A track record of terror

via HARAN.B.R published on June 25, 2008

India has
been a soft target for the Pakistan
and  Bangladesh
based terror-outfits for quite some time. While Jihad on India has been the
focus and main agenda of the Islamic terrorists, Kashmir Issue, Babri
demolition and Gujarat riots have become convenient reasons for the so-called
liberals, secularists and rights activists to justify the actions of the
terrorists and fundamentalists. The pseudo-secular politicians, who fight with
one another for garnering the Muslim vote-banks, do not show the will &
sincerity to put an end to this rapidly increasing menace called Islamic

The successive Congress leaders, right from Nehru and Indhra to
Rajiv and Manmohan, have been continuing the legacy of Muslim appeasement
focusing on their vote bank. As the Congress party lost its foothold in many
States over a period of time since independence, the regional parties, which
gained and captured power, have also been not far behind the Congress in
appeasing the minority community. This vote-begging attitude of these
pseudo-secular parties paved the way for the augmentation of fundamentalists,
to proceed with their religious agenda through their clerics, who have been
always successful in their bargains with political parties.

The politicians, in their greed for power, adopted divisive policies to
divide the majority community along caste & class lines, while at the same
time, they concentrated on capturing the minority vote banks in bulk, by
cajoling their religious heads, whose directions are religiously followed and
obeyed by the community. The successive pseudo-secular governments started
suppressing the rights of the majority community, while giving undue privileges
to the minorities.

The governments allowed the minority communities to have separate
personal and civil laws instead of ensuring a Uniform Civil Code despite
directions from the Supreme Court based on `Article 44′ of the Constitution.
The official machineries remained as mute spectators when the minority community
took the law into its hands for protesting against the incidents, which
happened even outside the country like Danish cartoons, US’s Iraq invasion,
Saddam hanging, Bangladeshi author Taslima’s books release & her stay in
India, etc. Lack of will to curtail the mushrooming of Madrasas, lack of
control over the growing fundamentalist organisations like the SIMI, NDF, AL
UMMA, MNP, etc have emboldened the local jihadi elements to connive with
foreign terror outfits, resulting in frequent terror attacks on our soil.

With the advent of UPA government, an opportunistic alliance of minority
appeasing pseudo secular parties, Islamic terrorism has increased manifold, and
the situation has gone beyond control, that the Jihadis have started striking
at will in trains, buses, markets, malls, temples, mosques, theatres and even
courts. The only places, which are left untouched, are police stations! A
chronology of terror attacks in the last four years will show some light on the
pathetic scenario of internal security in India.

15 August 2004
Bombs explode in Assam
killing 16, mostly school children.

25 August 2004
6 People died in two car bomb blasts in Mumbai.

5 July 2005
Terrorists attacked Ram Janma Boomi, Ayodhya.

28 July 2005
13 killed and 50 injured in an explosion on board Shramjivi Express at
Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh.

29 October 2005
More than 60 people killed and more than 200 injured in when three bombs
exploded on the eve of Deepavali in New Delhi.

7 March 2006
28 people killed and 62 injured when three bombs ripped through the holy town
of Varanasi including the famous Sankat
Motchan Hanuman Temple
and the Railway Station.

11 July 2006
Seven bomb blasts within eleven minutes on the suburban trains in Mumbai
killing 186 people and injuring more than 800.

8 September 2006
38 people killed and more than 100 injured when three bombs simultaneously
exploded, including one in a Mosque at Malegon in Maharashtra.

19 February 2007
68 people killed and dozens injured after four explosions on board the Lahore
bound Samjhauta Express.

18 May 2007: 10 killed and more than a dozen injured in a
blast at Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad.
Five more killed when police fired at an unruly Muslim mob when it tried to
attack the police.

25 August 2007
43 people killed and 70 injured when two bombs exploded at `Lumbini
Park’ and `Chat Restaurant’ in Hyderabad

23 November 2007
13 people killed and 40 wounded in a serial blast outside Courts in three
cities of Uttar Pradesh.

13 May 2008: 60 killed and 150 wounded in a series of bomb
blasts in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Apart from the above said terror attacks, the country has also been facing
consistent assaults by the Naxalites and Maoists in States like Orissa,
Chattisgarh, Jarkhand and Andhra Pradesh, etc. The ULFA has also been creating
terror and mayhem in Assam.

The nation has a government, which scrapped the most essential law
like POTA, on the first day it took office; the Prime Minister loses sleep on the
plight of the family of terrorists and terror suspects; the Home Minister
doesn’t even have a clue on what, when, where, why and how such attacks are
happening; one Minister of state for Home, ceremoniously visits the places of
attacks and makes repeated statements condemning the attacks; the whereabouts
of another Minister of State for Home appointed just to satisfy an alliance
partner is not known at all; the National Security Advisor, every now and then,
lists the susceptible targets of terror attacks and fund raising avenues of
terror outfits, creating panic in the minds of the people; the extra
constitutional authority remote controls the government and official machinery
and makes them subservient and ineffective just to keep the nation divided on
communal lines; the big brigade of writers, columnists, intellectuals,
liberals, human rights activists (who bother the rights of only perpetrators
and not the victims), artists and NGOs, who are bent upon destructing the
nation by supporting the terrorists and justifying their actions in the name of
secularism; a large section of mainstream media, both print & electronic,
irresponsibly projecting the Army, Police and the Hindu social organisations as
villains and perpetrators, and the terrorists and their abettors as heroes and

The Annual Report of the Union Home Ministry has confirmed the involvement
of Pakistan in
most of the terror attacks, which have happened on our soil. It is reported
that the Pak based terror organisations like LeT and JeM have been active from
across the borders and have involved in major attacks. Also, the Bangladesh
based organization HuJI’s involvement has been on the increase, it is said. All
these organizations have been sending well-trained militants to set up `sleeper
cells’ and to ensure connectivity with one another by forming a network of

The Home Ministry’s report claims that the government has banned 32 groups
as terrorist organizations under the provisions of Unlawful Activities
(Prevention) Act, as part of its counter measures. The report has waxed
eloquent on the government’s multi pronged approach and strategy for countering
the activities of Pakistan’s
ISI and other terror outfits. It claims that the center has increased
strengthening of coastal security network, deployed Para military forces in
sensitive areas, heightened the vigil in and around vital installations and
enhanced the communication network of intelligence agencies and sharing of
intelligence between center and states through well coordinated efforts.

But, the ground reality is totally contradicting the claims made by the Home
Ministry. In fact, the terrorists are active and effectively executing their
attacks in Congress and Left ruled states like Maharashtra,
AP, Assam, West
Bengal and Kerala, which goes to prove that the areas of
appeasement are more prone to attack. After UPA’s takeover of governance,
infiltrations of terrorists from across the borders, formation of sleeper cells
and their communication network have all increased in manifold. In reality, the
coordination and sharing of intelligence by the terrorists seem to be better
than the intelligence agencies and security forces!

Every time an attack takes place, the government puts the blame on
`failed’ intelligence and even after years, the cases remain unsolved and the
perpetrators remain at large planning their next attack. The long and snail
paced investigation processes, lack of courage to get into the Muslim dominated
areas and make them cooperate with the investigation, unnecessarily yielding to
the pressure tactics and secular threats of the so-
intellectuals, liberals and rights activists, who interfere and block the
process of investigations and execution of Judicial Orders, the long delay in
judicial processes and the absence of a stringent law like POTA, have all
weakened the police forces, intelligence agencies and law enforcers.

The country is surrounded by `failed’ States like Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Sri
Lanka and Nepal
and a lot needs to be done with regard to National Security. The last four
years of track record shows that the UPA has failed miserably with a scorecard
of zero against the fear-blazing track record of terror!

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