Anti Sanskrit Remarks-An open letter to UP Governor

via Y.C.Prasad published on February 13, 2007


The Governor of Uttar Pradesh.



Pranam Your Excellency.


We are honoured to know that Your Excellency has served the Nation with distinction in the Law Enforcement Agencies and Intelligence Departments at the hour of crisis.  Few can match your spotless record and qualifications to occupy one of the Highest places of Indian Democracy.  One must be fortunate for that. One is awe-struck when one looks at the qualities of our President, His Excellency, Bharat Ratna Shri.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.  He is master of his own professional fields, a great human being and humble to the core.  As the Telugu nanudi says – “yentha yedigithey, antha odagaali” (the more one grows in stature, that much more humble he must become).  One never catches him passing comments on fields outside his domain.  He has the highest regard for everything that is Indian – a true son of a great Nation.  He is more Hindu than many Hindus, more Muslim than many Muslims.  In fact, his charm doesn’t permit one to identify him with his religion at all.  Now that is greatness.


We expect and demand the same level of behaviour from all the Dignitaries like the Governors, Ministers, elected representatives etc.  It is not greedy to expect this, this  is what we all want.  We don’t want anything less. I am saying this as I felt distressed to understand some remarks Your Excellency is allegedly to have made regarding Samskritham.  Knowing what little that I know, one must be totally ignorant of what this Language is or one must be a victim of bad teaching of the Deva Bhasha in the school or college.  I hope it is neither of these in your case.




Sakala Sastra Janani

Sruti manahsuranjani

Bahula Bhagya Daayani

Vivivdha posha kaarini

Samasta Gnana Gutika

Sastra kavya petika

Bahula Bhagya vaatika

Sarasa keli taarika


It is also athi sulabha, athi madhura, nahi nahi kathina (if the Guru is good)


It is said, it will take several births to master this Deva Bhasha.  Samskrita Vyakarana vivarana is famed to take the space of a foot ball maidan filled with the literature in racks of 20 feet height packed without space!!  Now compare this with the BPO bhasha’s(present rulers’ Deva Bhasha) Wren and Martin that will be almost missed on one’s reading table!  I don’t know how Samskritham takes one backwards when man is walking on the Moon!! I challenge Man to physically travel beyond the Solar system.  The visible Universe is located in a miserable corner among billions of billions of galaxies and we pride to have stepped on the Moon!  Even a villager will tell what misery ‘science and technology’ of today has heaped on the Planet!!  Just watch from the aeroplane when you land in Hyderabad and you will find the chemical-laden lakes of this once-beautiful city.  Does your science give details of species destroyed in the past 100 years of ‘great scientific progress’ ?  I see young hi-tech folks browsing filth – an off shoot of scientific progress, displaced and discarcded elders of the West and now India too.  This is what happens when one harps the scientific temparment crap. 


Just kindly take some scholar’s (from Varanasi) help to understand Bhumi Suktham, Medha Suktham, Shraddha Suktham, Sankalpa Suktham, Kala Suktham etc ( tiny parts of the mighty Vedas and Upanishads) whose key is learning Samskritham.  It takes immense good punyam and unparalleled intellect to even conceive such noble ideas as enunciated in the above-mentioned Sukthams.  What welfare will you Rulers deliver to this Greatest of Civilisations when you happily ape the White man who is basically an embodiment of crass materialism? Whatever he utters is your Veda, whatever nonsense he imposes on the mankind is your sole aim of life.


Sorry, kindly don’t deliver such messages, and you will be saving yourself from some very crude jokes in the learned circles. If you feel no ego-related problems, kindly tender an apology to the elders who spent most of their lives, propagating this Divine Mother of Indian Values.


Jai Hind




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