Corrupt PM in begging mode

via K Vijayan published on June 1, 2011

“Saama, dhaana, bheda, dhandam” are the four steps described in Hindu Classics in tackling the enemy, but Hindus in general are either ignorant of the nuances, or give it a totally spiritual, inward-looking meaning out of sync with the Real Kaliyug World 99% infected with the Abrahamic disease.

Like Ahimsa means standby and watch, help if you can to apply pure Cow Ghee to ease the pain in Gandhian fashion, when you get raped. Late you may be permitted to file an FIR in quadruplicate after seducing your MLA or bribing the thanedar.

As far as the Abrahamic Cults are concerned, it is dandam first, second and third, and only if you fail go far saama. Dialogue till the cows come home, milk them, and kill them off, hubba-jubba halaalically.

By Abby Cults we mean the Christers, Muhammedans and Marxists., though the second-named are the ones who carry the back-is-front Logic into their Scripts as well as scripture.

And of course we have this peculiar creature, Manmohan Singh, who unfailingly kisses the feet that kick his arse, begs for dialogue, and issues Sharamless Certificates.

For seven years this Pakistani-American Mestizo has been PM, been kicked around by near-illiterate thugs from Tamil Nadu, Mahrastra, Kashmir, Pakistan and Italy, parlayed his World Bank Honesty to help alien criminals walk away with a couple of Trillion Dollars of Indian wealth, and been a passive spectator to the murder of lakhs of Hindus, and the destruction of our democracy, Constitution and Parliament.

After ignoring the mass movement spearheaded by Ramdeo Baba and other Hindu Gurus and Intellectuals for the last two years, his coterie of Poll Cheats and Shysters and a totally compromised Media tried to divert the people with a Gandhi Cap Drama staged by Anna Hazare which has also been stranded on the Sonia Sand Bank.

Ramdeo Baba has announced a Fast and it is expected that around a crore of people will converge from all over India on to the Ram Lila Grounds on the 4th instant. No wonder all these Poll Cheats, World Bank Criminals and Sonia Shysters are crawling around begging Ramdeo to withdraw. Will they dare release their khudhai-chodhai- kitmuttgaars and crusaders and stage one last Jalianwalabagh to hold on to Hindusthan for a few more years of Lootmaar?

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