Boom Boom Bhumana – Bye Bye Balaji

via S.V.Badri published on August 26, 2006

The second line can shock you out of your sensitivity, skip it, if you are weak hearted.

“Give me an old chappal, I will use it to slap that Black stone”

(Oka PAta Cheppu Ivvandi, Nenu Ah Nalla RAyini Kodatanu) ” .

The Nalla RAyi in reference is none other than the Saligrama Vigraha of Bhagawan Venkateshwara Swami, housed under His Aananda Nilayam inside His sanctrum at Tirumala.

This was not uttered by E.V.Ramaswamy Naicker, whose love to hand out such special treatment to Hindu Gods (Never the yesu or allah) is shamefully well-known to all Tamils, including me.

Locals in Tirupati attribute this shocking statement to none other than the person who is now anointed as the Chairman of the TTD Board, Bhumana Karunakar Reddy.

Bhumana Brothers.

Bhumana Subramanya Reddy and Bhumana Karunakar Reddy.

What is so special about these brothers that Samuel Rajasekhar goes all out to please them?

Dropped out of S.V.Arts College in the Seventies after his infamous brawl with the then Assistant Superintendent of Police, Ramachandra Reddy; the younger of the Bhumana Brothers, Karunakar Reddy was a known atheist and a radical commie. His elder brother was no different being an active cadre of the commie group and a prominent member of VIRASAM (Viplava Rachayitala Sangham). Arrested in 1974 as an anti-social and released after a hand-written apology/guarantee cum undertaking that he will reform himself, the elder of the Bhumana brothers managed himself a job as a lecturer in a TTD run college.

Samuel has made the elder brother the Director of SVETA (Sri Venkateshwara Employees’ Training Academy), the Academy that trains the TTD Employees. No wonder, you find many of them discourteous. It is a classic example of direct infiltration of the commies in a Hindu Religeous Institution.

The younger Bhumana is always a step ahead of his elder sibling. Around 1977, he was arrested as a radical and was put in Nellore jail, which had a famous inmate, Raja Reddy, the late father of the current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Samuel Rajasekhar who was hauled up as an anti-social element.

What transpired inside the prison continues to remain a mystery. Karunakar Reddy soon endeared himself to Raja Reddy who in the later days started treating him as he would his other sons.

Once out of jail, he started working for certain “projects” of Raja Reddy, moved into Tirupati to become a part of Sidharth Travels, which wound up in due course. It was during this period that the late Durga Prasad of Andhra Jyoti/Andhra Prabha propped him up and with the backing of Raja Reddy, he started Rajasekhara Reddy Youth Forum and went about conducting street meetings in favour of Samuel.

A well known radical, his non-traditional wedding at the Balaji Bhavan was attended by none other than the late Commie stalwart, Tripuraneni Madusudan Rao. A few years ago it came to surface that after the attempt on the life of Gadhar, the Commie Balladeer, Bhumana family were all along serving as guardians of Gadhar’s son. Such is the deep bondage between the Bhumana and the Boom Boom tribe of commies.

Bhumana Karunakar Reddy’s graph soared silently along with that of Samuel’s. And it is said that Raja Reddy had taken a promise from his illustrious son, Samuel Rajasekhar that he would support Karunakar Reddy at all times, thick and thin.

No wonder, that in 2004, when Samuel became the C.M., the first thing he did was to instal Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, the younger Bhuman as the Chairman of TUDA (Tirupati Urban Development Authority).

And what more? He got a Government Order issued to make the Chairman of TUDA as Ex-Officio Member of the TTD Board. This was his breaking in of Bhumana K Reddy into the TTD.

It is not very clear if Bhumana Karunakar Reddy is a crypto-christist or a great sympathiser of his benefactor’s religion. I would not be surprised if he is playing a dual role.

The appointment of Bhumana Subramanya Reddy as the Director of SVETA and now the anointment of Bhumana Karunakar Reddy as the Chairman of the TTD Board, insiders feel there is something radically wrong with the system.

Boom Boom Bhumana – Bye Bye Balaji

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