A Dravidian take on Hinduism and Islamic terrorism

via Rajaram Venkataramani published on July 7, 2007

The Hindus are responsible for Islamic terrorism and it is the moral responsibility of this group which represents fundamental Hindu views to take ownership for Islamic terrorism. Lest people think that I talk without pagutharivu (rationale) let me assure you that I belong to dravidian school of thought taught by Periyar. So please “believe” that whatever I say is rational and if you as a traitor of Tamils, thinks otherwise, it is impossible to control the violent uprising against you by my brother Tamils. Any reasonable human being would be convinced after the logical arguments placed so far. Let me add a few more to show how the sweet path of Islam (Islam enum Oru iniya margam) got polluted by Hindu fundamentalism. Please note that we are not against Hinduism or any religion but we are against the values. We break the heads of peoples only with the intent of getting the lower values out (sic).


We are not saying that Hinduism is the basis of Islamic terrorism. It is stated by Hindus themselves in their books. Parasuram killed the muslim kings who ruled India before Hinduism was created. Now, there is enough evidence to show that ancient Tamils were Muslims. The peace loving kings went and settled down in Middle East. But they decided to visit their ancient holy places and visited India. This was mistaken by Hindu kings as invasion and they brutally attacked the Muslim kings and their innocent armies. The Hindu kings also killed innocent lower caste children and women who wanted to marry Muslims and get out of the oppressive caste system. But the innocent Muslims always believed in God and peaceful ways of worship with equality in mind. For thousand years, the Hindus flourished under the democratic rule of Muslims and then there was a change to Christian rule for some time through primarily democratic processes. 


Though the Hindus flourished and got the benefits of number system, architecture such as Taj Mahal, railways, Computers, Unani system of medicine (Of course modern medicine is based on that) — they had no gratitude. They oppressed their own rulers for thousand years by considering them out caste and using on them the weapon of untouchability. They considered mere animals such as cows as holy but Muslims as unholy. The Muslims and downtrodden Hindus bore all these atrocities without any reaction until the Self-Respect Movement kindled the fire of freedom.


But even now there is opposition for reservation in education and jobs for Muslims and Downtrodden Hindus. When people don’t have food to eat, they become victims of terrorist campaigns. Let us not forget that terrorism has no nation or religion — it comes from poverty. Though generally Hindus are terrorist, we should not hold grudge against the people. Once converted they will all belong to the universal brotherhood of Minority religions. Some people foolishly argue that educated people are involved in acts of Islamic terrorism and they are trying to mislead people in to believing that terrorism has basis in semitic religions. Let us be clear of the fact terrorism has its basis in Hinduism. It is the Hindu God Krishna who instigates Arjuna to kill his own relatives. Even though these are mythologies, we can’t forget the untold misery inflicted on humanity by the cult of Hinduism. On the other hand Prophet Mohammed did not hold such distinctions. He was equally willing to marry children, defeated jews and his own daughter-in-law.


In a free world, Hinduism is getting exported to all countries through unscrupulous practitioners of different Hindu cults. It is the spread of Hinduism that leads to spread of terrorism. This is not an unsubstantiated statement. Most acts of terrorism have happened post Internet era and every city where there is a terrorist attack one can find Hindu temples.  Inspite of the attempt by Churches and Mosques to keep the people united and peaceful, these happen just like one drop of poison spoils a tumbler of milk. Let us make sure every Muslim becomes a doctor and engineer through reservation system so that no one gets shocked by educated people getting in to acts of terrorism. That is the only way we can shut up these twisted tongues from blaming peaceful paths for acts of out burst against upper caste Hindu oppression.

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