All about Secularism : Real and Phony

published on March 28, 2013

Secularism was developed in Europe as a reaction against atrocities committed by the Jesus followers and the Church. The church was behind mass killing, and it caused underdevelopment and regression. Wise and intelligent people revolted against the reasonable and unnecessary control of the dictatorship and church domination. Secularism was a good beginning against the Church. During the Christian control, Europe was in darkness and there was no science and technology. The Church ordered killings of Jews and unbelievers, authorized witch burning, and mass murder of nihilists, non-believers and native people.
Secularism has saved Europe with industrial revolution. Several Asian and Latin American countries got freedom from Christian colonialists. Secularism is nothing new. In every civilization, there has been conflict and flight between religious leaders and the ruling kings. American intellectuals, who wrote their constitution, made it clear that there will be strict separation of the Church and the State in a democratic nation.

But unfortunately the word “secularism” was misused and misplaced in India. In Indian context Hindus were never religious fanatics, dogmatic and rigid with a tunnel vision. As Karl Marx said “Religion was opium of” that was for Christians and Muslims. Islamic brutal leaders said “kill all the infidels”. Muslims have been killing even today without any end in sight. Most recently in Hydrabad, Jihadi explosions killed more than 18 people and several hundreds were injured. It was the hand-work of some local Jihadis with the help of ISI agents from Pakistan.

In India, what we are following is not real secularism. It is pseudo secularism, bogus secularism or phony secularism. There was no reason to introduce secularism in India. Hindus were secular, are secular and will be secular for ever. It was the brain-child of Jawaharlal Nehru and V.K.Krishna Menon who were from their English Education. In the name of secularism, Hindus were suppressed and we are forced to give more privileges to Muslims and Christians. The same divide and rule philosophy used by the British Raj followed to keep their power. This ought to stop. Hindus must unite to eliminate the Catholic Sonia government to stop special privileges es to these fanatic Muslims and provocative Christians in India.
In the name of this pseudo-secularism, India is ruled by anti-Hindu forces, atheists, Christians and Muslims. Hindus, wake up and regain your senses. It seems that the anti-National Congress government and anti-Hindu regional parties are suffering from a virulent form of cognitive disorder.

These phony Hindus are testing the limits of our tolerance. Our ruling Congress government and agents of our enemies never want to or pursue anything except the happiness and welfare of Islamists, Christians, Marxists and pseudo-secularists who promote their hidden agendas or self-interests. They do not get pleasure from helping fellow Hindus. They do not get pangs of conscience about helping Hindu society by creating a Hindu Rashtra.

The reason is clear. When we consider the matter carefully, we find no good reason to accept these corrupt, anti-Hindu, anti-national political leaders. We are, therefore, free to accept the common view that these immoral and corrupt political leaders are to increase increase Muslims and Christian votes. They get applause from pseudo-secularists from within India and abroad.

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