An Appeal to Spiritual Hindus

published on January 16, 2010


I seek your kind attention. You might be busy with Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Temple
Visit, listening to Spiritual Discourses etc. Now it is time to take a rapid fire test on your Spiritual Progress so far. Let’s begin:

1) Do you believe in ‘Spirituality’?

2) Spirit, Self or ‘Atman’ has no death. Death is only for the body. Will you dare committing a suicide then?

3) Do you take food for a variety of reasons?

4) At office/workplace when your boss gives you a problem to be solved, will you not try solving it rather than advising ‘Nothing can be done and whatever is bound to happen will happen’?

5) What will you write your religion as when you apply for a job, passport or visa?
‘Hindu’ or ‘I am pure spirit’?

6) Do you care for your family, friends, community, society, nation and humanity at large?

7) When you don’t stand up and fight for the rights of your Hindu brethren, don’t you think what happened to Kashmiri Pandits may happen to you one day?

8) Are you fit to pass comments on Pujya Sri Shankaracharya of Kanchi when you
yourself don’t do three times ‘Sandhya Vandhan’ / recite the Vedas daily?

9) Whenever narrated with a problem that the Hindu Society is facing, you say – ‘It is
Kali Yuga. Nothing can be done.’ But when your dearest friend is suffering from a
disease say Swine Flu, will you not rush him to the hospital?

10)You say ‘Good and evil exist together. Even in the days of Ramayana and
Mahabharatha, there were demons and wicked men.’ Did not Lord Rama fight
Ravana? Did not Lord Krishna help Pancha Pandavas?

11) Sri Adi Shankara, who preached the philosophy of ‘Advaita’ or Non Duality, himself debated many scholars and established mutts to propagate the message of ‘Vedas’. Do you have a lesson to learn here?

12) When Thirugnanasamandhar questioned Jainism, Sri Kumarila Bhatta was critical on Budhism and Sri Adi Shankara questioned even beautiful philosophies ike ‘Mimamsa’ within the Hindu Fold, don’t you think that it is high time to introspect
religions like Islam and Christianity before uttering ‘All religions are equal’? If you
are not that knowledgeable, cannot our Gurus do that?

13) All religions may have some common messages (Brotherhood, Love & Affection). But, they may also have some uncommon messages (Jihad & Judgment Day). Sanathana Dharma or Hinduism itself is like an ocean – 4 Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18 Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharatha and hundreds of literary and poetic works like Thirukkural, Raghuvamsam etc. One’s life span won’t be enough to read and understand these sacred scriptures (forget about Quran, Hadith and Bible). Is it because of this lack of knowledge that you say, ‘All religions are equal’? Are all
numbers equal?

14)Bhagavat Gita says, “Whatever has happened has happened for good.” You use this verse when Hindu Society confronts a problem. The same Lord Krishna asked
Arjuna to fight the battle or ‘Dharma Yudh’. Are you not selective and opportunistic
in choosing / ignoring this advice?

15)When Bhagavat Gita has turned out to be a modern management guide, don’t you think that you have restricted it only to four walls of your Pooja Room?

16)Brahma Rishi Vishvamitra sought Rama’s and Lakshmana’s help to destroy the
demons Marichan and Subahu who were a hindrance in his Yagas. Don’t you think
there is nothing wrong in our Gurus harnessing the potential of Hindu parties,
organizations and people to cleanse the administration in ‘Bharat’? Do they have
the liberty to do this if Churches and Mosques can instruct their followers on which
party to vote for in an election?

17) Sri Vidyaranya (one of the heads of Sringeri mutt) reconverted the brothers
Harihara and Pukha from Islam to Hinduism and guided them in establishing the
mighty Vijayanagaram Empire. Don’t you now pray for the soul of Swami
Lakshmanananda Saraswati to rest in peace?

18)Our ancestors were accommodative even though they didn’t know the word
‘Secularism’. Today in the name of ‘Secularism’ anything Hindu is dismissed as
Saffron. Don’t you think that India should be made a ‘Hindu Dharmic Republic’ instead
of remaining blurred with the alien word, ‘Secularism’? Don’t we need a Hindu
Renaissance now? If not now, when?

19)Is not Nationalism and Spirituality interrelated? Do you think that you can freely
practice your Yoga and celebrate festivals openly in the day light of Saudi or

20)God forbid! If ‘Bharat’ is say attacked and captured by China, will not the fate of our ‘Sadhus’ be that of the present Dalai Lama’s?

21)Do you think that your nation ‘Bharat’ is facing problems like ’26/11′, ‘Kashmir’?

22)You proudly boast about Indian spirituality and culture. You give advice and
lectures on Karma Yoga. Today the Varna System is no more existent. The Indian
Armed Forces and Government have taken the place of ‘Kshatriyas’. Don’t you think
that you should henceforth be concerned about issues like national security and

23) Indian soldiers suffer in the biting cold of Siachen Glacier thus protecting the nation (like the brave Lakshmana) so that you sleep well in the night. Does your conscience prompt you to say boldly that they deserve a better treatment?

24)When Indian government rejected the demand for ‘One Rank One Pension’,
disappointed Army veterans returned back their hard earned medals to the
president’s office this year (2009). Is this the way you treat these brave soldiers?

25)Though you don’t interfere in politics, it doesn’t need a seer to say that politics
(Congress & Secular Bandwagon) has always interfered and humiliated Hindu
sentiments continually (if not continuously). You didn’t care when the Kanchi Mutt’s
reputation was harmed. Slowly the Chidambaram temple has come under siege. You
say that you are not from Kashmir when 4,00,000 Kashmiri Pandits are ethnically
cleansed. Don’t you think that the devil will knock your door one day?

I beg your Pardon for hurting any of your Spiritual sentiments. I am not Karunanidhi! But when terrorist attacks took place unabated with innocent people losing lives, the country needed a change in governance. I felt sad when BJP lost in the general elections (2009), but hurt when you joined the ‘24 x 7’ TV Channels in saying ‘It is a victory of Secularism over Communalism’ & ‘we now have a strong Government’. What is the use, if it always takes an anti – Hindu stance and is incapable of taking strong decisions? It is hoped here that you will unite and now onwards vote en block for a political party which has a Hindu agenda so that spirituality and Dharma survives and wins over the secular onslaught. Please spread this humble message to all your Hindu friends and relatives so that year 2014 finds us all in peace, good health and spiritual ecstasy.

With warm regards,

Yours Spiritual Hindu Brother!

….. Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu …..

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