A letter to Mr. Aiyar

published on January 25, 2014

Dear Mr. Aiyar,

    I don’t know if I can even address you, as I have not studied in St. Stephen’s, I was born in a small nursing home in Tirunelveli, my great grandmother sold Idlis to make ends meet, my father-in-law was just a teacher, my husband didn’t have shoes when he went for his first job interview, I had just two pairs of clothes while growing up, I studied upto my 2nd standard in a school that no longer exists, Krishnan’s school also is no longer in existence, my father wrote accounts in a temple so he could fund his education and eat one meal, both my father and father-in-law started working at the age of 14…

    My husband and I currently live in a suburb of Delhi called Gurgaon, I am very worried if you won’t let me be here because we don’t “fit”, we aren’t from Doon school, Tripos college besides being from St. Stephens, we also have not been in the Indian Foreign Service for 26 years and we certainly don’t count Nehruji’s grandson amongst our friends, I don’t think we can speak English as well as you do, we will have to manage in Tamil, the local language and your forgotten mother tongue, in your constituency, Mayiladuthurai.

    Some things that we might have in common, either your friend’s family or your daughters would have used a L’Oreal shampoo, my husband Krishnan was part of the team that launched L’Oreal in India… Hmmm, I am racking my brains for some other connection. Krishnan started his career with Cipla, the Indian pharmaceutical company, setup on the behest of Gandhiji, the original Mahatma, not your friend’s father and you might have taken some medicine that they manufactured, but I doubt that. So we will continue to worry about not being in the same league.

    Mr. Aiyar, did you know that our second prime minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was almost adopted by a milkman ? I guess by your standards he should not have become the PM, but should have supplied milk perhaps to all the Congress party workers. Mr. Aiyar, am sure you have travelled to Uruguay as you are a well travelled person, so I would like you to read about their president on this link
    World’s poorest president..

    Shocking, how can a former revolutionary become the President of a country and on top of that remain poor?? Giving away 90% of his earnings – maybe if he was in India, you would have wanted him to grow the vegetables that Congress party workers could eat.

    Mr. Modi unfortunately didn’t know that if he sold tea in his younger days, he should have just continued doing that and not ever dream of being the PM of this country. Forgive him, Mr. Aiyar, he didn’t study in Doon school, he didn’t serve in the IFS, so he doesn’t know the protocol – that only one family, that of your esteemed friend is deserving of being the PM of this country because they don’t sell tea in their growing up years, they study in Doon school, and they have the ability to reduce a Cambridge educated man into a puppet PM, they also marry into families that are mysterious, they have fat Swiss bank accounts, and well, they probably don’t drink tea even. Mr. Modi, did you get it ? Don’t worry Mr. Aiyar, someone will translate this blog into Hindi or I can even, as I speak and write Hindi very well, it is my first language. I wrote it in English so you would understand. Mr. Modi understanding or not doesn’t matter, he after all can just supply tea to Congress party workers.

    Mr. Aiyar, a question for you, can a person like me, who didn’t sell tea, or milk or any other food product, dream of being the Prime Minister or President of India ? Now that I think of it, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, one of our well known Presidents, also is from the non-existent school that Krishnan studied in and so is President V V Giri. Guess, both were mistakes according to you.

    Now Mr. Aiyar, if you still drink coffee that your forefathers drank at home, smell it, and find the first flight out to a country of your choice, because Mr. Modi will sell tea to the Congress party at a premium and from 7, Race Course Road as the PM of India soon, if not him, some other “chai wallah” or “jhadu wali” will be the prime minister, not the twit that your friend had for a son !! Just get out – we have had enough of your snobbery, and your corrupt party’s ways and really enough of your friend’s family. Maybe they can sell Cappuccino in Italy and try becoming the PM there and leave India to tea drinking and tea selling Indians.

    With best regards


In case anyone was wondering which Mr. Aiyar I refer to in this letter, it’s Mani Shankar Aiyar.

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