Cop abducted & killed by “Maoists” & Media downplays murder

published on May 9, 2012

When our Cross-bred IAS Favourite Son was “abducted”, the whole world was  informed with multiple 24 X 7 Sob stories, images with Family, editorials and we were made a party to “negotiations”, “bargains” ,“dialogues” etc. Our heart-strings were played by experts wearing G-strings of Italian RC make, blessed by the Pope and his cohorts in India. We sent asthma medicines through special couriers and suffered breathlessly- empathetically

In response to all that mollycoddling by our Media and our scoundrelly “nethas” our Second National Son and Immaculately, Samuelly Conceived Maoists have abducted and killed within a few hours a Sub Inspector named Kriparam Majhi, who we are sure will be a Santhal Tribal Hindu. No fanfare, no fireworks. No newly Appointed Cardinals pleading for mercy, offering Conciliatory Lira etc.

The Media, as usual has downplayed or under-played the murder of a Hindu Cop by Christian Maoists, which only confirms our belief that the Maoists are The Assassination and Terror Wing of the Alien Triumvirate of Evil ruling India, and policemen/women, soldiers, Cobra Forces, RAFs are only clay pigeons to be shot down in sport. Shooting ordinary pigeons will bring down the Wrath of Our Lawd Gawd and his PETAs and Blue Crossed, blue ball Orgs on your head.

Will this killed cop’s family, if he has one, be paid any Compensation of One Crore – minus middle-man-woman percentages even?

Come to think of it, were the Families of those dozen or so women and men “Security Personnel” who sacrificed their lives saving the skins of Poll Cheats, felons, and lily-white Innocent MPees been compensated? Can we get to see any Human Interest Stories involving any of them after all these years?

Did they get Bharat Rathnas, which we hand out so freely to light-skirts and culture-leeches? Did their Departments at least give them some “Veer” Medals made of plated silver or bronze? Did our First FEMALE President turn down petitions signed in their blood since it may contain Common UN-funded Diseases?

NO WAY! This is, as always INCREDIBLE INDIA.

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