Christian Group Accuse India for “‘Christian Persecution” !!

via GSK Menon published on April 19, 2008
A U.K. based Christian organisation by name “Open Doors” has
classified India as a country where Christians are persecuted !

reason being that some states have passed anti – conversion laws. India
has been given a ranking of 29th

in their list which comprises of
almost all Asian and West Asian countries. There is a general
indictment of every known religion – Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism,
Sikhism, etc. Except Christianity every other religion has been
described as intolerant ! Every non-Christian nation has been given a

What is the position of Christians in India ?

enjoy Minority status, thereby enjoying a whole lot of privileges and
perks which the majority does not enjoy. The Hindu majority continue to
be slaves, earlier they were slaves under Arabs, Afghans, Turks,
Persians, French, Portugese, Dutch,  and British. Now they are slaves
under Secularism. The Christians are pumping alien money through licit
and illicit channels for

North East is predominantly Christian but the sprinkling of
Hindus are treated as majority, where else in the world can you find
such rubbish enactments ! Missionary gangs are openly and brazenly
active in every Hindu pilgrimage centre. Nothing can restrain them.
The  print media is covertly controlled by Christian elements, and the
visual media is fully controlled by them. Only anti-Hindu propaganda is
broadcast by these organisations. The so called Hindus in the Press
& TV sector are either atheists or are ashamed to call themselves
as Hindus.

The political parties are liberally financed by the Church
so they dare not speak out against conversions. Hindu flogging is a
competitive art for the political class ! The Missionaries denigrated
our country by publishing fraudulent photographs of the poor to gain
international charity and amassed huge wealth which has been used to
buy our politicans. In every nook and corner of our country alien
are having a free run denigrating and ridiculing Hinduism, and to cast
more aspersions, organisations like Open Doors are giving certificates
and marks !

Let us all unite to cleanse Hindustan off this fraudulent
religion called Christianity.

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