Bouquet for the criminals, Bricks for the victims

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on October 30, 2011

The world is changing. India too is changing on the wrong direction. Crime, violence, Jihadi terrorism, subversive activities, border incursion, coercive religious conversion, mass murder, corruption, looting, bank robbery, burglary, contact killing, home invasion and  social disorder and deviant behavior are on the increase in India. In spite of rapid increase in corruption, looting, terrorism and mass killing, there is no punishment for the criminals in India. Increased crime in India is a manifestation of the breakdown of social-political-criminal justice system. Factors associated with social apathy, indifference, denial, and irrational tolerance of criminals and corruption and public disinterest in preventing crime are seen as the major contributions of increased crime in India. There is an erosion of traditional norms and Dharmic definition of behavior which were transmitted through our primary groups such as the family, spiritual leaders, neighborhood and small Hindu community. Positive and negative sanctions and punishment were meted out as human acts violate existing norms. Behavioral boundaries become established for every citizen.


The nationwide increase in crime, looting and corruption continues to astound scholars and common man. Every category of crime has increased in India. What explains the sudden increase in crime, corruption, and looting in India after independence? The reason is that in India where criminal politicians rule, administer and organize criminal justice system. Even the Chief Justice of the Supreme court in India is involved in corruption and other criminal activities. Indian leaders claim that India is the largest democracy in the world. Unfortunately Indian democracy is corrupt, and citizens elect, re elect and retain corrupt and criminals as parliament members and ministers and these criminal politicians appoint corrupt judges and these criminal politicians and corrupt criminal justice officials think that punishment system for the criminal is cruel, outmoded and unusual. They deliberately fail to see that crime increases because there is no punishment.

Criminal act is a purposeful behavior. Crime is a rational choice. The decision to steal, take bribe, cheat, kill, loot, is a decision of deliberate weighing of potential costs and rewards. Most of Indian criminal politicians know numerous ways to gain illicit money and understand how to conceal stolen money because they know they can get away from the public.

Indian crooked politicians are rational, calculating, and deliberate in their actions. These habitual criminal political offenders know right from wrong. These offenders refrain from stealing or looting public funds if they are in danger of being caught and punished. Likelihood of severe punishment often leads to affect corruption. Studies have found that severity of punishment often crucial for deterrence.

The big problem with India’s increased crime rate is that our corrupt political leaders and Judges have deliberately ignored the philosophy “let the punishment fit the crime”. Phony liberal judges and pseudo secular social organizations and leftist academicians in India assert with the premise that the criminal has little personal responsibility because he is “shaped by a wide variety of forces, biological, psychological, social or political-over which he has little volitional control.” Yet, there is little evidence to their false claim.

Criminals, terrorists, mafia war lords, and corrupt politicians in India have control over what they do, freely choosing evil, criminal acts over good. They have distinct anti social-criminal personality, egoistical, myopic, and violent, and suffer from criminal thinking and thinking errors. These criminals behave and act without fear, shame, guilt, remorse or empathy for the victims.


There is something monumental happening in India today. The cacophony of sound bites shrouds a persistent, pervasive and irrevocable attitude of apathy and indifference on the part of the general public towards crime. Crime, corruption and terrorism increase because there is lack of punishment in India.

In a democracy, public opinion is very important in reducing corruption, violence, terrorism, coercive religious conversion, and crime. In India, the public’s soft spot for ignoring criminal politicians, Jihadi terrorist leaders and conversion mafia gang is out of control. Each of us is a member of our society and we obviously owe much of what we are to our culture, religion, Dharma and our spiritual leaders. We are influenced, helped, guided and civilized by them. India did not just happen by chance. The great spiritual heritage made India great happened by remarkable contributions by our Rishis and great Acharyas. Is it not time for the majority citizens to restore that great values that made India great?

W. B. Yeats in his poem “The Second Coming” wrote “the ceremony of innocence is drowned; the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.” Instead of learning from our denial, apathy, and irrational tolerance, our corrupt politicians endorse and compromise with Jihadi terrorists and criminals. The Kerala legislative assembly unanimously passed a resolution to support the notorious Jihadi terrorists Abdul Nasser Madhani who was locked up in Coimbatore prison for bombing which killed more than 98 people. He was later released and what he did do? He was involved in bus burning, and several Jihadi bombing incidents in Kerala and Bangalore. Hindus in India, it appeared had buried its mortal enemy. Our alien education system, media manipulation and apathy of Hindus had kept our citizens vacillating between fear of crime and compromise with criminals.

In India, while citizens are facing one of the worst period in crime, corruption, looting and social unrest, our criminal justice system offer us no joy. The Indian Congress government headed by the uneducated Italian catholic Sonia Maino is nurturing Jihadi terrorists, allow Sharia courts, permit Imams to issue Fatwa against civil laws, offer amnesty for Jihadi terrorists, five star luxury for Taliban killers and offer highest honor for those who denigrating Hindu Gods and insult Hindu Dharma. Criminal politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, and communal mafia leaders are considered secular leaders.  Social problems, coercive religious conversion, border disorder, crime, corruption and terrorism continue to plague Indian citizens. How come, while our citizens are suffering, people are walking around ignoring crime and compromise with corrupt politicians? People are angry.  But there is reason to be skeptical of any proposals for defeating crime and criminals that do not take into account individual will and motivations of criminal or potential criminals.


How can criminal politicians and Jihadi terrorists respect the rights of the majority Hindu citizens, if these rights go unprotected? Criminals are rational, broadly speaking more impulsive, cunning and calculating, myopic and perverted in their goals than the general population. Criminals respond predictably to harshness. The old Chanakya Sutra that punishment must be swift, certain, and severe is affirmed by modern science. At a time, we are plagued by increased corruption, public looting, counterfeit currency distribution, police inaction, jihadi terrorism, disintegrating moral values, we should fight against fraud, corruption, and abuse at every level of society. The majority Hindus should not shut their eyes and get rid of the psychic and intellectual laziness. It is time for us to opt either for certain swift punishment method or for a higher crime rate.

A habitual criminal, a corrupt bureaucrat or a deviant politician must become dissatisfied with his or her life and desire change. A criminal must accept full responsibility for his action. If the punishment is witnessed and seem to be severe enough those that are tempted to commit the crime may be less likely to do so. It is the responsibility of the government to make sure crime does not pay and punishment works.

The most successful remedy would impose unpleasantness on offenders every time they harmed others. Citizens must ensure that criminal and corrupt behavior invariably produces bad consequences. We don’t want to drive a car 100 miles an hour toward a brick wall; because we know what the consequences will be. The corrupt politicians, common criminals and Jihadi terrorists know that in India there is no punishment. Observations of human behavior, the opinion of criminals themselves and simple facts about crime and punishment indicate that what matters most to prospective criminals is the certainty of the severity of punishment. Character, morality, virtuous habits, punishment meted out by the justice system means a vital complement to morality and social justice. For years, the Indian government lacked the will or the teeth to punish corrupt politicians especially Jihadi terrorists.

India’s corrupt and crooked political leaders, phony intellectuals, leftist liberals, and alienated academicians and perverted media pundits use meaningless phrases and perverted notions about crime, punishment, justice and moral values. They are aping the phony, irrelevant criminal justice system and pseudo secular values and they are not aware in any circumstances a hardened criminal cannot be turned into a good guy. India’s crooked politicians, Jihadi terrorists and Maoist criminals are not poor or unemployed or uneducated. They do what they do not because they need to eat, or to keep the family from starving. They do it because it feels good, and it gives them satisfaction.

If we are going to allow the dangerous situations currently operating in India to continue and allow criminal politicians to loot our money and jihadis to operate freely, we will lose our future. A civilized and enlightened society; citizens must rise on the strength of Hindutva. The corrupt politicians and criminals have no right to be free in a civilized society. The crimes they commit are too cruel, sadistic, and too hideous to be forgiven.

Please don’t get me wrong. We don’t need a totalitarian, fascist, police state. We need to enforce laws that are already on the books and bring some common sense based more on reality than pseudo secular speculation. What I think we need more than anything else in our society today is a sense of personal responsibility for what we do. If we are active a lot of our victims can be helped, saved and at least we can neutralize criminals, terrorists and corrupt politicians before it is too late. We should be less interested in giving a motivated killer or a murderous terrorist or corrupt politicians a second chance than in giving a potential victim a first chance.

“But Still I am one; I cannot do everything merely because I cannot do everything. I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” Helen Keller

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow, we are not living.” Gail Sheehy

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be worked for. It is to be achieved.” William Bryant

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margret Meed

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