Complete Breakdown of Governance-BJP Resolution

via Resolution adopted by the Office Bearers of the BJP published on November 26, 2007

The Bharatiya Janata Party is seriously concerned with the complete breakdown of authority of the Central Government and the Prime Minister on matters of governance. There are only two priorities that the UPA government has. Firstly, survival at any cost. The cost involved in the present case is absence of decision-making and its consequent effect on governance. Secondly, perpetuate the politics of vote bank consideration even if has an impact on national security and integrity.

The harassment of the Bangladesh author Taslima Nasreen by the West Bengal Government has thrown up an important question as to how a victim of persecution is treated by a civilised state in which the victim seeks a refuge as an assalym. Taslima is a victim of religious persecution in Bangladesh. She is a refugee in India. To eject a refugee under pressures from religious groups is to submit to hardline Islamic fundamentalists. The political thought process which produced the legislation to nullify the effect of the Shah Bano Judgement of the Supreme Court involved a surrender to Islamic fundamentalists. This is precisely what the West Bengal Government has done. A victim of political persecution is being persecuted further since fellow traveling with fundamentalism wins vote banks. The irony of this issue is the customary silence of the Prime Minister and the central government.

India is a country which has been a victim of illegal immigration of millions from Bangladesh. Mass scale illegal immigration from Bangladesh has served both the Congress and the CPI(M) as a convenient vote bank even though it may have hurt India’s security concerns. The irony of Taslima’s issue is that the Central and the West Bengal government’s feeling that millions of illegal immigrants are welcome in India but a victim of political persecution is not. The Bharatiya Janata Party demands that Taslima Nasreen be treated as a political refugee in India with a right to live with dignity and security. She is entitled to all rights which have been given to the Tibetan refugees.

The developments of Nandigram have shown to the whole country the real, ugly and fascist face of the CPI(M). The CPI(M) is hostile to any form of dissent and criticism. To use the political cadres as an instrument of repression on dissidents is unprecedented. The BJP takes note of the Congress Party’s double speak on Nandigram. It is obvious that the Congress Party still lacks the confidence to criticize the CPI(M).

The recent terrorist strikes in Uttar Pradesh have exposed the soft-on-terror policy of the UPA government. The Indian judicial system is an important pillar of Indian democracy. The Indian Parliament and symbols of India’s religious and cultural personality have been attacked in the past. Centres of India’s economic growth have also been attacked. Now judicial centres are under terrorist attacks. The UP attacks were symbolic of the terrorists ability to strike at will. They remind us of the helplessness of the Indian government. The BSP government in UP has been a dismal failure on the front of tackling security. The BSP government recently enacted a POTA type law to tackle organized crime. Why can’t such a law be used against terrorists? This is motivated by the vote bank politics of the UP government.

The BJP condemns the increasing incidents if violence and lawlessness that is being witnessed in Assam. Protestors venting their anger on innocent bystanders in the absence of any security arrangements followed by police firing by the state government is condemnable.

The BJP shall campaign on the basis of the above issues before the people. We will take these issues particularly to the people of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat which go for Assembly Elections next month.

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