An open letter to Priyanka Vadra

published on May 21, 2014

Dear Priyanka,

My heart goes out to you and your family. It’s terrible that people take potshots at you, your crooked husband, your intellectually challenged brother and your illegal school dropout Gandhi mother!! How dare they challenge the royalty of Italy? Don’t they know that your grandmother gave her life for the country and only about 3800+ Sikhs were killed in Delhi alone to atone for a Sikh who killed her ?
Please don’t hold it against these people that your father’s famous words as his colleagues went about killing the Sikhs is misunderstood. He only said “when a big tree falls, the Earth shakes” … And these uneducated Indian coolies don’t get it. It’s perfectly OK for your mother to call a certain man as the “maut ka saudagar”, she knows, after all she was the preferred illegal, mafia daughter-in-law for your grandmother. She was born an Italian and was a waitress & now has become an Indian for convenience, so she knows, while these other Indian coolies have no clue.
You know, they should take lessons on public propriety from your mom – she and your brother managed to reduce an educated Dr. Prime Minister into a mute mouthpiece (Maun Mohan) and he has no hard feelings! No small feat at that. She even managed to wipe out another erudite capable PM’s work in bringing India out of bankruptcy from the record books because he didn’t care about your family. Terrible guy, serves him right. I must congratulate her on her tireless efforts to prop your brother onto the centre stage. Especially as he refuses to grow up intellectually. But even he managed to speak about women empowerment, RTI and 2002 riots happening, yippee, your mom rocks & all Italians are proud of her!
 I must say your husband’s achievements make many of these old fogies jealous. Through sheer crooked work in the gym and on the cycle, he managed to convert a few Lakhs into a few hundred crores and we don’t want to worry about his father’s and brothers mysterious deaths. Once a man marries, we should only consider “his” family. What an achievement!! He probably will give Reliance a run for the quickest race to riches – they only created a 20,000 crore company in 20 years, but turning a few Lakhs into a few hundred crores is no mean feat for that thug. His old antiques shops are doing great business in Italy. They love all Indian antique temple statues. Your family has destroyed my motherland & plundered it & made it into a real basket case & deposited all looted money in Italian & other foreign banks. Your husband has indulged in several land scams & creamed poor people of their land holdings. He used to walk through green channel in Airports & the officials used to be scared because of his Mafia connection. His land deals in Haryana & Rajasthan will go down in history as the most historic mafia deals. The old owners of land fear for their lives.

My heart really went out to you and your family when your father died and it really was tragic. He was a nice man, forget  Bofors and the Lakshadweep holidays but really, he minded his business of flying planes and never really wanted to get into politics. But with your grandmother becoming a martyr and the Congress party not having a single man left in it, they had to turn to him and just that one decision cost him his life. May his soul rest in peace like your grandmother’s does. Your family has had tragedy striking it from every corner. I am actually reading Katherine Frank’s book on your grandmother and it seems she was hardly in India during her growing up years. Losing her mother early, spending time with your grandfather in London and Switzerland, studying in many different schools, learning to ski, learning French. Such a tragic and lonely life till Feroze Khan(not Gandhi) entered her life.
Indians should really stop speaking about your family. You all deserve a break from the great burden of looted money that you have been carrying. Why not just step aside and let these guys kill each other or hug each other? Guess what, there is precedence – a bigger burden was on the Mahatma’s family, to carry on the legacy, but those kids just stepped aside and let the country own the Mahatma. Nothing happened. We survived and thrived. So, maybe, if you all just step aside, we wouldn’t need to bring your illustrious family into every debate and every scam. Think about it!
Wishing you the very best.


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