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via HARAN.B.R published on March 1, 2008

Madras High Court in its historic Judgment on the 19th of June 2007,
accepted the existence of the Manmade Rama Sethu and suggested the Government of
India to declare Rama Sethu as a “National Heritage Monument” as per “The
Ancient Monuments and Archeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958″ and directed it
to file a reply affidavit. But, the GOI chose to ignore the suggestion and
direction of Madras HC and transferred the cases to Supreme Court,
and after dodging on the important and sensitive issue for two more months,
filed an arrogant & insensitive affidavit in September 2007, denying the
historicity of Lord Ram, truth of Ramayana and existence of Rama Sethu, hurting
the religious sentiments of millions of Hindus worldwide.
As a consequence,
when nationwide protests were conducted by millions of people, the GOI
shamelessly withdrew the affidavit and since then it has been dodging for the
last five months.


the Congress led GOI has filed an affidavit requesting the Supreme Court for
a vacation of its interim orders saying that there is no evidence for a manmade
structure, relying on the recommendation of the so-called “committee of eminent
persons” constituted by the DMK to accomplish its self-serving agenda. The
government has added in its affidavit that, “The GOI should not be called upon
to respond to issues of faith, except in recognizing their faith”. This very
same government, while hurriedly & shamelessly withdrawing the previous
affidavit, boasted & declared in front of the whole nation that, “Lord Rama is as
real as the Himalayas and the Ganges”. Why can’t a government, which accepts the
reality of Lord Rama, accept
the reality of the bridge constructed by him?


government has also averred in its present affidavit that, “A secular state
cannot espouse the cause of any religion, faith or belief”. If so, what is the
meaning behind the constitution of HR & CE departments? Why the states of
Tamilnadu, Andhra, Kerala and Karnataka are wreaking havoc in Hindu religious
affairs? Why did Rajiv Gandhi‘s
government bring an amendment for the sake of Muslim Clerics in the ‘Shah Bano’
case? Why was the Delhi Metro diverted for the sake of the Moghul Monument
Kutthub Minar? If a developmental project can deviate for the sake of a few
hundred years old monument, why can’t a similar project deviate for the sake of
thousands of years old ancient & sacred monument?


such, the affidavit gives a confusing picture. A deeper look gives three
postures to it. Firstly, it might be a tactical move by the Congress Party
trying to keep itself away from religious sensitivities, while at the same time
placating its important ally DMK.
Tomorrow, in case if the SC’s verdict goes
against the project, it can always put the blame on SC and escape from the wrath
of DMK. Secondly, it might be a well-conceived move by both Congress &
DMK, that is, Congress not repeating the September mistake & DMK sticking to
its stand of implementing the project at any cost.
In the event of a verdict
against the project, both of them can save their face and need not cut a sorry
figure while facing the people. Congress can boldly face the people with great
relief and DMK can tell the “Tamils” that it fought bravely till the end!
Thirdly, it might be a combined last-ditch attempt by both the parties to
fight for the vacation of stay and dismissal of the petitions filed against the


 Also, from our perspective of the present
affidavit is in no way different from the previous one. The September affidavit
openly declared that Rama & Rama Sethu are myth and the present affidavit
indirectly states the same, while placing the burden of solving this important
issue on the heads of the Supreme Court Judges. There seems to be three
options for the Supreme Court.
Firstly, it may deliver the verdict in support of the petitioners and direct the
government to scrap the project and declare Rama Sethu as a
NationalHeritageMonument. Secondly,
it may direct the Center to conduct an Archeological Survey and find out whether
the Rama Sethu is manmade or not, while keeping the project in abeyance until
then. Thirdly, it may accept the government’s arguments and dismiss the
petitions filed against the Project.


While the petitioners, environmentalists, Hindu
Organizations, Fishermen, right thinking citizens and millions of Hindus would
be delighted at the happening of the first two possibilities cited above, the
third event might prove to be devastating for both the Congress and DMK. In
the event of SC dismissing the petitions and giving a go-ahead to the project,
the entire Nation is bound to erupt like a volcano and it would be too difficult
for the government to face the consequences. The BJP would utilize this God
given opportunity and create another Ayodhya of sorts with the additional
support from environmentalists, security experts, mariners, geologists,
archeologists, true historians and fishermen, which were not there at the time
of Ayodhya episode.
Even in Tamil Nadu, AIADMK and BJP, which cater to 25 to
30 percent of voters, will rally against the project with the support of
environmentalists and fishermen of the southern coast. If the situation turns
precarious, which is a certainty, other parties except the DMK, DK, Communists
and VCK, might change their stand on the issue. The SSCP would turn out to be a
nemesis for DMK. Ultimately, the Rama Sethu issue would end up as another
Ayodhya prolonging for years. The difference is that, while the “Mandhir” could
not be built there, the “Sethu” already exists here!  


The legal luminaries are of the opinion that the Union
Government is fighting a weak case and the petitioners are in a win-win
situation. In the meantime, the government has said that it would abide by the
judgment of the Supreme Court,
which again is unconvincing & distrustful, taking into consideration its
track record for the last four years.
This Useless Pathetic Alliance at the
center has been appeasing the minorities and antagonizing the majority, since
its formation.  The best example lies in the issue of dreaded
terrorist Mohammed Afzal Guru, where in, the SC judgment giving him Capital
Punishment is still kept in abeyance by the government, showing scant regard to
the sanctity of the highest judiciary of the land. Very recently, when the Delhi
High Court issued a notice acting on a PIL filed against the Sachar Committee
reports, it ignored the notice and refrained from filing its reply and finally
landed up getting reprimanded and paying a fine of Rsd.10.000/-.


 Also, of late, the trend in the Judiciary
seems to be giving only ‘judgments’ but not ‘justice’. Hence, Navigational
Experts, Security Experts, Archeologists, Geologists, Environmentalists,
Literary Experts, Religious Gurus, Legal Luminaries, Fishermen of Southern
Coastal Tamil Nadu and all right thinking citizens and millions of Hindus have
only one request to the Supreme Court Judges, that is –


Please give us “JUSTICE”, and not “JUDGMENT” and Help
save Rama Sethu!






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