Corruption: The number one concern in India

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on February 4, 2011

Since independence, Indian lifestyle has changed dramatically to accommodate the pseudo secular criminal culture. The majority of citizens look upon corruption as a plague that is terrorizing the nation in every nook and corner of the country. Innocent people have to bribe bureaucrats, police and judicial officials to get things done. Political rulers from the Congress Party, Bahujan Samaj Party, Marxists, DMK, AIDMK, and several regional parties headed by corrupt leaders are looting nation’s wealth with impunity. Once these corrupt leaders are exposed, government appoints judicial commissions to whitewash these criminal vagabonds. Once the corruption cases are turned over to the judicial system the punishment is even more shameful.

Decades of harm upon the people of India caused by—or enabled to occur by the arrogance and corrupt acts of key people in government continue to this day. Phony liberals, bogus secularists and anti national Congress leaders and Marxist misfits are acting like Trojan Horses in India. Bogus pacifists, leftist liberals and the corrupt media is waging a psychological warfare to make the general public to ignore corruption, mismanagement and act like zombies. These battered zombies tolerate intolerable corrupt politicians hoping to bring peace and prosperity. But it does lead to poverty, conflict and social division India’s criminal thinking political leaders and bureaucrats act without fear, shame, guilt, or remorse. They should be cornered, contained and a force continuum shall be applied to throw them out of politics to save India.

The criminal culture perpetuated by the anti national corrupt political leaders has allowed foreign invasion, destruction of our land, border disorder and anti social behavior. Gone are the days when our spiritual practices and honest behavior and trust in each other were a trademark of the great nation. Since human relationships have spiritual roots with such attributes as belief in God, love, kindness, honesty, etc., the sociological problem caused by the corruption and bribery factor is a fallout tragedy in human relationships with no end in sight.

Corruption in India has reached to the top. Even Supreme Court Chief Justices and several High Court Justices were involved in high level corruption. The Congress government at the Centre headed by the Italian Catholic Sonia Maino, and her cronies are involved in looting billions of Rupees from India and have illegally deposited in secret accounts abroad. These corrupt ministers ensure the appointment of questionable people as Supreme Court and High Court judges for favorable judicial verdict.

Most nations are simply a reflection of their laws. That being the case, India is in trouble. Perhaps in no other area have our freedoms and constitutional liberties been more jeopardized and threatened than in the area of laws and the enforcement of those laws by the Indian criminal and judicial system.

The public are constantly indoctrinated by the anti national, anti Hindu and corrupt media to ignore or tolerate such massive corruption and criminal activities of the state and central ministers, administrators and criminal justice officials including the corrupt judges. As a result, the public has permitted the nation to become engulfed in formal and informal laws and rules that favor law breaking, corruption, looting, money laundering, and smuggling, invasion of the country by illegal Muslims, Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. It seems that the media and the public have permitted equity, fairness and justice to be subordinated to a dominant pseudo secular-corrupt culture allowing criminal politicians to enrich themselves both politically and financially.

The corrupt culture, in violation of our traditional ethics and constitution, has actually evolved into a culture serving corrupt politicians making their own laws and rules. India is the only democratic country where no corrupt cabinet ministers, judicial officials have been ever impeached or sentenced for their massive corruption and illegal or immoral activities. The corrupt political leaders are ruling by fooling the public. The political fiasco lends itself to the basic cause of public apathy, indifference and denial.

Now several nationalist citizens have awakened to the fact that Indian citizens are bogged down in corruption, inefficiency, nepotism and bribery. The corruption and the government inaction to prevent or prosecute ministers involved in public looting have inflicted heavy loss on the public. Somehow the masses were lulled to sleep by the corrupt government and the media by psycho programming designed to protect corrupt officials and failure to wake up to the reality. Such apathy, indifference, and inaction are perilous and deadly.

The general public is losing the fight against corruption because there is no master plan to resolve to win the war against corruption. While the centre and several state governments continue to loot public money and inflict heavy causalities and fatalities upon Indian citizens in record numbers, the only focus by the Italian citizen Sonia and her cronies is affording the greatest possible protection for corrupt officials and fraudulent ministers.

There is no focus in this war against corruption. The apathetic public repeatedly elects corrupt politicians into power again and again. Only in India where anti national, corrupt and immoral people like Karunanidhi, Jayalathia, Mayavathy, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Pinaroy Vijayan, Mulaayam Singh Yadav, Sarad Powar etc., can get elected and continue their looting business. In fact while innocent citizens are robbed of their wealth, assaulted, cheated, by the corrupt politicians, they repeatedly elect these scoundrels to resume their immoral, corrupt and evil games against the general public. There are several criminals, vagabonds, miscreants, sex predators and murderers are in Indian parliament. They are free to wage their criminal war and continue their immoral acts with impunity. Criminals, Jihadi terrorists, illegal Muslim immigrants and smugglers wages their criminal war within our national boundaries, in states, cities, towns, communities and every streets and homes without fear, shame, guilt or remorse.

Our entire nation has been placed at risk by our corrupt, anti national political leaders who have decided not to fight against the corrupt system and to provide extra privileges and social respect for corrupt politicians and Judges. These phone secular and corrupt Congress politicians are putting great emphasis on criticizing nationalist organizations like RSS, VHP, Bhajarang Dal, and BJP who have determined to fight against the national malady. As these criminal politicians pass through the corrupt justice system, hordes of criminals, counterfeiters, political leaders, and media players make billions of rupees attempting to hoodwink Indian passive, tolerant Indian people on deception and evil acts.

Perhaps this lack of resolve to declare war on corruption is symptomatic of another serious problem. Could it be that our pacifism, tolerance, and belief in coexistence prevent from the public to demand imprisonment of corrupt politicians?  Is such attitude and apathy restricting the public to call for action for serious legal justice reform-greatly altering the way our nation treating our corrupt politicians and criminals?

There are millions of innocent victims such as farmers, traders, home owners, house wives, and the general public who have become casualties and fatalities in the criminal-corrupt culture. In other countries people have no hesitation in eliminating corrupt anti national, anti people politicians through all means necessary including social revolution. Only in India, the public is reluctant to wage a relentless war against corruption and they turn the corrupt politicians loose to continue looting our wealth with no little punishment. Our evil political leaders and criminals are free to loot, kill, rape, plunder, assault, rob and maim our innocent citizens.

Any time, innocent citizens tolerate intolerant criminal politicians and their evil practices and compromise with looters and show leniency, we are surrendering our liberty and life. Each time we permit our evil politicians to get elected we are sending a message to criminals around the world that India is the best place on the planet for looting wealth. Is it any wonder criminal gangs are multiplying and international mafia is now joining the ranks of our enemy?

As the public suffer, poor people becoming poorer, farmers commit suicide and money launderers, smugglers, counterfeiters, criminal thinking corrupt politicians and bureaucrats plunder and loot money and deposit in safe heavens.

Indian citizens are held captive to a giant corrupt-criminal culture in India. For several decades we have permitted our corrupt, anti national leaders to mismanage our nation, and rule us by fooling by tossing a bone now and then to the masses of law abiding citizens. The token bone is called a major anti corruption law… But nothing changes. Billions of tax payer’s money is wasted on smokescreen, social engineering, Hajj subsidy, and extra privileges for the corrupt political leaders to avoid real punishment. We need total constitutional reform of the criminal justice system. We watch in desperation as corrupt political rattlesnakes crawl through the justice system.

It is time for the majority to unite, value our tradition, and take appropriate political action to restructure our political-judicial system and eradicate of incompetence and treachery.

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