Attack on CRPF Jawans: ‘Separatists in J&K should be Jailed Immediately’ says VHP chief Dr Togadia.

published on March 16, 2013


New Delhi/ Jaipur, March 14, 2013: Reacting strongly on Fidayeen attack on CRPF team in Srinagar where 5 CRPF Jawans have lost their lives, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, “At one side the Union Govt gives terror alerts to many states saying Pakistani terrorists have entered Bharat from borders, even army confirms it & on the other side the Jammu & Kashmir state police orders CRPF there to disarm themselves to show state’s peace initiative!
When Jehadi Fidayeens struck the Police Public School ground in Cricketer’s disguise, the CRPF teams there had only Lathis to as their weapons. Knowing fully well the tense situation in the state where the separatists have been creating unrest after & the curfew imposed, the army, police & CRPF should have been, in fact, asked to increase their arms available at hand; but the state Govt ensured that the CRPF had no weapons & die at the hands of the Fidayeens. Immediately after the attack, J&K MP Farukh Abdullah who also is J&K CM’s father hurriedly gave statement demanding AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Protection Act) to be withdrawn to achieve peace! Govt’s intentional callousness reflected even in the last journey of the brave CRPF Jawans.

Neither J&K CM nor any of his ministers even bothered to be present at the Honor & wreath laying ceremony before the Jawans’ coffins were sent to their villages all over Bharat. This is not just simple carelessness; it is purposeful murder of our brave Jawans to appease the vote bank. The CRPF, army, police are not in J&K for tourism; they are there as their duty to protect the nation. Past 15 years over 15,000 Jawans of Army, police & Para-military forces have lost their lives in J&K and some in Assam. All these were citizens of Bharat & their human rights have been completely trampled by all the Govts.”
Dr Togadia demanded:

All 5 CRPF Jawans’ families should be given Rs 50 Lakh each as tax free compensation immediately by the Union & the state Govts.
All 5 Jawans 2 family members each should be given Govt jobs & a house in J&K as well as in their districts.
The family of each Jawan should be given a permanent source of income, free education for their children until professional education & life-time free medical facilities for all family-members.
The above demands not only should apply to the 5 CRPF Jawans died in Srinagar attack but also to all army, police & Para-military forces personnel killed / injured in various Jehadi & Maoists attacks all over.
To appease the vote banks, the Union & state Govts have employed ex-Jehadis in police in J&K. Those who have confessed that they had got Jehadi training in Pakistan are appointed as police officers there in the name of reforms. All such people should be sacked & jailed at once.
Separatists in J&K should be jailed immediately.
Govt should at least now sever all ties with Pakistan rather than continuing peace talks etc while Pakistan creating newer terror modules in Bharat.
Govt also must appoint a judicial commission to investigate the Srinagar attack that killed 5 CRPF Jawans as the Govt order to disarm CRPF there had come just before the incident & even other circumstances are quite conspicuous considering the purposeful absence of the CM even from the Honor ceremony to the dead bodies of the CRPF jawans.
Those CRPF jawans injured in this attack should immediately shifted to the best hospitals in Delhi for the best free treatment.
10. Many political leaders had time & inclination to go to Kunda village to meet the DYSP Zia Ul Haque family, but they do not have the same time & inclination to go & meet the families of these 5 CRPF Jawans. The External Minister had time to host lunch for Pakistan PM despite recent terror attacks by Pak. The Hon’ble Supreme Court should take suo moto note of this Governmental discrimination based on religion & cancel the election of such political leaders & their parties.

11. Govt claims that the IB has given alerts about terror at many places. If so, then why there was no alert from the IB about Srinagar attack? If there was, then who ignored it purposely? How come suddenly there is an increase of Jehadi attacks after the IB changed its guard? The judicial commission should also investigate the matters. NIA that is supposed to nab the terrorists before the attacks, have been lately busy in arresting Hindu youth with the help of some state Govts, implicating Hindus in terror cases. NIA should also be investigated for their motives.

Dr Togadia also informed that the Hindu Help Line & Hindu Human Rights Commission will be sending teams to meet the families of the CRPF Jawans to find out their specific needs apart from the other aid.

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