Awake,Arise-Make St. Sonia and her devotees accountable

via Dr Mrs Hilda Raja published on November 8, 2010

According to the reply given under RTI Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s official residence 10 Janpath has consumed electricity worth more than Rs seven lakhs in the last 3 years. Of this she had to pay only a paltry sum of 9 thousand for three years and the rest was paid by the Lok Sabha Secretariat-which means the tax payers have footed her bill.

Poor Mrs Sonia Gandhi-the most powerful woman in the world uses only 7.47 lakhs rupees worth of electricity power for three years. We should not grudge her that! The most powerful woman in the world’s residence consumes 7.47 lakh worth of power. That’s peanuts, because she pays only 9 thousand rupees when ordinary person like me pay more than 15 thousand rupees for electricity per year. Poor Sonia Gandhi-her renunciation is apparent. She has no money, no house, no water connection, no phone connections but manages to keep the country under her control. Is that not a miracle? The Pope has already made a note of it and will soon canonize her-the miracle maker for the Indian poor. And her sycophants fall before her and remain adhered in that prostrate posture till their number comes up in her lottery box shake for fixing their positions. ‘Now that you have reposed faith in me be patient’. I am the Empress and Empresses do not follow a time bound plan but acts on their whims and fancies.

Need to pity Sonia Gandhi she has no bank balance and in her affidavit stated that she borrowed money from her daughter. So where does that lead us to-a secret pact-a secret chamber all in the name of renunciation? Her renunciation has cost the nation in crores. And as for her it cost nothing.

She comes under the General pool-what does that mean?

As a MP she should come only under the MP’s pool and all her bills above the allowed ceiling must be paid by her or her party. How does the accommodation of Mrs Sonia Gandhi come under the Directorate of Estates, Ministry of Urban Development?She is answerable to the people for whom she is championing Food security. A pittance of a 100 days work per household and that has been claimed as the most effective and extensive anti hunger program in the world. But a close analysis will reveal that it means hardly 20 days of work for a household of five members. This is one of her magic wands by which her son claims that the Congress under his mother’s leadership is pro-poor and the rest of the non Congress governments are anti-poor. It is this amount that he claims of ‘we’ having given for the upliftment of the poor” Who is this ‘we’. Is it the Congress Party money? They enjoy all the luxuries of life at the cost of the people’s hard earned money. Then they throw crumbs again from the taxpayers’ monies and claim that the Congress-especially Mrs Sonia Gandhi is pro-poor. We have to believe it. The Congressmen and women are glued to the ground in prostration and hence cannot see, cannot hear or don’t want to but waits for the magic number to be announced by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. What a ridiculous position and we call this democracy.

Now to get back to the no water, no phone, no car, no bank balance and this renunciator-champion of the poor has already been ticked by the Pope, it is only a matter of time when Vatican will canonize her. This will be a special case where canonization will be affected during the life time of the person.

Whom is Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie trying to hoodwink? How long is this drama going to be enacted? Crumbs for the people and the cake for me-a little primary health centre for the people but the best medical services for me, pavements for the people but No 10 Janpath  worth 300 crores for me-and that too for nothing. No electricity for the people but a 7.47 lakh worth of consumption of electricity for me, for the no house person, this and more and the drama goes on.

Awake and Arise and make Mrs Sonia Gandhi accountable for the loot of the money of the poor-closely and secretively channelised through the various government departments. St Sonia Gandhi and all devotees must stand in the people’s court and be made answerable for the squandering of the Poor’s money-the sweat and blood of people of this nation.


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