Arab imperialistic’s freedom parade in Indian soil

via HK Correspondent published on August 11, 2007

Islamic Extremist group NDF’s annual Freedom Parade on India’s Independence Day, August 15 is an another cruel joke Keralite’s has to witness in this week. NDF jihadi’s who pose themselves as safegaurder’s of Islam in Kerala aims at forcing arab imperialism in the name of minority rights in the state.Being the proponents of  Arabic imperialism over a tolerant Hindu society, NDF is sowing the seeds of hatred among Muslim youth.  


When arab countries won’t give any respect to minorities over there, Jihadi’s are cashing in over here over so called violated ‘MINORITY RIGHTS’! The story of religious discrimination, suppression, intimidation and forceful conversion are usually staged with full state support. Do NDF really want to implement the same in India through Minority rights? Each and every Hindu should ponder over this when this terrorists march infront of us on our Independence Day.


Indian politicians, especially the Congress and Communist party, are competing to show their minority affection by showering special privileges to such groups. This is undermining the basic concept of secularism in India. The euphemistic term ‘Minority rights’ widely used by our pseudo secular politicians is like the  sleeping serpent ‘Kaliyan’ in river Yamuna with lethal venom enough to kill all Hindus, their religious freedom and Hindu human rights in India.


Recent NDF hate propaganda against Sri Sri Ravishankar’s art of living sessions in Kerala exposes their blind hatred towards anything related to Indian ness . Art of living sessions include world famous breathing techniques ‘Sudarshana Kriya’ based on Vedic knowledge pioneered by Padanjali Maharshi nearly 10,000 years ago. Millions of people, including non-Hindus take part in Sri Ravishankar’s ‘Art of living’ sessions. Guruji, as known among his followers, did a special session of ‘Sudarshana Kriya’ for European Parliament few months before.


Unfortunately in secular India it was misinterpreted as ‘Haram’ (non-Islam) and NDF is determined to ban it in Muslim majority localities in Kerala. Pamphlets and posters appeared on streets threatening public not to attend ‘Art of living’ sessions. NDF was also involved in destroying Banyan trees planted by corporation in Thodupuzha, as a part of green city scheme. Hindus consider Banyan trees as auspicious and that made NDF to declare Banyan trees as anti-Islam. This shows their intolerance and extremist Islamic views. Though NDF’s involvements were apparent in these activities Kerala Government and communist party seems reluctant to act against this anti-national group. Instead they are aligning themselves with NDF and  terrorists like Abdhul Nazar Madni against Hindus in the state.


Declaration of a Taliban Kerala is not that far if we Hindus did not take care of our heritage and religious freedom.  Hindu organisations in Kerala as well as all over India are concerned about this biased approach on Hindus. We should be dare enough to fight against such evils and maintain ‘Dharma’ as advised by Lord Krishna for our mother nation.


People and organisations trying to destabilise and destroy Hindu heritage should keep in mind that they are in a Hindu majority country and are enjoying their religious freedom because of Hindu’s tolerance and open mindedness towards different views. Hindu’s tolerance should not be taken as our weakness and every one should keep in mind that our vigour, pride and potential to fight against ‘Adharma’ (evils) is like Lord Hanumans invincible strength. It might take a bit time to get awakened but once set free no force on earth can stop the accumulated agony and wrath of Hindus in the state.


Happy Independence Day!! Vande Matharam!!!

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