An Open letter to a Communist Hate Monger

via Indian published on July 15, 2007

Dear Mr. Bidwai,

Today’s article in Khaleej Times is spineless, muslim appeasing and exhibits your typical ‘Timid Hindu’ trait (you claim to be a Hindu when it suits you but in any case you had nothing to do or contribute for your Hindu origins). It is a gutless attempt by a confused, middle class, left oriented and Hindu-baiting journalist eking out a living dishing out below average verbose to please LEFT bosses & Muslim clergy. Most importantly you suffer from ‘Modi Phobia’! Even if you write an obituary for your grand mother, Modi/Hindutva/right extremist Hinduism will somehow be introduced by you!!

For you everything starts from Modi. Kindly consider the following:

1. Why there are no Pundit terrorists from Kashmir blowing themselves up in crowded Muslim bazaars when they have lost their all – land, honor and everything at the hands of Muslim militants? Can you summon some courage to say a few words or will your tail be always tucked between your legs when Hindus suffer? Why is that no Hindu priest is preaching armed struggle / suicide bombing in temple discourses? Why Hindu doctors from anywhere in India or abroad do not blow up whites in UK for all their ills suffered at the hands of Muslims thro’ british divide and rule policy?

2. Dalits have suffered for centuries! Why there are no dalit suicide bombers amongst dalit buddhists, dalit christians, Dalit muslims & dalit Hindus blowing up everything Hindu in India?

3. Why there are no black African suicide bombers blowing to smithreens all white dominated areas in USA & Europe for centuries of humiliation and suffering thro’ slavery? Or for that matter in South Africa? Luckily they were all converted to Christianity by the whites before the current day Arab Muslims could reach them!

4. Why LTTE suicide bombers do not go all the way to UK to blow Queen’s symbols but only carry out their attack in Sri Lanka? And why they never talk about Hindu religion being under siege but talk of Tamil pride /freedom?

5. Why there are no Jewish suicide bombers now or in the past when Hitler cleansed them? They could have blown themselves up in Germany in the 40s & 50s to target Nazis!

6. Yes, India was divided on religion. Muslims got what they wanted – a seperate land with Islamic rule. The minority there (in Pakistan & Bangladesh) are suffering untold miseries and almost all converted to Islam to escape harassment. The Hindus or Christians in Pakistan could have become suicide bombers to avenge their ignominy. In Pakistan and Bangladesh thousands of temples have been destroyed, Hindu women raped, forcibly married off to much older muslim men and their families terrorized. Yet there is no one suicide bomber of Hindu origin in Pakistan or Bangladesh!

7. Today maximum number of people killed by suicide bombers are muslims themselves & the bombers are muslims too! If the victims are Shias then you can be certain that Sunni bomber would have reached heavens and it would be a Shia bomber knocking at the gates of JANNAT if the victims are Sunnis!!

The problem is that religion ISLAM! All muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. I am not saying this but the muslim intellectuals themselves!!!

Yet you write so authoritatively that Gujarat is the reason for terrorism amongst Muslims in India! Demolition of Babri Masjid is the reason for terrorism and Bombay blasts of 93!! Why no buddhist monk is blowing up muslims in revenge for the demolition of all Buddhist monuments in Afghanistan? So stupid you are trying to project Islam and extremist Muslims in honourable light mouthing inanities like defective democracy, social inequalities etc. Your LEFT ideals of MAOISM, NAXALISM & killing innocent civilians go hand in hand with JIHADI Islam wanting to annihilate any and every one coming in the way of DOGMA! You hide the venom (of anti-Hinduism, pro-Islam & China-centric Communism) under the hood of (False) SECULARISM.

If you do not have the spunk to write the truth, then do not write about terrorism at all. Stick to Economic policies, NGO, environmental issues and other money making stuff.

All common folks of any religion are the most sincere and God-fearing lot. The average human being is honest and hard working in any region/ religion. But Islam is the only religion today which preaches JIHAD. That is the only religion which has a one way traffic – others have to be converted to their religion but any Msulim trying to leave the religion will be killed. This is enshrined and indoctrinated. What has a Bangalore doctor or engineer Muslim got against the International community in Scotland? Can you write about this. Educate yourself first before exhibiting your ignorance about terrorism and Islam. I know that no one should blame AAM ADMI. But there is limit to vote bank politics and bowing to Islamic pressure. The PM of our country loses his sleep because UK/Australian police are questioning terrorist suspects of Indian origin under custody! He (or for that matter you) never had any problem in getting forty winks when thousands of innocent civilians were killed in Bombay, Delhi, Varanasi… by Islamic terrorists!

I am very disappointed with your dumb logic. When a writer crosses all limits of logical reasoning and attributes a suicide bombing act in Glasgow by a higher middle class muslim engineer from Bangalore to ills of Indian system, his head needs to be examined by specialists.

I would like to know from you the remedies you prescribe for tackling Islamic terrorism from purely an Indian context (do not bring in Palestine, Iraq, Chechenya etc.). What happened in LAL MASJID of Pakistan is waiting to happen soon in India. Musharaf could order the shelling and invasion of the mosque (like Indira Gandhi ordered Golden Temple operation) because he is a Muslim. Who will order the military in India in such a situation (with Muslims using the mosques for terrorist activities) – Pratibha Tai, Sonia the Supremo, Manmohan Singh the MEEK, the truly secular Karat/Yechuri (they guided the Maoists to destroy the Hindu Kingdom in Nepal), Pan Chewing Lalloo, Machivilian Arjun Singh? I shudder to think of such a scenario! But I am sure of one thing should that happen – the appearance of your article in a Gulf News Paper with banner headlines ‘The Siege of the Mosque’ attributing everything to MODI.

This article exposes your true colours.

Enjoy this kind of misuse of media till Hindu Suicide Bombers rear their heads (it may not happen at all). The day it happens I know for sure the pseudo-secular brigade will be the first to scoot!




An Indian

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