Bombings & Sufferings! – Solution?

via B.R.Haran published on August 26, 2007

The communally sensitive city of Hyderabad has born the brunt of two major bomb blasts in two crowded areas namely Lumbini Park (open air theatre) and Koti (Gokul Chat restaurant), in which 40+ innocent people including women and children have died and a 100+ have been injured. Unexploded bombs have been recovered from seven other places in the city. The state police have been acutely lethargic despite the warning reports from the Intelligence agencies! The state police have confirmed the involvement of Islamic terror groups & ISI and are speculating on HUJI (Hurkat-Ul-Jihad-Al Islamin), which masterminded the Mecca Masjid blasts on the 18 th of May this year. The usage of class-2 explosives “Neo gel-90” along with “Alarm clock-time devises” have also been confirmed and the bombs were allegedly placed in plastic bags.

The Prime Minister, Union Home Minister and the Chief Minister have conveyed their ceremonial condemnations. The UPA chairperson Madam Sonia would soon visit the victims in the hospitals and a compensation of one or two lakhs would be announced. The 24X7 Channels would organize candle light processions to show case the “resolve & spirit” of the Hyderabadis.   After condemning the blasts late in the evening yesterday, the government has gone to “sleep”. Probably after two or three days when the TV channels show the plight of the families of arrested terrorists, the government would lose its sleep and come out with another committee similar to the Sachar committee to find out why the Muslims are taking part in terror activities and come to a conclusion that due to poverty and lack of education they indulge in terror acts. The committee would also ‘manage’ figures to show that the Muslim community is lacking behind others in all aspects of livelihood.   The media and the intellectuals would recommend for the implementation of the committee’s reports & recommendations. The government would come out with a lot of sops for the development & empowerment of the community.


The investigations would start and it might take five or ten or even fifteen years to solve the case and bring the perpetrators to book. In the meantime many more attacks would happen and the ceremonial condemnations & candle lit processions would follow. When will this terror end? What mechanism has the present government got to put an end to this Muslim Madness called terrorism? How many more innocent lives have to be lost? Is it for this spate of terror that this government hurriedly withdrew POTA? What steps the government is going to take to equip the police force and improvise their network and operations? What is the final solution?


 The solution will come only when the government believes that help from ISI and other foreign terror groups are not needed for the local terror elements and that the local terrorists have become experts in making bombs and exploding them. Solution will come only when the government believes that the Islamic terrorists are aided & abetted by a large section of Indian Muslim community! Solution will come only when the porous borders are kept under surveillance giving full freedom to the Armed Forces! Solution will come only when the government wakes up to the menace of illegal immigration of Bangladeshis! Solution will come only when it keeps the Armed forces & Police forces away from the purview of the so-called human rights commissions!  Solution will come only when the government accepts the facts as it sees and develops a will with arms of iron & nerves of steel to crush this terror menace! It has come to a stage that the majority community is unable to celebrate its festivals in peace in its own country! Bombings have become the birth right of Islamic terrorists and sufferings have become the order of the day for innocent public! The present government has proved yet again that it is inept, inefficient & ill equipped! Infertility can be treated, but not impotency. UPA is impotent!

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