Can Hindus help themselves in doing research?

via Veda Prakash published on August 1, 2007

The Arabs and the westerners of all sorts the Portuguese, the Danish, the Dutch, the French, the British and others came here, learned the local languages, lived with Hindus, interacted with them on many occasions, and recorded in their writings. They not only traded, researched but also could rule our country.


Many times, such writings had been critical, half-truth, imaginary, blasphemous too as mostly tainted with their religious bias and prejudice. At times, their inferiority complex acted in a way to show off themselves as superior to Hindus had poured venom on Hindu religion, beliefs, manners, customs, etc., after realizing the highest and refined status of Hindu religion, theology, philosophy of greater antiquity.


In any case, as they had come here, lived and moved with Hindus, so that they could understand, realize and picturize the weaknesses, faults, powerlessness, disadvantages, limitations and other inherent factors. Such writings are still quoted and interpret contemporary events, particularly, the modern day social aberrations in the same way blaming Hindu religion and scriptures.


While many of them came with some knowledge on India, still there had been people and scholars, who never came to India but written much on India. Max Mueller’s writings have been still influential because of his rendering in English, though, he never saw India or Hindus about which he discussed, criticized and researched.


But, how many Hindus had gone to Mohammedan and Christian countries to study their religion, culture, tradition, heritage, beliefs, manners, customs, etc? How many of us lived and moved with them, so that they could understand, realize and picturize the weaknesses, faults, powerlessness, disadvantages, limitations and other inherent factors of Muslims and Christians? How many manuscripts, charts, tables, etc., we brought us here, set up an institute just like they did?


So at least now, the Hindu brethren living in those countries can start their work? If they could collect old-rare books that are not reprinted or available in India, photos and other details and can set up a research institution, Hindus can not only correct themselves in the 21st century, but also counter them effectively. With MNCs and World Financial Institutions, they attack Hindus right now in India. With the help of Hindus, making or keeping them as ideologists, atheists, secularists etc., they could get along setting Hindus against Hindus and reaping the benefits and profits. If they feel awkward, uncomfortable or afraid of such research, they can do then and there by helping others at least, so that the willing persons could do.


Can we proceed?


Only elders, knowledgeable and resourceful Hindus should come out to guide!

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