for those families! It seems, being a “Bharathiya Hindu” is a ‘curse’ and being an “Indian Muslim” is a ‘Gift’! Cheers to Minority appeasement and long live our secularism! Vandemataram!

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