A plea to Leaders, patriots and nationalist Hindus – Build a “Unified Hindu Front”

via Dr. Jagan Kaul published on October 31, 2007

Subject: Urgent need to build a “Unified Hindu Front” for retaining Hindu Nationalist governance in Gujarat . Anti-Hindu Congress Govt. not an option

Aadarniya Political and Religious Leaders,

Aadarniya patriot and nationalist Hindus

These days most of the major political parties are focusing on the forthcoming December elections in Gujarat as a stepping stone to improve their fortunes for future governance of the country. This is particularly true of the Congress and UPA desperados who see their success here absolutely essential for scoring well in a possible snap parliamentary poll expected next year. Hence, the concerted and co-coordinated effort by the anti- Hindu forces to dislodge the Hindu stalwart, Narendra Modi, from the state Govt. leadership. Shri Modi and his team have firmly stood in their way for totally dominating the country’s political landscape.

The unrebuttable evidence of this conspiracy is revealed by Karan Thapar’s TV interview of Mr. Modi and a battery of biased and poisonous questions thrown at him, and strategically timed Tehelka’s questionable report prompted by some dissident elements. In their desperation they have tried to infuse life in the dead and bogus issue of post Godhra riots to inflame vulnerable Muslims and anti- Hindu elements for tarnishing Mr. Modi’s image with a view to achieve his political fall. The goal of this disruptive, destructive and communal political game plan is to dislodge the best Hindu revivalist in modern India, Mr. Modi, from power and encourage anti- Hindu and anti- national political forces through out the country – Gujrat included. After all that is what both the Congress and UPA have been doing since assuming the seats of power.

If our resolve is to change the wrong policies enforced by the anti-Hindu regime in power we must change the policy makers. Democracy requires that the national majority play its rightful role in governance of a country. Such transformation can be brought about through elections. The evolution of the national policy under the guidance of the majority will ensure both promoting justice and national interests. Without any questions among other things that must include the rejection of a) the on-going destruction of Ram Setu, b) blasphemous attacks on Lord Ram, c) religious repression of Hindus by usurping the control of their temples and endowments, d) fabricated case against Shankaracharya, e) religion based reservations, f) anti-sovereignty decisions on international treaties, g) encouragement of terrorism, h) allowing unlimited and illegal Bangladeshi immigration; and, i) permitting Hindu cleansing in Kashmir and Bangladesh, etc.


Only Shri Modi and his team, in view of their popularity and an impressive record of achievements, could assure a Hindu nationalist victory and thereby the continuation of the rational nationalist governance in the state. Other groups wearing Hindu names manipulated by Modi’s detractors or not, would simply play the role of spoilers and may unintentionally and unwittingly contribute to the victory of anti-Hindu forces spearheaded by Sonia led Congress.

In the upcoming elections some of the vital issues of the Hindu community are at a stake. These issues point to the paramount need of Hindu unity. Yet some insignificant and petty reasons seem to have generated a sort of a needless rift between the VHP, a few sadhus and party dissidents in the state who according to the latest reports contemplate working against Mr. Modi’s re-election. Their right to hold difference of opinion with Mr. Modi or any body else as long as it does not lead them to play in the hands of the anti Hindutva forces is respected. They must however, remember that they agree much more with Mr. Modi than with anti-Hindu Sonia Congress.

And the petty infighting at this crucial point in time could aid the anti-Hindu adversaries to succeed and thereby gain a stranglehold on Govt. power which in turn will damage their basic and fundamental causes relevant to Hindutva and Hinduism. The central fact to bear in mind is that despite oft repeated attacks, charges, accusations and investigations by his political opponents Narendra Modi has remained unscathed therefore, activating dead horses to topple him will prove to be an exercise in futility.

2) The victory of Modi-led nationalist Govt. in Gujarat will serve as a warning to the anti- Hindu UPA Central and state governments against their discriminative policies: These governments as stated above have been following some of the worst anti- national and anti-Hindu policies with particular goal of squeezing the socio-political life out of the Indian majority community. They have already caused substantial damage and political marginalization of Hindus. However the situation in Gujarat, thanks to the “Modification Movement” has been just the other way around. In this state the Hindus have been in the driver’s seat and in command pursuing policies that satisfied the needs and desires of the general people while protecting and enhancing at the same time the national interests.

The anti-social elements thriving on militancy, terrorism, crimes, communalism, religious disharmony and social unrest in contrast to congress run states found this state extremely dangerous to operate in. There have been no riots, disturbances or turbulences in this state for the past five years and the trouble shooters were forced to close their shops and run for cover or move to areas run by the sympathetic congress administrations and their allies. When Mr. Modi and his team returns to power with a renewed peoples mandate these anti-social elements and their patrons will not only continue to be out of bounds in Gujarat but his strategy is likely to have salutary impact upon other regions of the country threatening the under world of nefarious elements particularly the ones that have joined hands with Mr. Modi’s opponents.


Unquestionably the Modi Govt. in Gujarat has made exceptionally good economic progress benefiting most sections of the Society. The state has achieved the highest degree of administrative efficiency and modernization. In fact Gujarat has become the best governed state in the country where regional and national pride is overflowing. Jealous of this marvel and afraid of his grass roots anti-corruption crusade the unscrupulous politicians locally and nationally have targeted him.

To reverse the course of this forward march, innumerable corrupt outfits who consider Mr. Modi to be an imminent danger and threat to their divisive designs, have now joined hands with a view to malign him for one reason or the other. Some of them even persuaded the Bush administration of America to deny him a visa for traveling abroad to address the NRIs of Gujrat in the US. On the fillip side there are others who firmly believe that this impressive son of Gujrat has the metal and intellectual capabilities for being the Prime Minister of the country. The attribution of these qualities to Modi by his supporters at various levels all the more worries his competitors, adversaries and specially those anti-social militants who were put out of business in Gujarat.

4) Being in a politically manipulated state of fragmentation, Hindus desire a sympathetic Govt. that aids their blooming;

Historically, the subjugators of Hindus have used “divide & rule” as central strategy to control & exploit them and rob their country. Shamelessly the present minority Govt. in office also uses the same tactic for depriving the national majority from playing its justifiable role in the governance of the country. Therefore, the people of the state need to understand the disastrous consequences of this mode of conduct and prepare an antidote to arrest the officially sponsored scheme of divisionism. A broad base alliance of Hindu forces for the realization of a “common minimum program” seems to provide a viable answer. In the absence of a sympathetic Govt. and while the anti-Hindu forces are having a hay day enjoying freedom and patronage of all sorts, Hindus have very little chance to survive indefinitely in a sharply discriminative and hostile environment.

The Islamists and Christians, who massively benefit from this divisive strategy of the Govt., unreservedly support the so- called secularists for its continuation. With corrupt and disintegrative political intentions, this Govt. induces disunity, poses a serious challenge for Hindus – touching the very foundations of their faith and culture. Hindus cannot ignore the fact that Christianity and Islam are essentially predatory and expansionist in their nature and therefore, hostile to the survival of Hinduism as an autonomous culture and political force. Yet the preference of various administrations’ in India for these foreign religions is more than visible.

5) Indian Media is mostly property of anti- Hindus & foreign money-bags: They cannot be trusted to give fair coverage to Hindu causes as has been the case in the past. Taking leave of rationality and impartiality the Indian media, which in most part is controlled, owned and managed by anti-Hindus, in fact anti-national elements and foreign money-bags, supports anti- Hindu policies and personalities. The values like fairness, impartiality, non-partisanship and unbiased coverage have become an unsuspecting casualty in their world and whatever the case, they extend their automatic support to secularists (read anti-Hindus) for shaking the traditional foundations of India.

Ignoring his exemplary achievements they have launched avalanches of multi-dimensional attacks against Modi and the contemptible attempts of reviving the frivolous and out dated post Godhra incidents. For a fair evaluation and finding a pragmatic solution to this unending irritant, the Hindu- Muslim relations and riots over the centuries, particularly during the past several decades must be taken into consideration and the superficial shield used by the congress political operatives to cover this sad saga must be removed to expose the reality.

6) The anti- Hindu establishment is well entrenched and formidable – The secularist power elite in India have, deliberately adopted a policy for doing every thing under and beyond their authority for appeasing various minorities segments, particularly the Muslims and Christians, with a view to maintain control upon the seats of power. This also includes extending unconstitutional patronage to their religions, religion based reservations and allocation of national resources for their upliftment. The foreign owned Indian media by disproportionately highlighting even the minutest incidents against the minorities and suppressing coverage on Hindu issues like ethnic cleansing in Kashmir and Bangladesh, usurpation of temples, etc has also joined the fray.

Even the Indian Prime Minister did not contain himself from extending a helping hand to this inherently corrupt and divisive policy. Thus departing from truthfulness and rationality he called the Hindu reaction to Godhra carnage as a holocaust. What better proof do we need to establish his administration’s partisanship and out right anti- Hindu stance? His Govt. did not even hesitate to distort the reality and exaggerate the riots into being a holocaust.

But holding the Hindu community at a ransom for ever on a few incidents and suppressing and distorting their history, ignoring their legitimate grievances and infringing upon their religious freedoms by none other than the nation’s premier is tantamount to fuelling minority victimhood and raise nation’s communal temperature possibly for a bigger explosion. Such a crime by the most powerful person in the country, who is charged with the responsibility of building national unity and communal harmony, is simply unpardonable. The Hindus of Gujarat who are the first hand eye witnesses to the Singh government’s treacherous policy towards them, remaining true to their salt, must stand firm and reject Man Mohan Singh’s falsehood.

7) New approach to Leadership and Courage needed for Success! Hindus must dream big – dream of a Glorious India: That Hindus are insulted and subjugated in their own mother country is a symptom of a deep malaise. At the dawn of India’s freedom sixty years ago, Hindus had hoped for the re-establishment of Ram Rajya grounded on Lord Ram’s staunch ethics, justice, and respect for public opinion and equality for all. Regrettably that dream was stolen from us. For that broad daylight robbery or should we say “betrayal” we must feel offended and find ways to re-ignite the real Hindu spirit for realizing that dream. Under their own command, Hindus must follow the path of “sangharsha” to reach their destiny. The first meaningful step in that process is to return Narendra Modi, who is proud to call himself a devoted Hindu, to power with a thumping legislative majority.

8) Hindus must develop clout to influence Govt.; Short of their dominance in India’s power structure Hindus must develop an invincible clout in all branches of Government. Indian minority groups have regularly utilized this tactic very successfully. For instance the Indian communists’ are successfully stalling the Indo-US Nuclear Deal by using their 65 MPs in Parliament; and, b) the Muslims in addition to getting unconstitutional religion based reservations subsidies for Hajj pilgrimage, are now going to get financial support – “Admission fee up to Rs. 1 lakh for a professional course will now be paid by Mayavati-led Uttar Pradesh government, if the student is from an underprivileged minority community” (attachment A). Among the other interconnecting factors this also seems to be the consequence of the PM’s undemocratic and illogical statement asserting that Muslims should have first priority over India’s national resources!

9) An anti- Hindu govt. must not be elected. It will suppress religious freedom and their majority- appropriate role in governance: May we humbly suggest that patriotic and nationalist Hindus, dharma bhaktas and Acharyas should recognize the urgency brought about by the challenges before us during these tumultuous times and provide leadership for actively guiding the community in the forthcoming Gujarat election for electing a pro-Hindu nationalist Govt. that could help towards ‘dharma raksha” and “dharma samsthapana” across India. Nothing defines who we are as a nation more than our commitment to protection of Hindu culture and faith, and of course fairness and the rule of law.

10) Hindus have high stakes in Gujarat elections: We strongly believe that the current Chief Minister, Mr. Modi has the best chance of leading the Hindus to a well deserved victory against the formidable alliance of communal yet opportunist opposition parties. His success in Gujarat would inevitably improve the chances of the Hindu forces in future parliamentary and other elections. Any protest vote against him, from every stand point at this juncture, could inescapably end up being a vote against Hinduism.

As has been indicated earlier the other religious formations particularly the Muslims and Christians use religion as a factor for advancing their interests. The Hindu votes are equally powerful, valuable, significant and precious. They must be put to good use for nation building, national integration and ending the “Kaurava” regimes that suppress Hindus and Hinduism.

While participating in the election the Hindu voters should cast their ballots with the unwavering conviction that it is their important contribution as : a) a brick for Lord Ram’s Ayodhya temple, b) a protective stone on Rama Sethu, c) a powerful push towards dislodging anti-Hindu politicians responsible for arresting Ranchi Shankaracharya ; d) an avalanche against Govt. corruption and usurpation of their temples, e) a step toward Ram Rajya where, welfare, equality and justice for all as a common place; and, f) a step for ending conversions by predatory religions utilizing Govt. patronage, material incentives and power as tools.

11) Hon’ble political and religious Leaders and nationalists: As dissidents and secularist opportunists step up their campaign against CM Modi, the broad interests of Hindu unity suffer stresses and strains. This debilitating process must stop here and now. The Congress and its allies with ill-begotten energy seem to be buoyant. This outrageous trend must be arrested before the Hindu agenda is neutralized. Therefore, we call upon all Hindus to come together, shed indifference, discard any personal grudges and use every ounce of their energy for a Hindu victory in the state. These seemingly small steps toward the Hindu nationalist unity in Gujarat could have a profound bearing on country’s future. Any failure to re-elect a justice minded pro-Hindu nationalist Govt. is bound to result in Gujarat being ruled by inherently corrupt and anti-Hindu Congress regime stealing our recourses to enrich and favor a select group of minorities and enforce more prejudicial, discriminative and antagonistic policies against Hindus and Hinduism. Can we ever forget as to who unleashed scores of anti-Hindu initiatives, launched blasphemous attacks on Lord Ram and enforced the draconian command to destroy the sacred Ram Setu?

To solidify Hindu unity for a greater cause it is crucially important that ways of rapprochement and reconciliation are put to use. The gravity of the situation and vicious nature of congress led opposition’s attacks on Hindu leaders demand that Hindus set up a united front to combat them. Only then we could thwart the prime objective of secularists and anti-nationals to prevent the Hindu nationalists from being in command in this state. These elections present Hindus a unique opportunity for consolidating their political hold in the state and thereby initiate a movement of governmental reforms so that no religion in the country is officially patronized or discriminated against. India is yours therefore, please seize the moment, stand up and take its charge.


Dr. Jagan Kaul

Krishan Bhatnagar

Hindu Jagran Forum (USA)

October 31, 2007

email: [email protected]

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