Basanti Bears Testimony to Hindu Persecution

via Hindu Samhati published on December 11, 2010

What is the best way to steer clear of Islamic atrocities? This happens to be the main issue among the Hindu community in the Indian state of Bengal at the moment; a subject that is getting more raging with the passage of each day for obvious reasons. If the said concept has interested you a great deal, there is no need to go hither and thither. All you have to do is to focus on the inhuman tortures that took place on two Hindu families on December 3, 2010 at the village of Kumrokhali no. 7 of PS: Basanti in 24 Paraganas District (South) in West Bengal, India. The torturing proves yet again the insensate traits of Muslim marauders.

Two brothers called Kartik Pradhan and Bhombal Pradhan, have been residing in the village Kumrokhali no. 7 for years. And one of their Miuslim neighbors has been Safi Naiya, another resident in the village for years; the major perpetrator behind the sudden crisis. What did lead to the outburst then? The altercation did initiate with the edge of dwellings of both families and not a major problem initially. The two Hindu families had built a fence made of coral tree (standing alongside the fence) and it proved to be enough to energize the Muslims to create a new Pakistan in the neighborhood.

On 3d December, 2010 at 4.00 pm, the son of Safi Naiya, as part of a planned strategy, was perceived to make a move to take away the tree from the side of the fence. Ashok Pradhan, the eldest son of Kartik Pradhan, raised a protest perceiving the same act; the protest instigated Muslims to attack with both traditional and modern weapons. Witnessing such a deadly approach Hindus started to flee; sufficient to boost the morale of attackers to a large extent. Muslims entered Hindu households en masse and persecuted them crossing all limits. The cold-blooded beating was unbearable and Kartik Pradhan, Ashok Pradhan, Karna Pradhan along with a woman of the family were critically injured. Finding no other option, the other members of the family carried them away in an automobile to the doctor’s chamber in close proximity.

Little they could envisage the future or what remained ahead. A Muslim crook named Muzaffar Naiya along with his group of hoodlums was waiting for the automobile in the same avenue. It is to be noted that Muzaffar is a noted criminal in the pertinent region and a good number of cases against him are pending in the court of justice. But, thanks to the political support he enjoys, the local administration has not been able to get a hold of him. As soon as the automobile was detected, it was stopped and the wounded members of the Pradhan family were brought out and beaten mercilessly yet again. Well, a few Hindus did protest at this time but they were cautioned that they would also face the same fate.

The half-dead Hindus were admonished that they would be burnt with petrol if they dared to inform others of the same event. Karna Pradhan was slapped and also warned that none would be able to save them from the wrath of Muslims. Can’t this be considered as adding salt to the gaping wound?

What were the Hindus doing then? They were busy in saving themselves by remaining within own residences. What is most striking, in spite of rapid dissemination of the incident, none of the Hindus came forward to help or even protest. This is a reality even if more than 3 hours passed by that time.

The news came to the Hindu Samhati activists by the same night and it was around 10 pm when Pratap Chandra Dalui, one of the key HS activists, went to meet the victims. But even by that time there was no resistance from the Hindus. Were they all dead psychologically?

Dalui learnt from the severely wounded victims of Pradhan family that Sabdel Mollah, CPIM leader and elected chief of local village council, in spite of assuring, did not feel it necessary to make a visit to their residence. This is a cruel truth even if the Pradhan family was a member of CPIM for years. When Ms. Gita Mondal, member of the local district council, was informed of the same incident she said, “I do know everything. You all must go home at once”. The thwarted Hindus had no other way except to return home and put themselves in their own houses. In the midst of all these Muslims threatened to rout Hindus once again on the very next morning.

What did happen in the very next morning? There was a repetition of the same incident. Wounded members of the Pradhan family were brought out of their household and thumped mercilessly. Muslims in large numbers gathered to take pleasure in the incident. Sadly a few Hindus were also in the crowd.

Hearing the deplorable development Dalui contacted Goutam, an eminent activist and also the member of State Committee of Hindu Samhati, who advised him to accompany the family to the nearby police station. Even if the victims were counseled in the same manner, they were not in a position to trust in Dalui. They were simply panic-stricken and were unable to adopt any such measure.

Within the next few hours other workers of Hindu Samhati were informed of the same episode. Arun Mondal, activist of HS and the member of the village no.5 came forward to help the victims in every possible manner. With this end in view, an assortment of members of HS Youth Committee including Milan Ojha, Pabitra Biswas, Bakreshwar Mondal along with Arun Mondal became instrumental to bring the victims out of their houses and take them to the nearby police station. The approach was effective indeed as it was able to instill confidence within the injured party. However, when HS activists told them that an Attempt to Murder case would be lodged in the police station, the sufferers got frightened and refused to move to the police station outright.

Members of the Pradhan family told that they would go to the police station in the following morning; enough to annoy HS activists present there. Instead of going to the police station the injured party returned to their residence to settle the entire dispute peacefully. How can such a frame of mind be justified? Are you acquainted with all these? Is this to prove Hindus are peace-loving and want to live with others?

Are not these acts stimulating Muslim felons to a large extent? Without a shred of doubt, any such act has been able to transform the minuscule Muslims into real demons, if not more. The entire area of Basanti in conjunction with the aforementioned event is the best specimen of the same. It is good to be good but not at the cost of your own existence.

Can you show any Hindu God devoid of weapons? It is not possible on the whole. Whatever it is, the vigor along with the essential self-esteem among Hindus is on the wane.

The persecution on the Pradhan family has frightened a large number of Hindu families and the exodus, as a result, has started already. Don’t you find any similarity between this and the formation of Pakistan in ’47?

According to sources, the entire maltreatment of Hindus on December 3rd, 2010 at the village Kumrokhali no. 7 of PS: Basanti in 24 Paraganas District (South) in West Bengal was part of a plan neatly designed in a neighboring mosque. It was endorsed by a group of hardliner anti-Hindu Muslim felons including Md. Haji Mohruddin Naiya, Md. Haji Alauddin Naia, Muzaffar Naiya and Jasimuddin Naiya. The other perpetrators in the incident include Raju Naiya, Mintu Naiya, Mizanur Naiya, Bablu Naiya, Abul Hossein and several others.

How far have the Hindus been able to settle the matter? There has been no improvement thus far as the Muslims remain uncompromising all the way. Meanwhile, the condition of victims is moving steadily from bad to worse. The right hand of Kartik Pradhan in seriously injured and both his head and forehead bear testimony to the gruesome attack. Bhombal Pradhan is still bedridden and is unable to move on a bit even. Karna Pradhan, son of Bhombal Pradhan, a boy of 20 years merely, was also assaulted severely and remains panic-struck round the clock.

There has been no approach from the local Panchayat (village council) yet to bring culprits to book.

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