And, we lived happily thereafter, until the ‘NEXT BLAST’

via H.Balakrishnan published on May 15, 2008

Tuesday’s ghastly serial bombings in Jaipur, coming in the wake of a surge in cross-border terrorism, are a grim reminder that our internal security situation continues to remain precarious. The bombings, which have extracted a terrible toll of innocent lives and maimed scores of others, also bear evidence of the fact that the evil forces of ” jihad “, operating out of Pakistan or through front organisations in Bangladesh, are neither down nor out. Treacly statements of condemnation and concern by individual Pakistani leaders should not distract us from this fact.


There is no percentage in berating the Congress or blaming the UPA Government for their abysmal failure in fighting Islamist terror.An effete Prime Minister signals surrender by offering to reward the families of jihadis killed by security forces and spends sleepless nights worrying over the fate of suspected terrorists. An equally pathetically clueless Home Minister justifies the inexplicable delay in sending the convicted mastermind behind the terrorist attack on Parliament House to his justly deserved death. And when a cynical Congress forces the scrapping of an effective anti-terrorism law to appease those who are not discomfited by the sight of horrific bloodshed, terrorists are bound to feel emboldened.


I enclose below my letter to TNIE  after the Hyderabad blasts. Haven’t I been proved right Sir? Lets face it. We are an effette Nation. Dhimmitude is our ” National Trait “. We deserve to get “kicked in our butt”. And that’s precisely what the ‘Jihadis” are doing, AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO IN FUTURE.


Until the NEXT BLAST,










26 AUG 2007

Hyderabad is again in the news for all the wrong reasons!! Twin Blasts on 25 Aug.
The “USUAL HOMILIES” will pour forth from our “DHIMMI SECULAR NETAS”. The torrent has already started!!

(A)- ‘Its an act of cowardice’, – Renuka Chowdry,

(B)- ‘It was done to create panic’- Thingummy Doud, Former Home Minister AP,

 (C)- ‘Do not panic, maintain calm’ – Y “Samuel” Reddy!!


Then the “CACAPHONY” will become a ‘torrent’. Then will follow the ‘usual FLYING visits’ of these ‘netas’ to get phot-ops by being at the bedside of the wounded, in hospitals. Inconvenience to all concerned is a minor matter!!
Not to be left behind, the ‘secular’ English media will burst forth into a flood of Articles highlighting the “SPIRIT OF HYDERABAD”. Some will then, in rare ‘investigative brilliance ‘ point the needle of suspicion ‘ at some ‘phantom unbearded denizens’ behind the blasts!!


The T.V. Channels will go beserk,each trying to outdo the other in ‘fabricating headlines’ and ‘stories’!! How ‘sources’ say it was RDX.And then there will be a contradiction in another channel about how it was a ‘mixture of ‘RDX+something’. Not to be outdone, a third will scream how ‘the pressure cooker came to boil’!! And then will follow a ‘JUGALBANDHI SESSION ‘ against the backdrop of the ‘CHARMINAR’. A must for this show is for the prima donnas to prominently display the ’GREEN’ and ‘SAFFRON’ JERSEYS!! WE LIVE IN THE MAUDLIN SEASON!!
Of course,’ SLEEPLESS’ Race Course Road will say how these despicable blasts will have no effect on the ‘PEACE PROCESS’. After all, there is the ‘HAVANA DECLARATION’! And the NATIONAL (IN)SECURITY ADVISOR will return to the familiar ‘I TOLD YOU’ homily!!
And, after about ten days of this burlesque, Hyderabad will be off the radar of all concerned. It will be ‘1-2-3-‘ as usual!! No one will be apprehended. Isn’t that how the script played out after Delhi, Varanasi,Malegaon,Mumbai etc etc?
And, we lived happily thereafter, until the ‘NEXT BLAST’ when the same script will be repeated once again!!

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