Barbarism of Pakistan

published on January 10, 2013

 The beheading of the two Indian jawans by the Pakistani army is another indication of how much barbarism has steeped in that institution.  There seems to be a tradition in the Pakistani army to undertake such barbarism against the Hindu soldiers, and the fact that the incidents are repeated is a clear sign that they take a perverse pleasure in the act.

During the Kargil War, Capt Saurabh Kalia was brutally murdered and  his mutilated body was returned to India.  The intention was to try and instil fear in the jawans of the Indian army to try and demoralise them.  However, the character of the jawans was such that such a barbaric act actually encouraged them to fight with even greater vigour in defence of Bharat Mata.

Earlier in 1999, Ilyas Kashmiri, a former member of the Special Services Group(SSG)of the Pakistan Army, and his men entered Indian territory, killed an Indian soldier, decapitated him and carried his head as a trophy to Pakistan.He presented the head to Musharraf who congratulated him and his men and rewarded them.

The home minister of Pakistan comes to India to discuss peace.  But he uses the opportunity of his presence on Indian soil to say that Capt Kalia could have been killed due to weather.  Instead of asking him to immediately leave India, the government decided to ignore the atrocious statement, and continued to talk to him.

Musharraf has been felicitated not only by the various governments of India, but he is paid to speak to Indians at programmes organised by the media and other organisations.  And there are many Indians who pay to hear him speak in a manner that is extremely insulting to our country.
Even today, the Pakistani government is defending the barbaric action of its army.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is extremely saddened by the fact that those who proclaim that they are trying to get the people of India and Pakistan to discuss ways to achieve peace in the supposed people-to-people contact do not even think it necessary to discuss the barbaric behaviour of the Pakistani army.  However, in such programmes many of the Indians seem to support the false allegations made by the Pakistanis about human rights violation by the Indian army and other forces who are sacrificing their lives to protect India and its people.

It needs to be mentioned here that when Shambhaji Maharaj, the son of Shivaji, was captured by Aurangzeb, he was tortured for three days to force him to convert to Islam.  However, the great Maharaj bravely faced the extreme pain, and died a martyr rather than be unfaithful to the memory of his father, who established the Hindu Pad Padshahi.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad demands:

1.      All contacts between Pakistan and India be immediately suspended until those guilty of the   barbarism are brought to justice.  This is not only the persons who have indulged in the act, but also their superiors in the army and the establishment

2.      People like Musharraf should not be allowed to step on Indian soil.

3.    Media and other organisations should not be allowed to invite people from Pakistan who only use the platform to hurl abuse against India.

4. The so called Track II diplomacy should be immediately stopped by those organising such futile efforts.  The only purpose such programmes achieve is to give the people of India a false   impression that genuine peace can still be achieved even with the barbarism that is seen in Pakistan.

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