“ARROGANCE”, THY NAME IS M. KARUNANIDHI, The CM of Unfortunate Tamil Nadu

via Seshadri Rajagopalan published on September 30, 2007

This is nothing new, from a disbeliever of every Hindu belief & customs and a well known creature to wound all that comes under Hinduism to vomit such malodorous mouthing.


But now he has begun a new chapter in his proverbial Hindu biting from the DMK platform at Erode, to launch three members of his family as his successors to his throne, first, his son Alagiri living in Madurai, another son Stalin who is at present a Minister in Tamil Nadu DMK Government and his daughter, Kanimozhi, the latest Rajya Sabha Member exposing her into the Biggest All-India league.


The volte-face of UPA Government at the centre regarding Sethu Samudram Canal Project (SSCP) must have highly infuriated him to no extent – and that the minority Congress Government under the aegis of UPA Government has now told the Supreme Court of India that it is prepared to consider the alternate route for the canal. Our DK

turned DMK Supremo is more interested in only destroying Lord Shri Ram built bridge (to satisfy his sadist ego of hurting the feelings of all Hindus) let alone constructing the so-called SSCP itself. The moment the central Government stated that it is prepared to consider the alternate route for the canal than by a route which destroys Shri Ram built Bridge, he is now blowing hot. But what is the use?


Now the timid (minority Congress) UPA Central Government, headed by effete PM who in turn, powered by Italian-born Antonia Maino Sonia Gandhi, on a daily-briefing basis, is now more afraid of losing the major Hindu votes during the impending Lok Sabha elections, than to please the atheist-DMK-CM’s whims unusually. His ploy might have worked earlier, but not now. His whatsoever tantrums will have no effect now at least at present as in those good old days where atheist-DMK-CM customarily displayed his devil-face to gain some usually selfish leverage and unusual berths for his family or to satisfy at least his ego! This is the situation now.


As if smearing salt to the wounds of to atheist-DMK-CM, the UPA has proclaimed its respect for Lord Shri Ram in no uncertain terms and asked for three month’s time to submit to Apex Court of India, suggesting a completely different route for the Canal,thus jettisoning the hitherto being implemented route intended to destroy the bridge

built by Lord Shri Ram with the help of Vanar Sena.


Thus spoke the Atheist-DMK-CM, the Grand Oracle of ever great anti-Indian Dravidian philosophy, at the Biggest-ever Launching Ceremony of his children at Erode in the DMK:


 â€œThey (who-else-the Hindus!) are now playing with us, putting forth the foolishly persistent, utterly idiotic arguments in the name of their God Ram, thinking that the present day people at large will believe them. I now put up a resolution at this august conference to defeat a dangerous ploy / plot for your passing, which if allowed as per

their wish, and then we will have a very dark future.The resolution which reads with the following meaning as: “We, the DMK do hereby

voice our concern that the Central Government should never succumb to the intimidatory tactics of fanatical Hindu force, to the efforts of jettisoning the implementation of Canal Project at Setu Samudram as originally planned.” (This original plan includes the destruction of Lord Shri Ram-built bridge!)


Will this resolution ever stop the Present Central Government to trifle the genuine Hindu mass feelings? (Which as per DMK — foolishly persistent, utterly idiotic arguments in the name of their God Ram).


The Present Central Government has already spoken the words with the meaning through the Central Government Law Minister: “Lord Shri Ram is a part and parcel of Indian cultural heritage. This aspect is beyond the consideration even for a discussion.


None can doubt nor deny the fact that Lord Shri Ram had once lived in our land. It is like saying Himalaya Mountain and Ganges cannot be other than Himalayas and Ganges. Same is the case with Lord Shri Ram. There is no proof required”.


In the affidavit filed in the Apex Court the Central Government has categorically declared: “Ramyana is sacred. The Indian Central Government respects all religions,especially in this particular case of Hindu Religion”.


So, the dubious plot plan of the fanatical Hindu force has been fully accepted to bring a very bleak and black future for the Dravidians by the Central Government headed by the Minority Congress which goes by the name and title of United Progressive Alliance.(UPA).


If this is the case how come the atheist DMK still extends support to UPA central Government? How come the DMK-men still are in the Government which is working towards the Dravidians’ bleak future? How can DMK become a party to the plot of fanatical Hindu force even indirectly? Is this not a betrayal of DMK to Thanthai-Periyar?


Will DMK be worth its salt (as they say)?, No… Never!!


They won’t dare to do it.If only they had resigned from the UPA at the Central Government and thrown overboard the alliance with the Congress in the Legislative Assembly even at the State level, (we could have appreciated them), they may defeat the ploy / plot of fanatical Hindu Force. But they will not dare to do it?



What is the reason for them to continue in the Government? This is not far to seek. They are only the worst mouthers. That is all. What do you infer from these? They want only power somehow at any level as they have no scruples. It is a party of chameleons and the party’s main principle is “No principles’. DMK in the past and present are the worst turn coats ever.


So, the only people to whom he can ventilate his impotent anger, is the Hindu force.Thus spoke the Buddha of DMK at the Erode Platform recently:” Who is this Ram? In which Engineering College did he get his degree in Engineering? If not so, how he could have built a Bridge? Is there any proof?”***


Is it all just a prattling due to hallucination?


I am reminded of a sloka in Bhagawat Gita, Chapter 2: Verse 63 on Anger:


Krodath bhavathi sammoha: sammohath smruthivibhrama:

Smruthi bramsat bhuddi nasa: buddhi nasath pranasyathi – BG 2 : 63


From anger comes delusion; which inhibits mental function I

Causing ruin of discrimination, resulting in total destruction II


No engineer ever makes the bricks by his own hand; never bring them to the site himself carrying them on his head, never putting the bricks in their places, and never finishing the bridge by his own hands. These are all done by Masons, his assistants, other technicians, with the tools made by someone else etc., For a magnitude of Lord Shri Ram’s bridge, just imagine the materials, men required. Is it not silly for a person like Karunanidhi to ask the questions as above***?


This might have got him only a few claps from his fellows at the Conference meet. That’s all.


We have great Temples built by Kings etc., They never built them by their own hand.Same is the case with the Sethu Samudram Lord Shri Ram’s bridge.


When confronted by Shri Ram, Samudra Raja suggested a path to build the Bridge and asked Sri Ram to get the help of Nala, the Builder of the Bridge, and the son of Divine Visvakarama to get the work done with the assistance of Vanaras. Vanaras were not the monkeys in the ordinary parlance as of today. They were very learned & very mighty and lived in palatial houses and ruled a kingdom.


 [One mighty Vanara, Vali, the elder brother of Sugreeva, was a sheer nightmare to Demon King Ravana due to his prowess. The descriptions as aforesaid are also available in Valmiki Ramayana. I will come back to this point again at the end of this article, when discussing another point of Sri Ram being described as a Drunkard as stated by DMK supremo, Mu.Ka]


In similar vein, we are prone to ask certain questions to the Honourable Chief Minister of present Tamil Nadu Government headed by minority DMK, but we also give our answers to them thus helping our friend, the DMK-CM Karunanidhi, thus saving his precious time.


1. How did Kannagi, the wife of Kovalan just plucked out her breast to burn Madurai for the injustice meted out to her husband? (Silappadikaram). Where did she learn this technique? Is this a bomb technique? This method may be useful to some of Islamic

friends whose votes he wants, to intimidate the innocent civilians. They may also need this as a weapon for their suicide squads. In which college did she study this technique as Breast bombology, Biology or bio-chemistry for using the breast plucked out to ignite Madurai city in the days of Pandya King?


Will Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM dare to ask these questions to Tamil Scholars?


He will not. But we, the Hindus, admire her unimpeachable Chastity and her power to burn the ancient city of Maudrai could be a manifestation of her Chastity.


2. Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, has written a commentary on Tamil Grammarian “Tholkappiar”. “Tholkappiar” was the great saint said to have formulated the Grammar for Tamil.


In which College he get his degree to get himself qualified to write on Tamil Grammar,of whom our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM selectively adores passages and has also written a Commentary on it?


Wherever anything told about the existence of God, it is bete noire (anathema) for him. Tholkappiar has written many passages on God. Will Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, ask these questions? He will dare not?


But we, the Hindus, conclude that there were actually great people existed in eons who were beyond any human minds / imagination to measure the depth of their knowledge and wisdom. This might be a divine sanction.


3. About the Great Tamil Thiruvalluvar, the author of Thirukkural, where did he get his diploma /degree in Tamil Grammar and Literature to write these pearls of real wisdom just in 1330 couplets (dealing in Dharma, Artha & Kama). As stated beautifully by a later day poet, he described that Thiruvalluvar had filled into the couplets with such great wisdom as if thrusting seven seas into a smallest mustard seed. Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, holds as if Thiruvalluvar is his self-owned property at his back door, quotes from him whenever and wherever it suits him, but shall not recognize Thiruvalluvar’s utterances on God and God’s importance and necessity of Divine Grace.


But we conclude that it is all a divine sanction to write such words of wisdom by the Greatest Thiruvalluvar. There cannot be two opinions on this issue.


4. Will Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM dare to ask similar questions on Allah-Mahamood-Quran-Hadith-Sunnah to their authenticity and proof of their sayings so?


Will our Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM (daring to questions only Hindus) ask about proof of authenticity or originality of Mahamood’s human hair exhibited and worshipped at Hasrat bal Mosque?


We will not ask these questions, because we respect other religions and we are not as silly and disrespectful like him, so freely mouthed shamelessly to express complete ignorance on many basic facts. Probably that is all he is made of.


5. How come Jesus Christ who was stated to be dead at the cross crucified, got back alive to ascend the heavens.


We will not ask these questions (like Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, daring to questions only Hindus) and we consider this as a question by an ignorant idiot of a barbarous type.


6. Let me ask a point blank question to Our Honourable Minority Government DMKCM.


He once said that he is now always wearing the famous (nee notorious) ‘Yellow Shawl’ on his person, because Lord Buddha wore the yellow colour on His person.Where is the proof of Lord Buddha wearing the Yellow Colour? Where was it dyed? Which factory? Where is it located? Proof required please!! Or else no! Get lost!!


We will not ask these most idiotic questions like him to expose one’s ignorance, because we are very decent humans.


7. The other day he was quoting as Jawaharlal Nehru from his book saying that Ramayana is a mere story. Is Jawaharlal the final authority in these matters? There is a lot to be said about his wisdom of distorting Indian History. Let’s not dwell on this subject here, at least for the present.


But Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, had lead a great struggle against Jawaharlal Nehru for the utterance of the word “non-sense” while describing DMK in those days. Why did Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, not accept Jawaharlal Nehru’s verdict as DMK being a non-sense team, as he had accepted the words of Pandit Nehru on Ramayana now? Why such selective amnesia? Is it because, once Jawaharlal Nehru was unacceptable for his spoken words, now he is acceptable for his written words? (The book was in fact, written much earlier before the “nonsense DMK episode). Probably he could not read them.


The future successor to DMK-CM throne, M. Karunanidhi’s son MK Stalin worshipping Goddess Koni Amman along with Murasoli Maran’s son, now estranged Dayanidhi Maran. They are supposed to be atheists repudiating the very existence of God. Here is the picture given in a magazine:



Another picture of atheist M. Karunanidhi witnessing his wife falling at the feet of Puttaparthi SaiBaba, adored by inummerable Hindus: Here is another picture:



Last but not the least, lest we forget, about the utterances of Our Honourable Minority Government DMK-CM, describing Lord Sri Ram being a drunkard.


Here again M. Karunanidhi twists the matter to suit his circumstances and of course it is within his nature.The relevant word should have been “Soma Pana”. Soma / Sura Pana or Soma Ras was used by the ‘rithwiks’ (Vedic Scholars or Rishis, who perform Yagnyas & Homas) in ‘Yagnyas’ and this watery solution is made by extracting the juice from an herbal plant (‘kodi’ in Tamil, a creeper variety) called “Soma”. The quantity used in the yagnyas & homas used to be of a very small measure and a very less the left over quantity, was consumed as Achamana Prasad, or like the Thirth after an Abhisek of the Lord, taken as Prasad, only by the rithwiks as “Hudha Sesha” (the left over quantity) and that was the rule in those days. The Soma Pana was tasteless and was not an ‘intoxicating stuff’ as falsely & maliciously projected by the Dravidians and Hindu baiters. The ‘Devas’ otherwise called as ‘Suras’ (Suras-Devas; Asuras-Rakshasas / Demons) also consume this and hence the name ‘Sura Pana’. This Soma Pana is believed to give “Chitta suddhi”, that is, purity of mind and not intoxication as falsely implicated / meant for public consumption by the Dravidians. How can anyone educate the prejudiced & ignorant

people in these matters?


Thus Karunanidhi in his ignorance of many facts and subjects, but highly motivated by his

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