Anti Hindu ideology of the Congress Party

via HK published on November 19, 2005

The Congress Party ruled Central Government’s plan to introduce a policy for Muslim reservation for IIT admission is potentially dangerous. It reflects the long history of Congress Party’s Muslim appeasement for political reasons. Several states in India have Muslim reservation for higher education to appease Muslims. Such religion based reservation is discriminatory and violates basic human rights. Dual admission system for higher education using different standards for Muslims and Hindus does not treat everyone equally. It is reverse discrimination and discriminatory. Our constitution does not allow such religion based admission policies.


At a time religion based  college admission policies are coming under attack and lose favor around the world, Congress party is introducing regressive, politically motivated Muslim appeasement policies. It will undermine the ability of all groups to achieve civil equality. The best way to build an equal society is to treat everyone equally. when the government deny admission who has earned it and give it to someone else who has not earned it– it is discriminatory. It stirs the flame of hatred. Further, the policy reinforce stereotypes that Muslims are not smart and cannot make it on their own.


Muslims have a brutal  history of discrimination against non muslims. Only in India Muslims want an advantage that they deny for others in Islamic countries. The whole scenario  reminds us of the anti Hindu ideology of the Congress Party. At this time of crisis, Hindus need to wake up and realize that equal is equal not preferences.

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  1. Harsh y Reply

    November 19, 2005 at 10:40 pm

    Re: Anti Hindu ideology of the Congress Party
    It is not just appeasement of Muslims. The bigger issue is that Congress/UPA is discriminating against Non Muslim bright students. The only reason the VILY Congress party for doing this is just VOTES, VOTES.

    There will be people who will oppose this stupid policy and the country will be unnecessarily divided in opinion. Those who will oppose will be given a new label branded by Congress.

    Unfortunately some young intelligent students who deserve admission will be denied their rightful rights and some may committ suicide or do something out of frustration to destroy their careers further.

    Arjun Singh and Sonia should be drageed to the street crossing and made to answer their utter folly in playing with education system. They deserve Islamic punishment of which they like to be champions. 5

  2. P. N. Madhukar Reply

    November 20, 2005 at 1:26 am

    Re: Anti Hindu ideology of the Congress Party
    We all Nationalist Hindus must fight these age-old, utterly selfish ideology and policies of the power-hungry congress party unitedly, tooth & nail and eradicate the culprits once and for all, from our beloved motherland.Jai Hind. Jai Bharatmata. 5

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