Corruption in India : Personal Choice or Disease

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on August 3, 2011

India is facing corruption in every direction. Over many years, India under the Congress government has become progressively corrupt.  It is increasing phenomenally since more and more political cadres, cabinet ministers, judicial officials, military, police and bureaucrats are deeply involved in corruption. Most of the top administrators are more personally in corruption than we want to admit. Does this mean that Indians are to give up the struggle so far to give up the fight to get rid of corruption? I think not. I do not believe that people are willing to retreat their struggle against corruption. Baba Ram Dev, Hazarika, RSS Sangha Cahlak Mohan Bhagat, Dr. Subramanya Swami and such luminaries want to inform citizens about corruption and find solutions to our greatest challenges.

Man made problems is mounting in India.  Jihadi terrorism increases rapidly, land encroachment by corrupt political leaders is up, citizens are afraid of home burglary, mafia invasion, and people are scared to leave home. Even in small towns citizens are afraid to leave their homes for fear of Jihadi bomb explosion, Maoist violence, or Naxalite aggression and apocalyptic behavior.  Bomb threats of anarchists, Tamil Tigers, Misso Rebels and Jihadis is growing. These are only  a sampling of the deadly issues that confront Indian citizens.

The total direct and indirect cost of corruption in many lives, productivity, social break down, law and order, crime, violence, family and international relations, and moral and spiritual damage-is already staggering. And it is still spiraling under the Sonia government.

Sonia’s political cronies and media zombies are trying hard to continue to push Indians into the “Out of joint place”. The wickedness of the phony secular government, the high cost of living, and graft and corruption and related problems have become numerous and intensified.


Is corruption in India a personal choice of the individual or a disease? Does somebody have the choice of being a corrupt person; a criminal, an alcoholic or drug addict or being a person with clean habits? That seems like a silly question. To me excessive alcohol use, substance abuse, bribe taking, corruption and graft are personal choice which may lead to personal disorder, misery and disease. After all, who would want all of the pain, misery, and soul suffering that seems as a consequence of corruption? Corruption is not a personal disease like blood pressure, and diabetes. Many motivations, circumstances, pressures, and influence lead to the criminal behavior. Still depending on your political/psychological/social perspective, personal choices may play an important part in lining the life of a corrupt person, a criminal, and alcoholic or a substance abuser.

There are completely opposite perspectives on the subject of corruption in India. One camp represented by corrupt politicians, Sonia Zombies, phony liberal secularists, fire breathing academicians, anarchists and Marxists and bogus intellectuals claim that Indian social conditions force a man to be corrupt. Some believe that corruption, alcoholism, drug abuse and prostitution are a disease. It is not a choice. I do believe that corruption, substance abuse and anti social behavior are one’s personal choice and not a disease. Such habitual offenses and unacceptable personal choice may lead to personal and social disease.

The bad situation is made worse by the fact that our criminal legislators, bureaucrats, criminal justice administrators, police and judiciary are being given less and less responsibility and accountability for their work. They are given more salary, incentives and bonuses. Without principles, standards and objections to follow, they contribute more to the problem than solutions.

When a person takes illegal graft, he/she also forsakes the ability to distinguish between morality, right and wrong, unethical behavior and right conduct. Habitual use of graft and receiving bribe short circuit our dharma, ethics and morality. It’s a coward’s approach to life, a substitute for real living based on Dharma.

Indian’s corrupt political leaders, academic speculators, and secular zombies have miserably failed in interpreting corruption as a disease. Millions of people have heart diseases, diabetics and gastro intestinal disorder and they need treatment. There are millions of bureaucrats and politicians who are not corrupt. Is there any genetic factor and hormonal predisposition that propel people for unacceptable, anti social, corrupt behavior? Corrupt behavior is a  disease…this position may be a result of public manipulation by vested interest groups not based on scientific facts. Calling corruption a disease is actually softening the stigma of corruption.

I reject the notion that corrupt people fall under the spell of money and become in corrigible and are not responsible for their corrupt behavior. Approaching corruption like a disease might even encourage corruption. Because people claim that they are not responsible for their disease, feel powerless over their corrupt behavior. The disease concept, powerless position takes away individual responsibility from the corrupt people and criminals. Corruption becomes a compulsive behavior if it is not corrected or changed. It should be treated humanely, treated or corrected without blaming the corrupted. Corruption should not be considered or treated like a disease like blood pressure or diabetes. The brain function, lung function, and the neurological function of the corrupt person is fundamentally the same and there is no change in their brain chemistry.

Corrupt people have a different value system. They act without shame, guilt, fear, or empathy for the victims. They hide behind a thick wall of denial created by them to protect them from their own evil deeds. Regardless of corruption is a social choice or disease, severe punishment is the answer for corruption in India.

The debate will continue in India and corruption will continue too because the crooked politicians benefits from it. But what is important for the people suffering from corruption need relief. Whether people believe corruption as a disease or choice, or flaw of character, corruption destroys our lives, our society and our nation.

What are the causes that underlie people’s great propensity for corruption? The root problem is of course, Spiritual. Our concept of Dharma under criminal political leaders has become so distorted, confused, uncertain, and they find it hard to see the meaning of preserving, protecting, practicing and promoting our spiritual tradition. What we need is a way to tap the power of our sanathan dharma in order to inspire and encourage secular zombies for social reform.
The time is ripe for another movement that will transform Bharat to help people to discover the cultural/spiritual/moral center and provides both the needed inspiration and a concrete plan to hold politics accountable and find solutions for corruption.

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