Conspiracy of Imperialist forces to De-culturise and De-Nationalise the Nation

via Compiled by Pradeep Kumar published on April 10, 2007

Padmasri P. Parameswaran

[President, Vivekananda Kerndra, Kanyakumari and director, Bharateeya Vichara Kendram, Thiruvananthapuram]

Destruction of Rama Sethu is a crime against our nation, its culture and civilization. It is a wanton and willful act of cruelty because there are other and alternative ways for achieving the proclaimed objective viz., making commercial navigation cheaper and more speedy. Considering the indecent haste, with which the work is being carried out, in spite of popular objection, gives the impression that there are ulterior motives behind the whole thing.

Like men, nations also do not live by bread alone. The strength of a nation cannot be measured in terms of its affluence alone. What sustains a nation is its inner vitality. There are two vital ingredients, which contribute to the inner vitality. One is pride in its past and the other is faith and optimism about the future. Both are mutually supportive. A nation which is not proud of its past, its heritage and its ancestors will be psychologically incapacitated to cherish any hope and faith in its future. This is true of every nation, modern or ancient.

Bharath, universally acknowledged as the oldest nation with the longest uninterrupted history has a past which is the envy of the world. In fact, it is firmly rooted in its glorious past. Any attempt to shake the faith or to weaken the Shraddha is bound to have catastrophic consequences for the future of the country. It is not a question of constructing a new canal for limited material benefits that is in question. The real question is whether we can afford to trifle with the very foundation of our cultural nationalism.

The existence of a bridge connecting Bharath and Sri Lanka has been proved by the satellite images taken by the scientists of NASA. Whether scientifically proved or not, it had been the unshakable faith of countless generations of Hindus that the Ram Sethu was built by the Vanarasena for lord Sri Rama to reach Sri Lanka and retrieve Sitaji. It is so deeply ingrained, more deeply than the bride itself, in the hearts and minds of the people of India from North to South. It has been one of the most profound bonds of unity, integrating the entire landscape of Bharath. ‘Asethu Himachalam’ is a mantric word arising the image of Akhanda Bharath before the eyes of all true Hindus.

Throughout known history the bridge is known as ‘Sri Rama Sethu’. It conjures up the mission of Rameswaram, Dhanushkoti and many other sacred images along the southern most strip of India. No pilgrimage from the North was considered complete and fruitful unless the pilgrim takes a dip in the southern ocean at Sethu Samudram. It was during the 18th century the wily Britishers gave the name Adams bridge with the obvious motive of destroying the sacred Hindu character of the bridge and wipe of the history of millennia by a single stroke. It did not work. The faith and tradition were much deeper than calculated cunningness.

Present attempt is a concealed continuation of the same colonial mentality to achieve the same purpose. Unfortunately, the common man is unable to see through the game and rise up to the occasion to put up a stiff resistance. There seems to be a conspiracy of imperialist forces working against our cultural nationalism to deculturise and de-nationalise us. Secularisation of education, globalisation of economics etc is some of the method adopted by these forces. They have even succeeded in planting their agents at crucial points of power and policy making. They seem to be working overtime to achieve their end. That is what we find in the persistent refusal to rebuild Ram Mandir at Ayodhya in the North. The attempted destruction of Sri Rama Sethu in the South is an integral part of the same conspiracy. Unless people resist these anti-national efforts, the nation’s future is at stake. The entire nation has to rally around the point of national order and defeat the imperialist conspiracy

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