A. R. ANTULAY: Icon of Islamic Evil

via Babu Suseelan published on December 17, 2008

Abdul Rahman Antulay, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, who is an Islamic leader and Congress politician from Maharashtra, is one of the most important pro-Jihadi in the Sonia lead Congress government in New Delhi. Antulay is not merely the bridge between Sonia and Islamic mafia, but he is also the progenitor of the underworld Islamic mafia in Mumbai. Under his regime in Mumbai, the notorious Islamic mass murderer and mafia don Dawood Ibrahim was able to establish his criminal empire.

Abdul Rahman Antulay made an erroneous and accusatory statement in Parliament that Hindu activists may be responsible for the murder of Maharashtra ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. His false accusation of innocent Hindus, the victims of Jihadi terrorism is utterly without merit. His diversionary tactic is a deliberate attempt to mentally misdirect the gullible public from the colossal failure of the Sonia government. The baseless allegation simply is attributed to save inept, corrupt and indifferent Congress ministers. Equally misleading is his malicious attempt to depict peace loving Hindus as the chief architects of the Jihadi massacre in Mumbai.

Antulay is a point man for Sonia to hoodwink the public. His malicious statement is a psychological ploy to cover up the Congress government’s dereliction of responsibilities and misconduct in safe guarding life and liberty of citizens. Like an apocalyptic Islamic terrorist, Antulay is suffering from a peculiar malignant Islamic madness. His accusatory statement is, in fact, an attempt to avoid recognition of the darkness and Islamic hatred within him. The portrayal of Hindus as wild animals destroying lives is sheer Islamic Al-Taquiea. With this false diversionary ploy, the Antulay Islamic gang is systematically undermining India’s ability to defend itself against Islamic terrorists.

Antulay’s Islamic political double game is nothing new. During his administration in Maharashtra, he encouraged pro-criminal Islamic values and endorsed Islamic smugglers, and Jihadi mafia gang in Mumbai.

It is a crime to blame the victims and Jihadi terrorism. It is doubly sinful to accuse the Hindu victims as perpetrators of Islamic terrorism.  He has been engaged in treason, slander and high crimes and misdemeanors for a long time with impunity. Antulay is a traitor, a Jihadi double agent, an enemy of our country.

It is unfortunate that citizens are willing to surrender India’s national interest to opportunistic Islamic double agents in the name of tolerance and coexistence.

The health of our country can be gauged by the degree to which we reject these bloody Islamic apostles of terror. Acceptance of such traitors is perhaps the most profound indicator of our country’s crisis and decay. The proper response is to identify such traitors as our enemies and confront them accordingly.

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