Belgian award for Sonia-Reward for service to Christianity

via Narendran published on February 18, 2008

In an editorial defending Sonia Gandhi and criticizing the lawyer, the Indian Express claimed that the honor was bestowed on her by the government of Belgium as an acknowledgement of her ‘efforts to make India as a multicultural society’(as if before her undertaking this onerous task the Indians were an intolerant lot).

Curiously enough, the government of Belgium which talks about multiculturalism, earmarks not an insubstantial amount of its taxpayers money for the purpose of converting the ‘infidels ‘in India to Christianity and is one of the source of funds for the Christian religious missionary mafia running wild all over this place with the war cry: let’s go next door and convert them for the glory of Jesus or the adivasis not Hindus etc.

What is worse, in Belgium you need a special license ‘to operate’ as a Hindu because Hinduism is not a ‘recognized’ religion! And still it has the effrontery to talk about multiculturalism.

Greece is another Christian country where one needs law courts’ help to worship Zeus or Minerva not to mention Durga or Shiva. And we are being told such ridiculous situations are obtainable only in Islamic states and Christianity is nothing but unadulterated liberalism.

And in India those who accepted Jesus as their savior even claim that religious freedom guaranteed to them include the right to cheat others into accepting Christianity.

In America barring a very few honorable exceptions like Jefferson or Madison all American presidents invariably claimed or believed it as Christian country. The other arms of the state like members of congress or judges of courts hold the same view. Fortunately for the world, America is also the place where you will find the best specimens of human beings though very few of them are believers in Christianity.

All christian nations in the world are obscessed with Jesus but the powerful international media which is controlled by the christian grups will never care to show the warts.

Sonia Gandhi being honored by the Belgium government ,seen in this sense, is an acknowledgement of her service to Christianity in that she has conditioned her congress slaves to oppose laws against fraudulent methods of conversion of people into Christianity.Sonia Gandhi is the female version of the old man sitting on the neck of Zinbad the sailor.

Cry my beloved country.

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