CAG report unearths massive bunglings in ICHR; But, who cares?

via Vedaprakash published on May 27, 2008

ICHR in No Hurry to `Recover’ Money from P K Shukla


Just 4 months left for Shukla to retire; Recovery on excess phones alone is Rs 96,127



just 4 months left for Dr P K Shukla, an ad-hoc Dy Director, ICHR to
retire, it is highly unlikely that the amount of Rs 96,127 only paid to
him on account of “excess” phone calls (ie more than he was entitled
to) will be recovered. His take home salary is less than this amount!
And there hangs a tale of corruption, favouritism, nepotism,
high-handedness, etc.


a small, miniscule, almost non-existing `offence’, the Director of ICHR
(Indian Council of Historical Research), Wg Cdr (Dr) Sushil Kumar, was
and is still being hauled over the coals. He was placed under
suspension in 2003. On the express orders of MHRD minions who never
tire of stating that ICHR is an `autonomous’ body. But, what is goose
for Sushil is


for Shukla! MHRD bosses have different set of rules for different
people. Didn’t someone say that you show me the face and I’ll show you
the law?


Even when reinstated by High Court orders on

20 December 2006

, Dr Sushil Kumar has been effectively kept away from the office of Director. His subordinate, Dr P K Shukla, an ad hoc Deputy Director, who could not competewith
Sushil Kumar for the post of Director, actually issued him a repeat
chargesheet (ever heard of a junior issuing a chargesheet to his
superior?) and finally has managed to keep him grounded for years. So
much so that a formal communication from Mr Upamanyu Basu of MHRD that
since Sushil Kumar is being paid his salary he be given work has been
ignored by the ICHR. Such is their gumption.


the name of `offence’ all Sushil Kumar did was: (i) Wrote a letter to
PMO (through proper channel) demanding a residential accommodation
consonance with his `status’, (ii) Objected to wasteful expenditures in
ICHR, and (iii) Demanded implementation of CAG Report — on orders from
the MHRD. This kind of thing doesn’t even come under the category of
Major Penalty offences. But, in ICHR, sab chalta hai.


a massive dig-out by CAG (Comptroller & Auditor General of India)
in its latest Report dated 28 February 2008 the ICHR has shown no
anxiety to initiate any action much less recover the government money
lost. Shukla claimed for himself telephone bills far in excess of his
entitlement totalling Rs 96,127 only. Incidentally, Shukla used to
boast that there was no “limit” to the phone calls he could make! Dr P
K Shukla, an adhoc Deputy Director who got elevated to the
position of Member-Secretary for 4 full years courtesy a patent
falsehood by Mr Sudeep Bannerjee who at the time was Secretary, MHRD,
and who misled his Minister, Mr Arjun Singh, by writing in a note that
P K Shukla was a `Professor’! Shukla has not even been a Tutor anywhere
much less a teacher (not to speak of being a Professor) post PhD degree



reportedly obtained in a jiffy.


the same Report dated 28 February 2008 the CAG points out that there
has been an “excess consumption” of petrol in the two staff cars
maintained by the ICHR (and carrying, somewhat illegally, the legend
“Govt of India” on their number plates as if they are owned by the
Govt) to the tune of Rs 2,34,400 only. This is just the tip of the
iceberg. A deeper inquiry could have easily revealed where and for what
purposes these cars consume excess petrol.


if not intriguingly, the vigilance inquiry ordered against P K Shukla
being handled by Mr Harvinder Singh, a Dy Secy of MHRD, is seemingly
reaching nowhere. When asked for its Regulations, the ICHR, to

complete the joke, has handed him a copy of Annual Report!





Sushil Kumar is fighting his lonely battle what with a practicing
Advocate (who has been a Judge), Mr Jaspal Singh, playing `inquiry’
games with him violating all laws and procedures related to the conduct
of such domestic inquiries including his dogged (but wholly illegal)
insistence on holding the inquiry at his residence and not the office
of the ICHR. He has already made a cool Rs 3.4 lakhs at the last count
and yet the so-called `inquiry’ against Dr Sushil Kumar is anything but
complete. Now, how’s that kind of easy money for an advocate past 70?


too matters little either to MHRD or to ICHR that Mr Jaspal Singh is
not entitled to be an Inquiry Officer as per directions of CVC. But,
who cares for CVC these days in the government? Not even Mr Sunil Kumar
who is currently the CVO in MHRD plus many things at the same time.
However, for the record, this IAS chap Sunil Kumar has a massive
“staying power” as they say in (you know who). He has not only managed
to stay in


on deputation from his parent cadre state of Chhattisgarh but has
remained all too powerful for comfort even to his seniors. This despite
the fact that this Sunil Kumar was responsible for massive bungling in
Chhattisgarh when he created 137 private universities in one go of
which only 10 or so remain and others have been disbanded. If some
money was exchanged there is no mention of it. Could be some bigger
exchange of money. Your guess is as good (or as bad) as ours.


couldn’t care less attitude can be the ultimate undoing of the MHRD,
ICHR and other such organisations who, of late, have fallen in public
esteem because of these very things. Who, for example, doesn’t know in
academe that bodies like ICHR exist for purposes other than their
stated objectives?


CAG on ICHR – Will heads role?



HE recent report of CAG dated

28 February 2008

castigates the ICHR in no uncertain terms. It has managed to focus on:



misuse of telephones facility. The recovery shown against Dr P K Shukla
alone is Rs 96,127 only. With just 4 months to retire, it is least
likely that the money will be recovered or, for that matter,
responsibility fixed. [




CAG has commented on “excess consumption” of petrol on the two staff cars of ICHR which illegally bear the legend “Govt of


” on the number plates. [




Excessive money spent on litigation and non-adoption of Governmentt rules. [




CAG has commented upon the way the scholarships / travel grants and other moneys are doled out.


Towards Freedom

racket of ICHR has also come under CAG scanner.



a comment that ICHR has now appointed a private firm of auditors to
bring things in order for a whole decade. Clearly, they are out to
cover their tracks.


is obvious that someone somewhere is helping the corrupt officials of
ICHR, including its `honorary’ Chairman in perpetuating their misdeeds.
It’s time CVC intervened effectively and called a halt to these




Today” continues to report about the bungling in ICHR, where our
so-called eminent, progressive, secular and other categories of
historians sit, enjoy and influence Indian history, historiography and
of course media also, whenever, they have time. Again the question is
how these so-called historians, even after retirement eye for postings
in ICHR and spoil Indian history. It is well known to the persons of
ICHR that as per para.20 of CCS Rules, 1994, no government servant
could bring political pressure as for as service matters is concerned
against his superior and so on. But, these ICHR appointees have been
always political ones, particularly, whenever, Arjun Singh comes as HRD
Minister. The AMU and JNU groups would be at the helms of the affairs
and none could stop their extravaganza.

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