Are we Neglecting the looming threat to our North-Eastern States ?

via Sharadiya Mukherjee published on March 7, 2009

There are plenty of threats to our country at this current moment and so much is already being discussed in HK. I would like to add my concerns regarding the grave threat poised before the Seven sisters– our North-Eastern states.  I am sure many of us are already aware of it. The North-East has predominantly  been in the hands of Congress, leaving the state of Tripura which (like WB) is reeling under CPM for years. ( By virtue of rampant rigging)

The region, a peaceful and scenic retreat inhabited by simple unassuming tribes has become a breeding ground of many terrorist outfits in the last couple of Decades.  The long line of Bangladesh border allows infiltrations of every kind – Illegal men, Illegal sophisticated weapons, Illegal money. It also provides a quick exit to terrorists after any crime (abductions, ambushes etc).

The question is who are funding these terrorists? Where are they availing the AK-47’s , grenades and machine guns from? And the biggest question is what is their motive. Anyone who has travelled to these parts in the recent years will  marvell at the incredible number of
churches (often massive structures ) that have spawned  in every crack and crevices of the North-Eastern highlands. Steady and systematic mass conversions are taking place with the help of abundant foreign funds. It is easy to deceive naïve and simple people with myths and to
give them hopes of miracles ( like what our mother Theresa performed ) The rate is more alarming than we can ever imagine.

With this pace the day is not far-off when the NE-separatists will be demanding a Separate Christian State or Country like Kashmir. We are also aware of China’s sinister motives on Arunachal Pradesh. For the ruling Congress or CPM it does not matter -  since Congress is under the boots of a Christian Italian woman and the CPM are Chinese spies.Their minority appeasing policies amongst thousands of other things extends in the form of providing extra electric power for Christmas lightings, where as people live with regular power cuts during Hindu festivals and even on the Republic Day .

The motive of all these separatist forces : The jihadi’s in Kashmir (even Kerala), the Naxalites spread all over Jharkhand, Bihar, AP, Maharashtra or the terrorists in the NE, are the same – to break and disintegrate our Nation .

We must not forget that the LTTE in Sri Lanka as well as Maoists in Nepal are converted Christians, receiving funds from Christian Organisations. Similar to our NE. An attempt to convert  all Hindus and Buddhists in those countries. ( The Sri Lankan government’s move
to stop conversions has not been taken kindly by the West) Hindustan has been subjugated to foreign tyranny for thousands of years (Be it the barbaric Muslim invaders or the British ) Now if we turn a deaf ear to what is happening in these states and do not bring a strict law against all conversions we are again doomed to fall apart in the hands of these foreign Invaders in disguise. This is a clarion call to all Nationalists to unite under one banner and save our next

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