An Open letter to Sadhus and Sadhvis of all R K Mission Centers

via From Prof G.C.Asnani published on August 24, 2010

  21st August 2010

Respected Sadhus & Sadhvis of all R K Mission Centers

1. When Sindh came under Pakistan in 1947, I left Sindh. Sindhi Hindus started rushing out of whole of Sindh, when Muslims plundered Hindu Houses, including Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, in Karachi, on 6 th January 1948, in an organized manner without any protection or help from the Pakistani Government throughout the day. It was a struggle between honor & dishonor, life and death for Hindus just to escape alive across the borders of Sindh. The authorities of R K Mission Ashram flew out relatively safely by Aeroplane.

2. As Hindu Sadhus, you are looked upon as the PEARLS, the JEWELS, the DIAMONDS of our Hindu society; you are looked upon to represent an important component of our ancient culture, philosophy and our Hindu Dharma. You are the Guides of entire Hindu community – Students, Householders, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Service people.

We Hindus in India are being discriminated against, humiliated and insulted. We look, specially to well-organized Sadhu disciples of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, to lead us along the path of Vedic Truth and Valour, the pride of Vedic Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

3). I do feel, with some justification briefly given below, that some anti-Hindu Group has either infiltrated from outside, or risen up from inside, very cleverly, inside this R K Mission and come into almost top-most positions in control of this Mission. As is very common, we Hindus trust others, almost to a fault; we trust too much and later come to a great grief.

i) Some of these Anti-Hindus first coined the word “Ramakrishnaism” and professed to follow “Ramakrishnaism” as their religion. Innocent Hindu Sadhus of R K Mission did not suspect that this “Ramakrishnaism” would gradually claim to be a religion, separate and different from Hindu Religion, and even opposed to Hindu Religion.

ii) Every body inside R K Mission first seemed to believe in the statement made by Sri Ramakrishna on 19 th October 1884 and clearly recorded in “The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna” published by R K Mission in 1944, appearing on page 569 :

“ The Hindu religion alone is the Sanatana Dharma. The various creeds you hear of nowadays have come into existence through the will of God and will disappear again through His will. They will not last forever. Therefore I say, ‘I bow down at the feet of even the modern devotees.’ The Hindu religion has always existed and will always exist .”

If belief in this statement of Sri Ramakrishna be sincere and firm, would there be any claim from a sincere devotee of R K Mission that he is going to follow a new religion different from Hinduism ? No, there would be none.

But, we see and you also see un-ending movements inside R K Mission, claiming to follow a religion different from Hindu religion. Who is cheating whom? How many claims and efforts you find, coming from inside R K Mission to have “Religious Minority Status”? This is nothing but cheating.

This cheating started with some senior authority from Belur Math Head Quarters arranging to get Religious Minority Status from Bihar State Government in September 1969.

iii) Inside the Court, these authorities from R K Mission stressed, as their main point, that Ramakrishnaism was a religion different from Hinduism; they repeatedly stressed on the “Religious Minority Status” i.e. Non-Hindu status which they had obtained from Bihar State Government. They submitted in Calcutta Court, copy of the following letter dated 15 th September 1969 issued by Congress State Government of Bihar in 1969:


Copy of Letter No. 2/B 9023/69-Edn. dated 15 th Sept 1969, from Sri L N Singha, Deputy Secretary, Government of Bihar, Education Department to DPI, Bihar, Patna.

Sub: Regarding establishment and running of Non-Govt. High Schools by Minority Communities.


On the above subject I have to state that the question of the educational institutions established and run by the Ramakrishna Mission should be recognized as institutions established and run by minority community or not was under the consideration of the Government for sometime past. After due consideration, the State Government has decided that the “Ramakrishna Mission” may be recognized as a Religious Minority in terms of Sec. 30(1) of the Constitution of India and the institutions established and run by a minority community in terms of the said Section.

Yours faithfully,
L N Singha

Deputy Secretary to the Government of Bihar.

Copy to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, for information and necessary action.


4. Officially accepted as Intervener, I had access to the material officially submitted to the Court by R K Mission. I was extremely surprised to see many incorrect statements and even offending accusations against Hinduism made by R K Mission. A few of these are given below, taken from R K Mission’s Affidavit (indicated by “A”) and their Written Arguments (indicated by “WA”):

a) Other religions (including Hinduism) do not believe that all religions are different paths leading to the same goal, but claim absolute authority in all matters to the exclusion of all others (A-Para 7 (ii)).

b) Sri Ramakrishna went to Muslim and Christian mystics and lived with them for years following their strict routines (WA-Page 32).

c) A Hindu has no respect for the scriptures of other religions (A-Page 6).

d) Sri Ramakrishna for the first time proclaimed that we are not to be kind to the poor but serve the God that is in them.(WA-Page 36-37).

e) It appears that the members of the Governing Body of the RK Mission were described in the Memorandum of Association registered on 04.05.1909 as Hindu Missionaries. This is possibly the only place on the several documents of RK Math and Mission where the expression “Hindu” occurs.

(WA-Page 39).

   6. R K Math and Mission were founded upon a religion of its own. (WA- Page 44).

   7. Swami Vivekananda was an aggressive Hindu monk when he went to Chicago Parliament of religions. After return from the West, he had become a preacher of a religion basically different from Hinduism in many respects and above all, with the different philosophy.(WA-Page 45).

   8. A Hindu without a caste is almost a contradiction in terms….. A man who is a member of a caste is a Hindu. He who is not, is not a Hindu. (WA-Page 76)
9.Religion of Sri Ramakrishna is the religion separate and different from the religion of the Hindus. The difference is more pronounced in the different aspects of their respective professions, practices and propagations. Ramakrishnaism has its separate God, separate name, separate church, separate worship, separate community, separate organization and above all separate philosophy. (WA-Page 100)

10.This religion of Sri Ramakrishna was declared to be a religion different and separate from Hindu religion even by its founder Swami Vivekananda (WA-P 100)

5 . In the Introduction to “Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda” published on July 4, 1907, the Editor had written “ we have what is not only a gospel to the world at large, but also to its own children, the Charter of the Hindu Faith . What Hinduism needed, amidst the general disintegration of the modern era, was a rock where she could lie at anchor, and authoritative utterance in which she might recognize herself. And this was given to her, in these words and writings of the Swami Vivekananda.”

Why is R K Mission now calling this as different from Hinduism? This stand of R K Mission has been categorically rejected by the Hounourable Supreme Court of India (2 nd July, 1995). This judgment of 2 nd July 1995 is in confirmation of the earlier judgement of

Supreme Court of India on 14 th January, 1966. The copies of these two Supreme Court of India Judgements were sent to you

6. Above these Supreme Court Judgements, stands the Divine Judgement given by Sri Ramakrishna mentioned in para 2 (ii) above, repeated below:

“ The Hindu religion alone is the Sanatana Dharma. The various creeds you hear of nowadays have come into existence through the will of God and will disappear again through His will. They will not last forever. Therefore I say, ‘I bow down at the feet of even the modern devotees.’ The Hindu religion has always existed and will always exist .”

As a Believer in Sri Ramakrishna, I take this Judgement of Sri Ramakrishna as a Divine Vision and Warning to Ramakrishna Mission:

“ Please do not create a religion different from Sanatana Hindu Dharma. If you do create a different religion, you shall disappear along with your new religion”.

Choice and Action are in your hands, Respected Sadhus and Sadhvis of Ramakrishna Mission.

Yours in the service of Sanatana Hindu Dharma,

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