All India Hindu Convention that augurs the Hindu Nation, begins with great splendour !

published on June 11, 2012

‘Hindu Nation’ is the birth-right of every Hindu ! – Proclaim the speakers

    Ramanathi (Ponda, Goa)  :  ‘Hindu Nation’ is the birth-right of every Hindu’ proclaimed the dignitaries present on the first day of The historic All India Hindu Convention that is bringing all those Hindus who have only one burning desire in their hearts, that of establishing a Hindu Nation, under one roof. This Convention that has created flutter in the hearts of anti-Hindus, began with great splendour In Vidyadhiraj Hall of Shri Ramnath Temple here in Goa. It is being organised  by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and is being attended by over 174 religious heads, intellectuals, editors, honourable Hindus and other dignitaries.

    The inauguration of the Convention was done with traditional lighting of lamp at the auspicious hands of Pujya Yush Maharaj, Saint of Spiritula Science Reasearch Foundation Pujay Atul Dighe and Natinal Guide of HJS Pujya (Dr.) Charudatta Pingale. This was followed by the chanting of Vedic mantras by the students of Sanatan’s Ved Pathshala. The Saints and Dignitaries were then honoured on behalf of HJS.

Release of three Holy texts on Dharmarakshan and Dharmacharanpublished by Sanatan at the Holy hands of Saints
Pujya Yush Maharaj released the Holy text ‘Achars (Conducts) related to eating’, while Pujya Atul Dighe released ‘Special characteristics of the Dev-vani Sanskrut and the ways of saving it’, both the texts being in Hindi. Thereafter, Pujya Charudatta Pingale, released ‘Beware of the conspiracies of conversions !’ a Holy text in Kannada language.

Hindus should fight by becoming ‘Arjun’ ! – Shri Chittaranjan Sural , National Coordiantor, HJS

          There is a planned conspiracy going on to finish off Hindus through the mediums of various attacks on them. Therefore, there is need to fight against the conspiracy by uniting the Hindus. They must form their ‘pressure group’ thereby, proving their strength through voting machines. There are several obstacles in the path of establishment of Hindu Nation and we are fighting to stop these attacks like the ‘Pandavas’ dis in Mahabharat. Everyone will have to fight by becoming ‘Arjun’. This was stated by Mr. Chittaranjan Sural, National Coordinator of HJS during the inaugural session of the Convention.
… Tell me why don’t you require Hindu Nation ! – Dr. Neel Madhav Das

 Those people who ask that ‘ Why do you require a Hindu Nation?’ should first answer the question ‘Why not ?’ If we get satisfactory answer for that only then we will reply to their question. Establishment of Hindu Nation is our only aim. We want to establish Hindu Nation in the whole world’, said Dr. Neel Madahva Das of ‘Tarun Hindu’ organization from Jharkhand.

Spiritual power is a must for establishment of Hindu Nation ! – Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, Sanatan’s Saint

     The Hindu Nation will be a certainty as told by the visionary Saints. We should participate in this process only as a means to achieve Moksha. Hindu Nation will not be founded on the hatred towards members of other sects.  We will have to work on physical, psychological, intellectual and Spiritual level. Subtle Demoniacal energies are opposing the creation of Hindu Nation on a large scale. These energies are opposing the creation of Hindu Nation through the mediums of politicians, Police, administration and members of other religions. Therefore, Spiritual power is essential along with intellectual education. This was stated by Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale, National Guide for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

    Hindus should work in Education field – Prof. Rameshwar Mishra
Hindu nation cannot be created only through politics. For this the Hindus should work in both Dharma and Education field.’ Said Prof. Mishra  f Hindu Vidya Kendra, Varanasi

Proper Coordination of Science-Tehnology and Spiritaulity is essential for establishment of Hindu Nation ! – Pujya Yush Maharaj

      While speaking on this occasion Pujya Yush Maharaj said, “Proper Coordination of Science-Tehnology and Spiritaulity is essential for establishment of Hindu Nation. Hindu Nation of our expectation will be devoid of corruption and immorality.”

     The program was compeered by Mr. Vinayak Shanbhag and Mrs. Pournima Prabhu of HJS, South India. The reports of TV channels and newspapers were present for the occasion from the morning session itself.

    174 Hindu leaders and dignitaries from 20 States attend the Convention !
Following Hindu leaders were present during the inaugural function. They are- Mr. Pramod Mutalik of ‘Sriram Sena’ from South India,  Mr. Ashwinikumar Shrungu, President ‘Panoon Kashmir’ Jammu; Mr. Atul Verma, Advocate and MP, Samajvadi Party, Madhya Pradesh;  Dr. Neel Madhav Das, President , ‘Tarun Hindu’, Jharkhand; Senior Intellectual Mr. Sachhidnanda Shevade; Pujya Yush Maharaj, Gazipur (U.P.); Pujya Dr. Charudatta Pingale and Pujya Atul Dighe both Saints of Sanatan Sanstha; Prof. Rameshwar Mishra, President ,’Dharmapalan Shodhpeeth’ Bhopal; Mr. Arvind Maharaj Upadhyaya, Regional President of ‘Subhash Krantikari Party’, Madhya Pradesh; Mr. Suresh Kulkarni, Senior Advocate, High Court; Mr. P.P.P. Nayar of ‘Keraliya Kshetrapalan Committee; Mr. Chittaranjan Sural, National Coordinator for Hindu Janajagruti Samiti; Mr. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson for HJS and Mr. Abhay Vartak, National Spokesperson for Sanatan Sanstha.

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