“Congress way of investigation”

via Sanesh published on March 11, 2011

On seeing the recent investigations upon various scandals, I would like to coin a new term for Investigation as “Congress way of investigation” .

If you see any criminal investigation, the first and foremost thing happens when a crime happens is to protect the evidences and proofs around the crime.

Say, if it is a murder, police cordon off the crime spot to make sure that evidences are not lost or tampered.

Now you see various investigations happening around scams around us. You can see a pattern.

1) CWG. Though the scam was in light even before the CWG occurred, government kept a stand that we all focus on successful culmination of CWG. (Let the looting go on). After CWG, it took almost 3 months for the government to act on the issue. Was it a ploy to give sufficient time to Suresh Kalmadi and others involved to whitewash the evidences?
Every now and then there were news in media that Suresh Kalmadi will be raided. Is Suresh Kalmadi a fool to keep all the documents related to CWG till raid happens?

2) 2G Spectrum. Every day there is speculation that Raja would be arrested, Kanimozhi will be questioned, they will be raided etc. Finally congress got an opportunity to bargain with DMK during TN Assembly election seat sharing. Though DMK first protested against congress demand of 63 seats, and announced to pull out their ministers from Central government, in 24 hrs time, things have changed. Nobody knows what is DMK’s profit upon sharing 3 additional seats to Congress. But one can only guess that when the investigation on 2G spectrum is in the door steps of Karunanidhi, it is a good bargain tool for Congress.

But is congress not ashamed to publicly align with a party whose top to bottom is accused in corruption? Or does the congress feels that it is the only option to hide the loots they did together with DMK.

3) Adarsh scam. It was in public domain for over 6 months. Congress took its sweet time to hide most of the evidences. Investigators says they are unable to find the documents pertained to Adarsh. Good work Congress in delaying the investigation thereby giving time for people involved to remove the records.

4) CVC appointment. Though the leader of opposition complained against the appointment of PJ Thomas since he has got a criminal case against him, government went ahead. Probably thinking that even those details could be whitewashed. But unfortunately for Congress this time, most of the issues were in public domain and hence they could not hide the fact that PJ Thomas is accused. Congress defense earlier was that PJ Thomas is just accused, he is not convicted. Till he is convicted he is a free man. Now PM told another lie that Central government was not aware of PJ Thomas’s tarnished background.

5) Hassan Ali Khan and ED case. Without a good known source of Income, Hassan Ali Khan owes India government around 71845 Crores as tax. India governments direct tax collection for 2011 is slated to be 4,46,000 Crores only. Such a large financial crime, Hassan Ali is free to hide his documents on investigation. Every day ministers say they will take action. For me it is like “Hassan Ali,  we gave sufficient time, we will take action, better you hide all your documents” is what the ministers say through media.

6) Black Money at Tax heavens. Manmohan Singh the PM of India during last general election promised that he will bring all the back money stashed in foreign banks to India within few months if Congress comes back to Power. Enough of barking on this, no action yet. Every day Court has to intervene with Congress to do things right. Congress has given enough signals to the tax evaders that please take out your money from foreign banks, we are going to publish the records shortly.

Is’nt it amazing way of investigation for survival for congress?

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