Are we safe & our Nation secure in the hands of Useless Pathetic Alliance?

via HARAN.B.R published on January 25, 2007

Tomorrow the country will be celebrating the Republic Day and the President of our long time friend Russia, Mr. Putin is going to be the Chief Guest in the Republic Day Parade. The Republic day Parade is normally an exhibition of our Military Might to show the world that, we are a powerful sovereign country. At this point of time, it is the bounden duty of a citizen to analyze the security scenario of this great Nation, and that is precisely what I have done, and I feel that there is nothing wrong in it.

The first & foremost objective & responsibility of any elected government, is the ‘safety’ of the people, who have voted it to power & the ‘security’ of the Nation, which it governs. With regards to this objective, we cannot afford to have hostile neighbours and the government should ensure that we maintain a friendly & mutually beneficial relationship, without compromising our security concerns, for everlasting peace in the region.


The relationship with our long time adversary Pakistan seemed to be going in the right direction with a lot of confidence building measures being taken & implemented. The last visit of American President George Bush to the sub continent has had a telling effect on our hostile neighbour and with the passage of the “Nuclear Agreement” by the US government, things may fall in place for our advantage, provided our concerns with regards to the ‘Hyde Act’ & the ‘123 agreement’ are taken care of.

Our government should grab this opportunity to improve our relationship with US and for this, it should take the opposition, particularly the BJP, in to confidence and arrive at a consensus in the interest of the nation. A good & long-standing relationship with USA will always help us to keep Pakistan under control. Despite the CBMs, Pakistan have not made any inroads in the dismantling of terror infrastructures & bringing down the infiltration of terrorists across the border. The frequent terror attacks on Indian soil, especially in the last two and a half years bear testimony for this.

When the so-called peace process came to a grinding halt after the Mumbai Train Blasts, our Prime Minister made a great blunder in calling Pakistan, the main perpetrator, as a victim of terrorism and in shaking hands with him in Havana for an ‘unrealistic’ joint mechanism. This was perceived as a mistake by many experts, because, Pakistan has never cooperated with us in the past, as proved by its dubious track record. Later on, through the track II diplomacy, the central government is alleged to have given a non-paper on Kashmir and in turn, President Musharaff has come out with the formulas of Self-governance, demilitarization and joint management of both sides of Kashmir. Talks are going on even to the extent of withdrawing from the most advantageous position of Siachen Glaciers against the wishes & sentiments of our military establishment. Unfortunately, the UPA seems to be in a ‘giving’ & ‘yielding’ mood due to the pressure mounted by our Kashmiri political leaders & Hurriyat leaders, which may prove disastrous for us. Can a Democracy engage a Dictatorship in a peace process?


Bangladesh, which got its freedom because of our support & help, has conveniently forgotten the past and has started to act in a more hostile manner facilitating terrorist activities through & across the borders. Knowingly it is playing ‘hosts’ to ULFA and allows the Pakistan based ISI to train ULFA in its soil. The illegal migration of Bangladeshis through the borders has been increasing alarmingly and the UPA has been attempting to legitimize their citizenship by the IMDT Act for the sake of minority vote banks. The hostile neighbor is also encroaching and grabbing our lands slowly through the porous borders. The involvement of Bangladesh based terror outfits in the recent attacks on our soil has been confirmed by our investigating agencies and it is also established that Bangladesh is facilitating the movements of ISI sponsored militants & jihadis to & from India.

The two power greedy leading ladies, Khalida Zia & Sheikh Hasina, of Bangladesh are in connivance with many fundamentalist organizations in their fight to capture power and both of them are holding their country to ransom. The supposedly democratic country, which lost its ‘secular’ color during the regimes of Zia ur Rehman & General Ershad, is now in a state of emergency, slowly emerging as an Islamic fundamentalist state. Support to India is being perceived as a secular identity there and both the women are against getting the secular color. The Hindu, Sikh & Buddhist minorities are being persecuted day in & day out and both Hasina & Zia are not at all bothered, as the minority vote share is negligible. It is also alleged that the names of minorities are being removed from the electoral voters’ list. The UPA government, which cries for the welfare of the minorities here, turns a blind eye towards the sufferings of minorities there. Why should the UPA appease the minorities of Bangladesh? If our government continues to ignore the happenings in Bangladesh, then the neighbour will prove to be a perennial problem for us. So, it is high time Bangladesh is shown its place.


The only Hindu Kingdom of the world is in doldrums now, thanks to the apathy shown by the ‘secular’ UPA government. The challenge thrown by the Maoists is huge and it seems they are in perfect coordination with almost all the radical outfits of India, helping them with supply of arms & ammunition apart from training them. The Seven Party Alliance of Nepal aided the Maoists in their so-called objective of ‘revival’ of Democracy against the Monarchy. It is unfortunate that the Left parties of our country also supported this and the UPA government had lost precious time without doing much to bring back normalcy in Nepal. Our government allowed the CPM to handle the Nepal policy, which successfully threw the King out of power and brought the militant Maoists in the ambit of governance watched helplessly by the seven party alliances. China, which initially acted as a strong supporter of the King, slowly moved towards the political parties as well and is keeping its cards close to its chest waiting for an opportunity to strike. The US & the Vatican have also started showing signs of interfering in the affairs of Nepal, with their own interests of evangelization, especially after the announcement that, Nepal is a ‘Secular state’. Now, the Maoists have entered the parliament and a new Constitution is being prepared to be tabled, by which the Monarch would be ceremoniously thrown out completely and the citizens of Nepal will be suffering like us, in future due to the sickening disease called ‘secularism’.


The two-decade-old Srilankan issue has been boiling for quite some time, especially after the failure of Geneva Talks. The LTTE has never been sincere in cease-fire & peace talks and in the past, it has always utilized the cease-fire period to build up its military, arms & ammunition, only to strike back again with full force. Unlike the arrogant Chandrika or the submissive Ranil Wickramasinge, Mahindra Rajapakse seems to be more dynamic & clever. While on one side he keeps talking about peace process & cease-fire, on the other side, he keeps attacking the LTTE bastions. The LTTE’s financial resources have been reduced now, especially after the ban enforced in European countries. The organization also lacks in manpower due to the separation of rebels under Karuna and the Srilankan Army, which is advancing to a great extent, pushes it to a corner. In order to create a sympathy wave, the LTTE is utilizing the innocent Tamils as ‘shield’, eventually leading to their death & destruction, in the hands of Srilankan Army.

The issue has created a ruckus in Tamil Nadu politics due to the heavy influx of refugees. The parties like DK, MDMK, PMK & DPI are allegedly funded by LTTE and hence they always make a big hue & cry in support of LTTE & against the Srilankan government. Now, DMK is also put under pressure by its allies, and the Chief Minister Karunanidhi, who never loses an opportunity to show case himself as a champion of Tamils, has yielded to that pressure. He in turn, has written to PM & Sonia to interfere in the affairs of Srilanka. The UPA should ignore the suggestions of the Tamil parties to support the LTTE and instead, should work out a politically desirable solution upholding the sovereignty of Srilanka and at the same time beneficial to the freedom & aspirations of innocent Tamils. Otherwise, Srilanka would seek the help of China & Pakistan (supposedly ‘on’ already), which will not augur well for us and prove to be a detriment.


With regards to our internal scenario, the problem of extremism & naxalism has always been a great threat to our national security. Looking in to the happenings of the last two and a half years, we can infer that, with the advent of the UPA government, there has been an alarming increase in the activities of naxalites, extremists & Maoists, purely because of the government’s lethargic, soft & casual approach to the problem. It all started with the naïve & stupid decision of the Andhra Pradesh government, that too with the full blessings of the center, to call the PWG & other extremist outfits to the negotiating table without any pre-conditions. The extremists & separatists took a lot of time leverage in the name of talks and indulged in communicating & aligning with Maoists, ULFA & other groups, acquired arms & ammunitions, recruited more number of cadres and trained them with the support of LTTE commanders & Nepal Maoists and now, the congregation has spread its tentacles to more than 15 states from Assam to Amdhra Pradesh forming a “Red Corridor”.

Moreover, the activities such as hijacking of train, storming of prison are never heard of in independent India and attacks on police stations have become quite common. Off late, the Islamic terrorists are also striking at will and they are spread through out the country forming a congregation of organisations like SIMI, NDF, AlUmma, etc with the support of ISI and its sponsored out fits like LeT & JeM. Both the congregations have a similar agenda, and that is, to destabilize India. If all these organisations join hands together, then the whole country will be in deep trouble, making life miserable & dangerous for the people, police & the governments as well. The present situation has become a serious threat to our national security and the government should take steps on a war footing to arrest the growth of extremism & terrorism. There is no point in having a soft approach towards naxalites & separatists and calling them for talks is meaningless, because, they are arrogant people with a corrupted mind and they will not change their mind set. The Andhra Pradesh & Assam experiments have clearly shown that they are not worthy to be called for talks and they do not deserve such a soft approach.

Our country is flooded with hell of a lot of pro-naxalite & pro-terrorist politicians, intellectuals & human rights activists, who will make a big hue & cry if the government takes ruthless actions. But the government should not heed to their inconsequential talks. The central government should coordinate with the state governments & police / Military establishments, prepare a constructive plan of action and go all out, with iron hands & steely resolve. Only then the menace of naxalism & terrorism can be eradicated and prevalence of Peace & Harmony can be ensured. The government’s approach should be, neither “Better late than never”, nor, “Sooner or later”. It must be “Immediate & right away”.

Does UPA have the resolve to do it? Let the people answer in the next election.

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