Combating Congress Absurdity and the Secular Injustice

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on July 5, 2009

In the recent annals of the bogus secularists, few moments have been as startling as the Railway Minister Mamatha Banerji’s statement for special concession and privileges for Muslim students. While introducing the Railway Budget in Parliament, in her own discrete way she has advanced the appeasement policy for Muslims. Her policy pronouncement is in addition to the special protection, privileges and financial assistance provided to Muslims and Christians in India.
These appeasement policy pronouncements and special programs for Muslims and Christians need to be analyzed in a historical context. The Gandhi-Nehru cliques were not political realists and their arguments for Islamic appeasement were not based on human reason. Their strange personal philosophy and absurd policies resulted in breaking up the country, promoted jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. They tirelessly worked for Muslim and Christian parochialism, separatism and encouraged their dogmatism. Their observations on Hindus were both inaccurate and doubtful. Nehru remained consciously unassimilated much of his life redefining and disowning Hinduism that kept India together as a nation for centuries. He was like an expatriate, alienated from his country and culture. Nehru profoundly respected Jihadis, missionaries and their brutal religious components. He was also critical of Hindu nationalists and our sacred spiritual traditions.  At the same time, he admired Islamic values and western Christian hedonism and endorsed it so strong. One might wonder if Nehru thought Hinduism was worth defending at all.

 For Nehru, what was worth defending, however, was his personal image as a secularist and the Islamic tradition. Even today, the utopian and dangerous Islamic appeasement policies, the ethos of special privileges and financial entitlement that pervaded the Congress rule are ruining the country. By funneling public wealth to the Muslim and Christian sector, the Congress party is destroying our country. The most threat to our nation and culture arises from the secular politician’s appeasement policies, self-serving abuses, and fraud and legalized plunder, where public treasuries serve as private bonus for Muslims and Christians.

The bogus secularists march under different slogans such as uplifting minorities, fairness, justice and equal opportunity for mentally misdirecting Hindus. But they are all based on the same misguided premise that wiping out Hinduism is the only way to save India. The phony secular utopian value system is at war with the pluralistic Hindu tradition and is centered on Islamic and Christian appeasement and ethical relativism. The anti-National Congress party and the secular imposters are acting on self-illusion and voluntary fraud that may lead India into decay and doom. The plight of Hindus can be found in their wickedness and delusion. There is heavy social cost to their frivolous pursuits. The Congress government confiscates the wealth of Hindus and spreads it among Muslims and Christians to sustain the vote bank and remain in power for continuous looting and to inflict further harm to the Hindu majority.
In India, the bogus secular Congress culture is revolving around Islamic and Christian appeasement to promote their anti Hindu political dogmas. They promote and practice discrimination, oppression, injustice and tyranny against Hindus in the name of secularism.  It is a fine thing to be a member of the Jihadi group or a missionary conversion gang forever in opposition to Hindus. In India, under the Congress dynasty, it is a good thing to express bigotry against Hindus. It is a good thing to promote cultural destruction, looting of Hindu temples, encourage coercive and deceptive religious conversion and support Jihadi violence and crypto-fascism.

The Congress government under the Italian Catholic Sonia Maino has done quite a number on everything Hindus hold dear. Actually, only Hindus believe and practice secularism, universalism, tolerance, and coexistence.  In India, secularism gets defined as injustice, oppression, or tyranny and discrimination against Hindus.


It is important that Hindus who still hold sacred our traditions be made aware of the constant assault that is being waged on Hindu society by our secular enemies. Hindus must see these anti Hindu miscreants as they are and not be deceived by the disguises they wear. So far they are getting away with their wrapped thinking and fraudulent deeds. The secular brigade disarms gullible Hindus with platitudes and hidden persuasion. Hindus should be aware that their life is under siege by these bogus secularists with poisonous agendas.

Why is the Congress party so blind to the excess of the handout to Muslims and Christians? Because Hindus are still disorganized, disunited, indifferent, apathetic and paralyzed. They fail to use tactics like street smart demonstration, intimidation, strikes and boycotts-as bona-fide strategies of oppressed groups. Hindus must join together and use positive violence to expedite justice, fairness and fair play.

What Hindus have forgotten was how crooked are the politicians operating under the banner of secularism, and how they drove the nation into pockets of Islamic and Christian power base. They have forgotten, too, the lessons of History. Hindu unity and strength and organized protest is the only force powerful enough to restrain the Congress government’s give away of our wealth to our enemies.

In order for the Hindu majority to remain strong and competitive, they need to align with rural and urban Hindu groups, the police, military, judiciary, the business people and traders that could provide organizational strength and  financial muscle to fight against  the Muslim, Christian and phony secular interest blocs. The overwhelming Hindu groups will become the cultural archetypes for Hindus across the country. Organizations like VHP, RSS, and Bjarang Dal should build a winning coalition of rural and urban Hindus into a strong political base.
When organized Hindus show their muscle strength and take a stand, some barriers will begin to come down, and advances become possible.  Organized and strong Hindu groups can smash the excesses of secular injustice.

It is time for Hindus to be openly proud of their culture, heritage and the nation, and it’s time to utterly reject the cultural insults that the bogus secularists used to terrorize and marginalize Hindus. It is time for all Hindus to stand up against secular treachery and hegemony. Fighting vigorously against the phony secularism and appeasement policies for the Congress government is far better than silently suffering from deadly poison of the

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