Cash for Vote Scam – Why to haunt and taunt the Dummy PM ?

published on March 19, 2011

Joint Press Statement by Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha and  Shri Arun Jaitley , Leader of Opposition Rajya Sabha regarding clarifications from the Hon’ble Prime Minister on the Cash for Votes Scam

The Prime Minister has made a statement on the “Cash for votes “ scam wherein the Vote of Confidence succeeded on 22nd July 2008 on the strength of Members of other political parties lured to support the UPA. The CBI changed its affidavit in the disproportionate assets case against  Shri Mulayam Sigh Yadav before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. This led to the Samajwadi Party reversing its position and announcing its support to the UPA. Further attempts were made to lure a number of  Members of Parliament belonging to the Opposition Parties to support the vote of confidence. It is now conclusively established that MPs were bribed. The evidence of bribery to support the Government is as under:

   1. The Prime Minister and the UPA Government were the principal beneficiaries of the cross voting.
   2. Several Members complained that they were being approached by certain members/persons with large sums of money persuading them to vote in favour of the motion.
   3. One MP visited three Lok Sabha MPs in order to persuade them to cross vote. The Parliamentary Committee enquiring in to this matter stated “ the Committee still feels that a person of Shri Revati Raman Singh’s stature should not have involved himself in such shenanigans …………….the very thrust of the conversation has a tendency to raise doubts over the conduct of Shri Revati Raman Singh vis-à-vis endeavors to facilitate the defection of Samajwadi Party Members  is in violation of Schedule X to the Constitution…”. These incidents are captured on Camera.
   4. Thereafter , MPs who were being sought to be influenced visited another senior leader who was mobilizing support in favour of the Government., This is also captured on camera.

Monies were sent by one intervener to be paid to the three MPs. This intervener’s name is Sanjeev Saxena. The Enquiry Committee has held “ The Committee has already commented upon the unconvincing nature of Sanjeev Saxena’s testimony before the committee……………. Shri Saxena might not be telling the truth that he is no longer in the employment  of Shri Amar Singh …………………………….Shri Saxena was a bribegiver wittingly or unwittingly. He therefore does not enjoy the immunity under Article 105 of the Constitution………………………On whose behalf  Shri Saxena was operating ……………………therefore his role in the matter needs to be investigated further.”

The offer to cross vote,  the factum of the meetings, the delivery of money is all captured on camera. The factum of conversation is established by the telephone call records.

The Parliamentary committee was split 4 against 3. Even the majority has opined on the role of the bribegivers and held  that all these matters mentioned above require to be investigated further. The 3 dissenting members out of a total of 7 have completely established the role of bribe givers.

The latest expose by Wiki leaks adds three additional pieces of evidence:

   1. The American Diplomat was witness to the stacking up of the cash which was intended to be used for bribing.
   2. He can identify the Conspirators who were involved in the act of bribery.
   3. The Conspirators have admitted to him that they were involved in the offence of bribery while persuading the Mps to cross vote.

Therefore, the clarifications that the Bharatiya Janata Party seeks from the Prime Minister are as under:

   1. You are the principal beneficiary of the Vote of Confidence succeeding. There was admittedly a case of bribery. Even the majority in the Parliamentary enquiry has held Shri Saxena to be a bribe giver. Why have you or your Government not referred the matter for investigation to the CBI? Why have you tried to conceal the investigation of truth and the punishment of the guilty? Are you guilty of dereliction of duty? Are you guilty of breach of privilege of the Parliament in not complying with the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee of Lok Sabha ?
   2. In the face of the Parliamentary enquiry returning the finding of bribe being paid to MPs, why did you tell the India Today Conclave that you are unaware of the factum of bribes being paid?
   3. Have you had a chance to see the video recording of the payments of bribes which was telecast on news channels a few weeks after the incident?
   4. Has it ever weighed on your conscience that you procured a vote of confidence through such dubious means which you have admitted tarnished India’s image domestically and internationally?
   5. Even belatedly, are you willing to show any repentance and accept moral responsibility for such a monumental blunder and resign as the Prime Minister?


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