Come home, Come home, my countrymen

published on December 31, 2014

All it takes is to light a lamp, than curse darkness which might have been there for 1400 or 2014 years, still the moment light shines, enlightenment will return.

We are not denigrating either Islam or Christianity by welcoming home ,those who were lost to Hindu Dharma . The matter pertains to mischief particularly in India against ever accommodating and conciliatory Hindus and Hindu Dharma, played by aggressive Christian and Islamic proselytizers invariably resulting in threats to security of the country and safety of people.  

 The way Hindus are enticed, forced even tortured, terrorized to become Moslems and Christians in India is  most reprehensible. As if those methods at the start are not enough, more like starting separatist movements in cahoot with foreign military agencies using these converts were also perpetrated against India with only motive to destroy India’s culture and civilization  that is noble and exalted spiritually which in turn produced a prosperous society and replace with belief systems  to promote political ideologies to colonize and exploit a great nation rather than enhance any thing spiritual or noble among those converted. This mischief went on for centuries, yet patient Hindu remained calm and serene watching,while engaged in his or her daily rituals and rites bothering none. And then even to those places of worship , near homes at street corners, at the temples near the gates and at festive occasions near the crowds, vilification and vicious propaganda went on and on against everything Hindu, his food, family values,his gods and goddesses and his scriptures .  

The motives behind the maneuvers are sinister just as  the methods are reprehensible, so naturally the results are disastrous. For  India had to fight many wars internally as a result.  And even  an entire enemy state  right with in natural frontiers of India, complete with nuclear bombs brimming with hatred to destroy what remains of india got formed out of converts to Islam from Hindus. Insurrections arose in Nagaland and Mizoram out of converts to Christianity. Lately it is turn of Assam to suffer . So the deleterious effects of conversion of Hindus need no elaboration, living history is proof enough.

Hence finally when Hindus made some efforts to preserve what they still have, then came knives and guns be used against those taking lead. Swami Laxmananda’s brutal killing is just one instance. Many Hindu activists in various states of India have also perished in equally gruesome manner . Since the victims in all such instances are Hindu the matter is of no concern to the likes of those who are now making protests, noises and disruptions of parliament, nor was there any concern among these elements at the damage and harm country and people suffered because of politically motivated conversions.

Thanks to Hindu organizations, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, efforts are succeeding in halting continuing hemorrhage of Hindu population that went on for more than 1000 years, with each loss in large numbers resulting in a hostile enemy state thereby, but they are also successful in bringing back home many who chose to come back.

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