An appeal to youths of India

published on January 2, 2014

My Grandfather told me that that most of the time our fate was in the hands of Baghavan (God), however, sometimes we have to be self-reliant. HE also would point out that every now and then that chance and curiosity could change our life’s course, so we must be sensitive to the occasions and circumstances are presented to us.

In the course of my career, Grandfather’s prophecy was fitting, as on several occasions circumstances challenged and eventually reformed and my Life’s course.

You are young, educated, and professionals. Some Indian youths will become experts in computers, some will become professors, judges, criminal justice officers, and few will get into politics or judiciary. Whatever profession you choose “nothing is as god or bad as it seems”. In your career, sooner or later, you will be asked about your culture, religion, and your understanding of your culture, and its influence on your performance.

For Indian youth, the meaning of culture can be elusive. For as we are living in India, and the politicians have tinkered with our education, culture and the media and imposed their distorted version of pseudo secularism multiculturalism and tolerance. For as we change, the meaning we attribute to our cultural experience evolves.

Our cultural identity that determines who and what we are and what we will become. In the course of your career, you will establish relationship with those who share with same culture.

In this day and age, you are bombarded with words in the midst of social crisis. As we near our election for 2014, you will hear meaningless and absurd rhetoric Kejriawl, and the thunder from the Italian Catholic Mafia lady and the leader duck dynasty, the scorpion congress party and confusing and distorted words from buddhu Rahul

You will also hear from Marxists, Maoists, capitalists, Capitalists, and Socialists with their and several other her Isms, ideologies and few other social movements with their apocalyptic plans to change social conditions in India. There are more youths in India than in other countries in the world. The capitalists are coming to India to rob your wealth. They come in different disguises and ideologies like Human Rights, Peace, détente, consumerism, freedom and liberty and progress.

Capitalists and Communists found themselves on opposite sides, creating tension, and conflicts in underdeveloped nations, supplying sophisticated weapons and other assistance to conflicting nations. They have been creating belligerency, anger, hostility through psychological warfare. Both are our enemies, study our social systems and create tension among us. These isms are not our friends. By creating false hopes, false promises and financially support and create inept, manipulable leaders like Kejariwal. Capitalist countries support several NGOs in India. Only by avoiding the foreign funded NGOs can save lot of miseries for India. As Youths, you have to address these issues. The Media in India are supposed to analyze the basic principles and policies associated with these systems. Western powers want to create social tension within India and support splinter groups and create terrorism in India. Please do not trust our media and the AA party or the dynasty party headed by the Uneducated Italian born catholic Mafia lady. Despite the 68 years of the anti-national congress party rule, they are bewildered and uncertain of the future. As youths, you must know that India is under siege. Our economy is in a downward trend, Crime, rape, inflation and corruption are rampant in INDIA

In this context, in view of the next general election, youths of India have to ponder “how are they going to improve their life in India. Do they want Pragmatic, wise man Modi or do they want Rahul to lead them and India? Youths, the choice is yours. I fervently hope that youths in India will stand behind Modi.

Modi, is the man of wisdom, the Iron MAN of India, a true leader-Integrator of our time. MODI has prophesied and interpreted, is expressed by the words “Indian People Power” and “Sathyam Eva Jayathe” (Truth shall Triumph).Narendra Modi, the very mention of his name, the proven leader-integrator, conjures up a variety of opinions and emotion of youths, Middle aged people and elderly around the world. Modi is loved, admired, and always honoured with laurels praising his superhuman efforts in the struggle for our dignity, freedom, peace and progress. He is also hated by our enemies, converted Muslims and Christians, and misunderstood by the anti-national congress party and Italian born Catholic Mafia Party and its leader. But whatever the response, Modi is a voice of our society and we must hear him and support him.

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