Are we heading towards another Partition?

via HARAN.B.R published on March 10, 2007

The UPA government for the last three years has been following the policies of minority (read Muslims) appeasement and vote bank politics. While its appeasement policies separate & isolate the already reluctant Muslim community from the mainstream, its vote bank politics divide the Hindus along caste lines. If this trend is allowed to continue unchecked, it may result in the achievement of the UPA government’s hidden agenda of evangelizing, or rather, de-Hinduising this great Nation.


The appeasement of Muslims started with the head count in the Armed Forces and culminated in the constitution of the Rajinder Sachar Committee to study & survey the social, educational & economical status of the Muslims. In between the government attempted many things such as, minority status for AMU (Alighar Muslim University), legitimization of IMDT Act, exclusive reservation for Muslims in Andhra Pradesh, Pardon for the JeM terrorist Mohammed Afzal Guru, etc, etc, which were all struck down by the Honourable Supreme court.


Later on the Prime Minister, giving scant regard to the millions of poor & downtrodden of the majority community and other minorities, made a ‘remarkable’ statement that, Muslims had the first claim on the resources of the country, which is unprecedented in the history of the Nation. As each & every attempt to appease the Muslims was snubbed by the courts of law, the UPA government finally decided to constitute the Sachar Committee, so that, its recommendations could be ratified in the Parliament, thereby resulting in the passage of law.


Emboldened by the government’s appeasements, Muslim organizations across the country, led by the TMMK (Tamilaga Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam), came together in a show of unity and conducted a rally in Delhi on Wednesday the 6 th of this month, demanding state wise reservations as per their population proportions. Apart from the TMMK, Indian Union Muslim League, Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, AIMPLB, All India United Mis.Morcha, Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Milli Gazette, AMU students Union, Jamat-e-Islami Hind and All India Milli Council also participated in the rally, focusing on the socio-economic status of the Muslilms. Last time the TMMK demonstrated in the capital, was on 6 th December 2004, the 12th anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition. Other Muslim organizations have been holding seminars, meetings and rallies then and there, demanding the implementation of the Sachar Committee report, which was “managed” to show that, the status of Muslims were abysmally low in education & employment. This finding of Sachar contrasts with reality as most of the captured terrorists turn out to be engineers, software professionals, and doctors, et al.


All these organizations with regards to this particular rally have deliberately stayed clear from the clerics to give an impression as if the clerics are not involved. But, it is believed that more clerics were behind the scene operators, extending their full cooperation to the protest rally. The Shahi Imam of Fatehpuri Masjid Dr. Mufti Mukkaram, a supposedly moderate cleric, has openly taken part in the rally. These organizations, which focused on reservations & implementation of “Sachar committee report, conveniently forgot the point that their community people have flooded the prisons through out the country for all the wrong reasons, as evidenced by Sachar himself in his reports. The speakers in the rally stayed away form this important subject.


All the pseudo secular political parties, which vie with one another for the Muslim votes, are trying their level best to appease the community in their own styles. Ramvilas Paswan’s Lok Janshakthi Party organized a national convention a few weeks ago and released its own recommendations in the wake of Sachar report. The Chief Ministers like Samuel Reddy & Karunanidhi are going overboard in committing religion-based reservations in education & employment, knowing very well that it is unconstitutional. The Kerala government outshines all the other governments in appeasing the minority communities and it even goes to the extent of lending support to terrorist organizations such as NDF. The TN Chief Minister tried to match his Kerala counterpart by releasing a bunch of ‘Al Umma’ activists from the Palayamkottai prison, immediately after coming back to power, apart from turning the ‘cell’ of Abdul Madhani into an Ayurvedic Spa, in the Coimbatore prison. Maulana Mulayam Singh is as usual trying to keep his Muslim vote banks in tact, despite the overtures made by the Congress & V.P.Singh’s Jan Morcha towards the community. Lalu Prasad is not far behind and being a Railway minister he has his own limitations. Otherwise, given an opportunity, he would even go to the extent of operating exclusive trains for Muslims. As far as he is concerned, it seems the life of a Muslim is costlier than the life of a Hindu and that is why probably, he announced a compensation of Rs Ten lacs for the victims of Samjhauta Express blasts, under a wrong assumption that victims are all Muslims, whereas he offered only Rs. two lacs for the victims of Mumbai train blasts. He is now making attempts to rename Patna, the ancient & famous Pataliputhra as “Azimabad”.


While the parties like TDP, AIADMK & BSP could not do much due to their powerless status, they would certainly bounce back during the election campaigns to appease the Muslims with many sops. The Left front, which is enjoying power without responsibility has come out with a detailed strategy, recommending the implementation of the Sachar Committee report. The Front supports the reservations fore Muslims apart from envisaging a sub-plan for Muslim dominated areas, which can be developed by liberal credit from financial institutions, separate SHGs, 15% allocation from priority sector banks, etc.


In this kind of a scenario, all sections of Muslims are resorting to acts of turbulence. The clerics are adamant in their attitude; The organizations are demanding more & more sops in every field; The fundamental elements are aiding & abetting the Pakistan & Bangladesh based terrorists; The intellectual section is extending its support to all these through media, seminars & fund raising events. The Muslim politicians prostrate before their political masters and bow their heads before their party Chiefs, but would not allow their community to sing the National song Vandemataram saying that Islam prohibits praising others except Allah. The genuine & moderate section is unfortunately negligible. What is happening in our country now is a classic example for the saying, “Appeasement leads to Anarchy”. The situation has become so volatile that; any lapse in the part of the present Useless Pathetic Alliance government may result in utter chaos, loss of territory & lives.


We have lost territories through the formation of Pakistan & Bangladesh. The three evangelized states in the Northeast are as good as lost. We are slowly losing Kashmir valley, where the local politicians are bent upon separating the valley from our country for their selfish interests. In the bargain, we have lost millions of precious lives.


We cannot afford to lose any more lives or territories. Let us stop another partition.


We have the will! We have Faith in God!

Let us save this Great Hindu Nation!




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