Communal Riots and Secular Riots

via HK published on October 28, 2007

Indian National Congress and its allies after trying all sorts of noble politics they have finally embarked in personal abuse on Modi. A senior congress leader overseeing Congress’s election campaign, who is very close to Sonia, ridiculed in a public meeting that ‘Modi was born in Gujarat’s sewer and don’t even know anything about his father’. In few weeks time Congress and Lallu is back with a less credible duff and dumb video show. A lot of retrospective thinking is needed to resolve this political drama.


Personal insult and cheap allegations were the strong weapons for Lallu Prasad Yadav thorough out his political life. One who know Lallu, would not expect anything better than this from our Central Railway Minister. During his tenure as Chief Minister of Bihar Lallu’s contributions to make his state notorious in corruption, rape, communal violence and governmental favouritism are renowned. Congress made every Indians to be proud of their national politics by entrusting Lallu with a cabinet post. Lallu was involved in money laundering and real estate scams in Bihar. An IAS officer’s family was raped by Lallu’s goondas and a News reporter who published Lallu’s illegal nexus with criminals was jailed on fake FIR plotted by state police. What is his credibility to talk about good governance, justice and secularism? Lallu taking the altar of justice is a joke!


Minority appeasement of congress made them gulp about many facts about Gujarat riots. Apart from the Hindus charred to death in Godhra Railway station, they also forgot about the 300 Hindus who got killed in th eriot following the Godhra carnage. Are Hindus illegal immigrants or second class citizens in India?


Under congress rule in Delhi more than 5000 Sikhs were killed in 1984. This mass killing was termed as unfortunate mob violence by Congress .The attitude wasn’t different when thousands of Kashmiri Pundits’ were tortured, raped and killed by Muslims extremist in Jammu and Kashmir.


Tehelka, the Christian funded media, was readily available in service for Congress and its supremo Sonia to defame their political rivals.The hasty move to air a less credible video on TV channels when Gujarat is going for assembly election in December tells a different story.


The so called secular intellectuals and communist historians played an important role in suppressing the real Indian History before British invasion. Hindu genocides of around 50 million to 60 million Hindus by Muslim rulers over a span of 1000 years of invasion was concealed from Indians in the name of religious harmony!


They advocated that the facts on Hindu persecution would destroy the religious harmony of Independent India. If this communist ideology makes any sense why they are airing a fake video and plea only for Muslims in Gujarat riots. Have U.P.A redefined ‘secularism’ as selective appeasement and selective rationalism.


The crux of this political hoax is-


If a Sikh gets killed it is secular,

If a Kashmir Pundit gets exterminated from their home land it is secularism,

If a Hindu gets slaughtered it is again secular,



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