Anti Hindu Congress govt extends its tentacles beyond the framework of law

via HK Correspondent published on August 7, 2006

On July 18, the anti Hindu Congress government in India banned several Hindu websites including Hindu Human Rights Organization websites. The Congress government headed by Italian Catholic Sonia Moina did not follow any natural justice or legal proceedings before the banning of Hindu websites. Legal and Human Rights experts say that there is nothing that could justify a blanket ban of these websites by the Congress government in New Delhi.


Information and Broadcasting Ministry Official explained why the Indian government decided to ban Hindu Websites. The official highlighted that India wants to keep close relations with Muslims. According to another source within the government, the ban is a clear signal that congress government does not want the corrupt practices and anti Hindu policies being exposed in these websites. Several Indian journalists explained that the ban was an indication that the government had succumbed to the pressure from Sonia and Islamic fascists. The whole exercise is to browbeat Hindus and show their lower status in India. The government is subscribing to the absurd argument that several Hindu Websites promote hatred against Jihadis and Jihadistan*.

 The websites which are banned are:

These sites which were exposing the corrupt practices and anti Hindu policies of the Congress government, Communists and the nexus between the secularists and Jihadis.

The government has plans to ban several other pro Hindu websites.The list of the websites is kept confidential.


Banned sites include Hindu, Rahul, all were Pro Hindu websites which

 In which dictionary Congress Autocrats found Pro Hindu means Anti National ?

 In another blog blocked – has been exposing Sonia’s loot of India‘s wealth. 


Since when exposing Sonia Gandhi is considered as an Anti National activity?

 Its evident that the websites are banned not for antinational activities but for Exposing Congress double standards and Islamic Fundamentalism. Terrorist website of Hezbollah’s TV Al Manar is banned by all countries who are waging war against Terrorism. Ironically the same website is  hosted in India!. (

Hindus and Human Rights activists around the world need to ponder:


Why was Pro Hindu sites banned in the name of Terrorism?

Why  Islamic websites promoting terrorism were not  banned?

How come the Jihadi websites promoting terrorism, which is banned in several countries able to host its websites in


India is referred as the largest democracy. But the Indian government controlled by the Italian Catholic women Sonia has succumbed to mounting pressure from Islamo fascists and communists and ordered a nationwide ban on several Hindu websites.


The Indian government’s ban of Hindu websites is in complete contrast with the practices of democratic nations across the world. It seems the ban is a move to ensure that Indian citizens do not get to see the atrocities that are presently being committed by the congress, communists and Islamo fascists and Jihadistan* agents.


Several Non Resident Indians and Hindu leaders around the world described the move as a game of double standard that Sonia government is playing. the response to the ban by political leaders in India was dismal. They are in cohort with anti Hindu Jihadis, congress and the communists. They are in an alliance to crack down freedom and the right of Hindus. They are relentless in their efforts to eliminate any sense of Hindu cultural identity, closely monitoring, and punishing Hindu organizations and cultural centres promoting Hindu websites.


It is time for Hindus to unite and be active. Hindus should stop trying to make their points by arguments alone. Hindus should consider positive violence and creative agitation as a way to regain respect and rights.


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