‘CASTELESS’ Monotheism?

via H.Balakrishnan published on November 2, 2006

One thought,that the monotheistic creeds were ‘castless’.These have been the religions,which for centuries have been priding themselves on the ground that unlike Sanatana Dharma,they are a ‘castless society’!!TRUTH,however points otherwise.


In an extremely percptive analysis,Zarina Bhatty,in her ‘Social Stratification among Muslims in India’wrote:’Muslims in India are sharply divided into two categories, Ashrafs and non-Ashrafs. The former have a superior status derived from their foreign ancestry. The Ashrafs, or those who claim a foreign descent, are further divided into four castes, Sayyads, Shiekhs, Mughals and Pathans, in that order of rank.


 The non-Ashrafs are alleged to be converts from Hinduism, and are therefore drawn from the indigenous population. They, in turn, are divided into a number of occupational castes. Status differentiation implicit in the caste system finds expression in restrictions on marriage and eating together. In Kasauli caste endogamy is strictly adhered to, both among Ashrafs and non- Ashrafs. Ashrafs and non-Ashrafs do not eat together. Between the two endogamous subdivisions of Ashrafs there is no restriction on eating together, but their interaction is so limited that, in practice, it rarely occurs’. So much for a ‘casteless’ Islamic society!!


The same applies to Christianity also. From the petitions submitted to the Simon Commisssion, to the essay ‘The condition of the convert’  written by Babasaheb Ambedkar,in 1938, to the ‘National Consultation on Mission’ held in Pune in 1994 – all point to the existence of the ‘caste system’ in Indian Christinity.Bishop Nirmal Minz,wrote: “Dalits had thought Chritianity as an egalitarian religion would solve their problems.But to the utter dismay of the Dalit Christians,they have not been treated as per their expectations”.Seperate pews and even seperate graveyards. And yet- Sanatana Dharma is the villain!! One has to thank ‘Nehruvian Secularism’ for this prevailing sordid state of affairs.


On the basis of ‘equality’ before the Lord, converions were undertaken.However, as caste hierrarchies still prevail in these ‘supposedly’ egalitarian creeds, the Nation is inflicted with the ‘bleeding-hearts’ Justice Ranganatha Mishra Committee and the Justice Sachar Committee to make out cases for ‘RESERVATIONS’ for Dalit Christians and Muslims respectively. This is nothing but a ‘fraud’ on our Constitution. India at the current point in her history appears to be playing out a Greek Tragedy.


Time is at hand for the ‘secular’ English media to understand the profound depth in Shri Aurobindo’s famous ‘Uttarpara Speech’ delivered on 30 May 1909: “I say no longer that nationalism is a creed, a religion, a faith; I say that it is the Sanatan Dharma which for us is nationalism. This Hindu nation was born with the Sanatan Dharma, with it it moves and with it it grows. When the Sanatan Dharma declines, then the nation declines, and if the Sanatan Dharma were capable of perishing, with the Sanatan Dharma it would perish.The Sanatan Dharma, that is nationalism. This is the message that I have to speak to you”.





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