Breaking India – Address by Swami Dayananda Saraswathi & S.Gurumurthy

published on February 9, 2011


I am very happy that I could be here for releasing a very significant book. Perhaps every one of us could be writing a chapter in it, because it is a book echoing our own thoughts on different occasions. When we come across a news item in the local newspaper, we feel enriched, we feel frustrated, we feel helpless. We want to voice your feelings and there’s no outlet. We can identify in this book’s pages the voice of our own feelings.

Each one can relate to the book. It is a well-researched book on important topics covering a wide range of issues that affect our own psyche as a human being and as a person committed to dharma. As a person committed to truth, justice, then as a person committed to Vedic Dharma, committed to this nation, and as a living organism – you have a range of topics, and each one is discussed objectively. It contains enough background of very painful, tedious, painstaking research. There are different topics. I will cover one or two very important topics as I see them.

One strange claim is that Indians are foreign to India, and hence, there are others who are adivasis. I am not an adivasi. I am a current-vasi. Hey, I have got my gothrams and I also belong to the ancient India. And there’s no question of adivasis and current-vasis as separate peoples. Yet they claim that the majority of the people of India are from some other country called Asia Minor, which doesn’t exist now. And they came from there and some others said they came from North Pole. And every one of us came from North Pole or South Pole, somewhere we don’t know. We have been coming from different places. One fellow said you all came from Ethiopia. Another fellow went a little further in history and said we all came down from the trees, and therefore, we are all Africans. Some said, we are from gorillas. But we all have become human beings. So these claims are all just ideas.

But to make Indians feel alien in this country is not an easy accomplishment. It is a very big accomplishment by them, and we all have bought this idea. We read and re-read and we got marks for writing. So I have no flat nose therefore I came from somewhere else. These kinds of ideas we bought. It makes you feel foreign here so that somebody else can rule, by saying, “We also came from other countries and you also came from other countries a little earlier, and therefore we are ruling you.”

And this is a great strategy. And now it passes as history and for some people it is very convenient. If you just keep talking, talking, talking, then people begin to believe it. This idea of repeating, re-repeating the same, the same untruth for a good length of time, it becomes truth. Repetition, abhyasaha, makes an untruth, truth. Abhyasa means repetition. Abhyasaha makes an untruth truth.

Now they say that Thiruvalluvar took lessons from St. Thomas, St. Thomas Maharishi. St. Thomas came and then Thiruvalluvar got enlightened. And what was the enlightenment? “I am a sinner.” That is enlightenment. I am sinner because I have got a mother and a father. Therefore, I am a sinner. This is the enlightenment Thiruvalluvar got this enlightenment. Amazing!

They are writing this, and people are following. In India we just follow everything. We are mild humans, so we can follow everything. But they get away with it. We keep on repeating the bluffs for a long time, then people buy. This is how a human mind is indoctrinated to commit itself to even become a human bomb. Indoctrination is such a powerful thing. To de-condition our thinking we need such seminal books that really discuss very objectively, like the book we released today.

There was a scientist in USA, an Indian, from Tamil Nadu, who believed that he was a special race and ethnicity from all others. And then he underwent this DNA test. He found that he’s the same. There’s nothing special. Even this white, black race is a big bluff. And the scientists have called the bluff. Yet many are holding on to the bluff because it is convenient to them. It is not science.

Therefore, this myth has to be exposed and this book exposes the myth very thoroughly, objectively with a good backing of research, arguments and statements.

There’s another also another issue that is very dangerous. The Hindus in India are not getting proper treatment. The majority is Hindu, and the Hindus feel persecuted. In no other country in the world the majority would feel persecuted. Only in this country they feel persecuted. And if you belong to some minority, you have got privileges. Therefore one Hindu group has called itself a minority. Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata, call themselves as minority. You are making the people of this country to call themselves as members of a minority community in small, small groups. You don’t need anything else to divide India to break India. You give privileges to minorities. This is very dangerous. Also, we are the only country where there are specifically religious minorities with privileges. There’s no religious minority elsewhere.

In Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan Hindus ought to be given religious minority privileges. Nowhere else in the world is there a religious minority, only here. Religious minority concessions, privileges and they have the minority board, Government sponsored the job. There is a huge list of privileges, too many privileges. Therefore the majority feel persecuted because of these privileges given and it is not because of any consideration, except only to get the electorate vote bank. The congregational religions have got the capacity to negotiate. Because people come weekly to the place of worship, and when the prayer meeting is over, then you can use the platform, the pulpit, for haranguing issues other than religion. That’s politics. And therefore this religious minority is not authentic.

If the Parsis say that they belong to a minority group that is true. But they don’t claim religious minority status. We are not persecuting the people who are following different religions, we don’t ask them to give up their religion, we don’t intrude into their religious practices, we don’t want to proselytize them, we don’t have a program of evangelization and we don’t convert. We don’t know how to do all that! It is again the genius of our culture. We don’t do that.

Religion is transnational. It doesn’t confine only to Italy or any one country. And therefore, when seen as transnational, they form the majority. We are the minority. They are the majority. They come and attract you through religious functions, religious freedom, commission on religious freedom, they talk to you. They go to America and then beg them and get some money from them, and want to propose some political sanctions against India. And through their commission for religious freedom, they attack you.

They say that in India, there’s no religious freedom. Who will believe that we don’t have religious freedom? India is the only country where you have such complete religious freedom. The Jews have been telling this again and again all over the world, that the only country in the history of Judaism where the Jews were not persecuted is India. They tell that Hindus have allowed them to do whatever they want to because of religious freedom.

But the idea of religious freedom being promoted is one that extends to the destruction of mind. I am considered to give you religious freedom only when I allow you to destroy me, and I should say, thank you sir. If you stand on my toes, as a Hindu, I have to say, sir you are standing on my toes, the toes are very painful, please move away. If you don’t comply with this notion of religious freedom, they will go to the United Nations to complain. That means I should give you the freedom to destroy me, that’s when I am a Hindu, otherwise, I am fundamentalist.

Fundamentally, a Hindu is accommodative. He doesn’t interfere in your religious pursuits. They are able to accuse us because of the freedom we have given everyone. Let him try somewhere else. The time has come to call the bluff.

This Dalit word itself did not exist before. It was invented recently. We do have certain problems and we have to take care of them. But then somebody gets hold of it saying that he will take care of it, with money, with organization, with foreign trips. They call him the Dalit leader. I went to a world conference to sign a document on human rights along with leaders of other religions. There I found these Dalit leaders distributing leaflets, talking about India’s Dalit problems in the conference. No other religion in the world had activists lobbying against it there, except for the lobby against Hinduism. So we must understand where this comes from. The nexus between these groups is very deep and very well planned.

Some of their churches look like Hindu temples, and introduce all these rituals. They even wear the clothes of a sannyasi, who can only be one who is committed to ahimsa. This includes not disturbing any other religion. So the fellow is not is a sanyasi if he is destroying other cultures and religions.

In the midst of all this, it is important to be aware of the native, indigenous, culture and dharma, and also understand the other side’s key strategy. That knowledge will protect this. This book will give you that knowledge. I congratulate our Rajiv Malhotra. He’s a scholar who is very thorough in his research, and he’s able to articulate whatever he wants to very well. And he has a very good friend and co-author Aravindan Neelakandan, who knows the grassroots. He comes from Kanyakumari, that is enough. And nowadays we are being told that the Kanyakumari temple was originally a Mary temple, and after that only it became Kanyakumari.


Gurumurthy, a public intellectual in Chennai, said:

“This work is long overdue. There have been a lot of efforts to expose the kind of machinations that’s going on to pervert our nationalism, pervert our past, pervert our great heroes, pervert even our spiritual personalities like Thiruvalluvar. Questioning is Thiruvalluvar a Christian? And the entire Saiva Sidhantha is being perverted as a by-product of Christianity. You can understand the extent of damage that this kind of perversions can cause. In a society where there is no organized efforts to counter these things. We are not an organized society, that is our strength. We are not an organized society, that is our weakness.
Organized societies collapse and collapse very easily. Societies which are not organized, like us, they do not collapse, they decay.

So we should not allow our society to decay for want of initiatives. You know this society which was never organized, in the sense, for which the organization means, the West, particularly, it had an organized mind. It was organized around the idea of Dharma – a non-formal moral order, never known outside this. We had several Kings, but one idea. We had several kingdoms, but one nation. We had millions and millions of Gods, but we had only one idea of divinity. This kind of organization is unknown.

Organizations around one God, one man, one kingdom, one Empire, they are all gone. Vanishing on the faces of ripples of water as Swami Vivekananda said. We are somewhere. We are great survivors. But we don’t want to be merely survivors. You see a rising India, should aspire not to be just survivors. So, this idea of organizing India was not around a King, not around a God, not around a spiritual personality, it was around the idea of Dharma. That’s why this country is incapable of shaken up because, that idea can never be shaken up. Every king, every leader, every spiritual movement has always strengthened this idea of Dharma. But the secular India has demeaned the idea of Dharma. And secular India has a problem about defining itself.

If you look at the constitution of India, it says it is neutral to Dharma – Dharma Nirapekshatha. That is how they have defined the very idea of secularism. Secularism, if it draws its energy, strength, inspiration, definition from the idea of Dharma, Secularism will also be positively and better understood by the people of India. But Secularism in the sense which it has been understood best has been drawn into our public discourse and it has distorted the mind of India. So if we have to recover the mind of India, if we have to make Indians to understand themselves and make themselves relate themselves to the past and without dividing themselves and injuring themselves into diverse groups, which is the effort that is happening, and in particular the Dravidian movement has been a product of imperial conspiracy to divide and dismantle India. They couldn’t succeed physically, but he had succeeded psychologically. The recovering process needs to be initiated because the physical, political structure which is the Dravidians philosophy yield is decaying today. And this is the time we must launch a psychological counter attack.”

(Chennai, Feb 3rd, 2011)

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