Corruption – It’s causes and remedy

via Ravindra Koul published on August 29, 2011

Here is my complete analysis of the corruption.

(1) What is corruption & Cause of Corruption
(2) Mechanism to control corruption
(3) What and how of the controls
(4) Indian situation
(5) Conclusion.

The following is the outline of the cause of corruption in India and its “only solutions” provided by Indian Civilizations…

Causes of Corruption:

   1. There is a concept par excellence, that occurs primarily in Dharma tradition and it is the concept of Vaasanaa. Vaasanaas characterize the hidden internal hunger of an individual for the gratification through his senses; the five senses of perception and the five senses of action; (Karmendriya and Jnyanendriyas).

   2.  Vaasanaas drive individual to action or in-action for the gratification of senses of perception.

   3. Human beings are social animal and every society has its own conceptual vision of ideals, its world view on ethical and unethical, its own narration of appropriateness of behaviors, and the appropriateness of its rights and obligations. The Hindu tradition captures all of this and much much more under the concept of Dharma and Adharma.

   4. An individual is corrupt when he/she violates these established notions of rights and obligations, violates sense of Justice, violates ethical standards, violates what is Justice and appropriate. Notice these are considered or judged violation in the contexts of the norms of a native culture, and in ones own social context. (Within Indian context the above notions have much better formulation in terms of Dharma / Adharma or Saamaajic Dharma).

   5. The unbridled gratification of Vaasanaas, (sensual needs) i.e.Vaasanaas  runs amuck; causes the corruption in all spheres of life; there by damaging and destroying the very fabric of the society that provides opportunities for the individuals to grow and thrive. This the situation in current India hence India has become a corrupt society.

   6. For lack of the better word, let us translate Vaasanas as internal hungers. It could be hunger for food, hunger for beauty, for power, wealth, carnal desires etc etc… It is these desires that drive the activities of the individuals and the gratification occurs through the senses of perception.

Conclusion: Corruption occurs, when the controls to curb the fulfillment of Vaasanas (internal hungers) through sense gratifications are destroyed and compromised or are entirely non-existent.

Mechanisms to Control Corruption: A stable Society provides internal mechanisms for the gratifications of the individuals Vaasanaas, desires hungers.

   1. As shown above the of occurrence of corruption needs two aspects to it,
         1. Individuals Vaasanaas satisfied through the gratification of senses,
         2. and the lack of controls that would keep a check on the sense gratification

   2. From the above 1.1 we can conclude that if an individual has complete control on his senses (Indriya Nigraha, a term in Dharma tradition), then the person will not indulge in corruption. Hence a persons complete control on the senses (Indriya Nigraha) is sufficient condition for a person to be un-corruptible.

   3. On the other hand from 1.2 above we see that if there are enough societal controls in place to force an individual (& not because he wants) to keep away from excessive gratifications of the Senses to give in to his Vaasanaas (inner hungers) then again we can control the extent of corruption. Providing such societal controls is only a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for checking the corruption of an individual hence society.  We will call these “external controls or societal controls”.

   4. The second of these two controls is coercive and goes against the grain of the individual who has strong proclivity for the satisfaction of his Vaasanas. Hence the solution in 3 above, i.e the solution providing only for the necessary condition, will always fall short and will need constant vigile of the society.

What and how of the above controls?

   1.  How does an individual achieve “Indriya Nigraha”,  i.e. control on sense organs?
         1. The YOGA-JNyaana and practice provides for the “Indriya Nigraha”, i.e complete control on the sense organs. 

                * This is why Chaanakya in his Neeti Shaastra says the following. (Sukhasya Moolam Dharmam, Dharmasya Moolam Artham, Arthasya Moolam Raajyam and Rajyasya Moolam Indriya Jaya..). Here he is using this sequence, because the Raaja was heriditary. But in Democracy we elect Raaja, hence the Indriya Jaya must be the ethos and requirement for the masses. It should be taught in schools and encouraged in society. (Please notice the importance of Yoga Gurus in the process)

         2. What are the External Controls / Societal Controls?:
                * External Controls (or Societal Controls) are put in place,  through the creation of  Value systems, by creating social institutions, by providing local heroes and aspirations who idealize the fulfilling of these values, by creating effective Justice  and legal system that are in consonance with the values and the world view of that civilization and society, by creating institutions of support system and care sytems.  It takes thousands of years to come up a with a world view that is evolutionary, has notion of Justice, notions of ethics, the sense of fairness and appropriateness etc. etc. These are the external controls a society

   1. Situation in India:
         1. Yoga-JNyaana the Internal Control:  
                * The Govt. of India and Marxixts along with the Missionary and Marxists do all in their power to keep such national building, character building and control building aspects from the school systems, by branding Yoga-JNyaana as religion. Even though it is the foundation of molding and transforming individual drawbacks in to strengths, hence base on the nature of Human beings. This, was and is, our Nations first Failure in nation building, hence has contributed hugely to promotes Corruption.

         2. External Controls / Societal Controls:

                * In India these internal value systems, “internal ethos” based institutions, innate ethical tradition and institutions have been entirely killed. The local heroes who measured and idealized our value systems have been and are being constantly dehumanized, denigrated and Character assassinated.  It was done first by the Islamic fundamentalist forces, followed by Christian colonization, and in the last sixty years by the Congi-Marxists combine; by the  imposition of Christo-European colonial education system, their value system, legal system,  alien philosophical system, and the alien world view and narration of the Bharatiyas. This imposition continues to keep us mentally shackled and makes us second class citizens of the world, who borrow or copy every thing, there by destroying pride. The worst of all it imposes a foreign language on us, thus cutting us off from our past innate values, our world view, our own narration, our own heroes, our own ethos, our own aspirations. This has destroyed the very fabric of our society, and institutions that would prompt us to be upright and honest.  This is the Second Cause of our unbridled corruption.


   1. The only way to change and control the ills of our society are to reverse trend and implement the steps to incorporate Yoga-Jnyaana system in schools and public sphere & implement the External controls indicated above.

Final comments:

   1. In the indian context Government has barred the Yoga-JNyaana based solution by mistranslating Dharma as religion and imposing the Secularism (protestant theology based) in our constitution. The secularism forecloses any chances of Govt. supporting India’s internal ethos.
   2. In Indian context the social institution, education system, the world view, self image are all destroyed by the current Congi-Leftie Govt today and by colonizers (Christian as well as Muslims) prior to that.)
   3. Only Indian civilization provides for the Yaga-Jnyaana based solution..

This I believe is the source and the solution to the problem of corruption having run amuck.

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